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What Is Power ?

What Is  Power ?

Introduction - Identifying Statement
Explanation sequence -3 paragraphs, 5-7 sentences
Summary (conclusion)
Recrafting - punctuation/ grammar- spelling - vocabulary/ make sense?
Individual goal ( Vocabulary and Sentence Structure.)

Do you know what power is?  Power can be demonstrated by lots of different things.

Power is a sort of ability  that we use to generate energy. There are many types power.  Power is used to charge electric motors or make things work.  The energy created is usually called electricity.  This energy comes from the movement of electrons.  The electrons are small particles that orbit, the nucleus of an atom. When electrons work together to flow along a circuit - that's electricity!  A flow of electric charge complements an electric current.  When enough electrical energy is added to the electrons- after flipping on a switch or plugging in a cord, they can escape from their natural orbit.

One of the most common types of power is Motion Power which can be generated by man or by animals.  The aim of motion power is to generate electricity from static condition.  Static electricity is a stationary electric charge that is typically produced by friction.  Friction can be produced by rubbing two pieces of matter.
Wind Power is another type of power that is produced by gigantic windmills.  The motion of the windmills turns the generator that produces electricity. Hydro power is the source of energy from water.  The heat energy from beneath the earth can also be source of power which is called geothermal energy.  Geothermal Energy is using the heat under the ground and is used to heat up the water and make steam to turn the generator turbines and make electricity or power.

The other sources of power are from coal and or oil. Solar is also another source of power that comes from the sun. The energy from the sun is converted to electricity using a solar panel. Solar Power together with Wind power, Hydro power, and Geothermal are friendly to environment because it does not cause pollution. Unlike the power coming from coal and oil and gas.  Coal Power is not enviro friendly because they gather it, and it  requires mining  with machinery and burning coal causes many pollution. Eventually coal will run out and it is not going to be  sustainable. It is the same with Oil power.  

Power is Important because you use energy to live and to power your homes. Without power we will have no light and no power for us to generate our electronics and it will be difficult a comfortable life.       

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