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Anthia's Review

Review Of Diary of a wimpy kid Dog Days

Diary of a wimpy kid has a lot of books Dog Days are the Fourth book of the series and it was made in october 12 2009 the very first book was Diary of a wimpy kid then rodrick Rules, The last Straw, Dog Days, The ugly Truth, Cabin Fever, The third wheel. Those are the 7 series of Diary of a wimpy kid. So lets get back to Dog Days that is all about Greg heffley's horrible holiday because he goes with his best friend Rowley and they go to country club and that is when they get to go on holiday but they are not with their family. But when their country club wouldn’t let them go back in then they had to go on another vacation but Greg goes with Rowley invites Greg on a family trip to their beach house near the Boardwalk.So Rowley Said that this would be our best day of their lives because they went to a carnival and there were a lot of  rides and they wanted to go on the scariest one because they wanted to be brave  so they went on a ride and it was so scary that they were telling each other what they have been keeping inside for a long time and Greg said “I used your toothbrush to clean poop off of my shoe. So then Rowley said “WHAT” When they came back down then Rowleys Parents got mad at both of them because they were told that they weren’t allowed on that ride but they went on it instead. Then it was Heather hills 16th Birthday and she wanted Justin Bieber to come and sing to her baby, But instead Loded Diper was singing Baby By Justin Bieber, But Rodrick was just doing that so he could hang out with Heather Hills because he likes her a lot so he wanted to impress her to say that he is a great singer and you should hang out with me but she wasn’t really interested in hanging with anyone she only want’s to see all of her presents that people bring her.

The thing that I enjoyed was reading the book because it was very interesting because it was telling us how much fun that they are doing on Rowley’s Family vacation. It also tells me about if you aren’t spending a lot of time with your family because your family might be doing your favourite thing then you would miss out on it. It was really thoughtful that Rowley told Greg that he would be allowed to go with him to his Family trip so then I was thinking that Rowley was a being a caring friend because he probably knew that Greg had nothing to do for the holiday so I really like the book Diary of a wimpy a wimpy kid Dog days

The things that didn't go so well was when they were getting into trouble because if children wouldn’t really want to do fun things because they would get into trouble. The other bad thing about the book is that there is a movie about dog days but the book came out first and then the movie was made so I think that they should've made the movie before the book and in the book they should actually  make what happens really happens in the movie should be on the book and what the characters are saying in the movie should've been in the book so then if you want to watch the movie but you only have the book then the book could be just like the movie.

My opinion of how good this movie was is that I really liked it and I only would like if the words in the movie could be in the book. The rating that I give this Book is 100/100 .  I really enjoyed this Movie because it was really interesting about how great friends could be to others.

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