Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Quad Blogging Returns

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've not been on the blog very much - I've been taking it easy and really enjoying my holidays (as I hope you all have too!).  Whilst I've not been on here, I have been thinking about you all and all of the exciting and new experiences we'll have next year.  What a year 2012 will be!!  It still feels a bit strange to even be writing 2012!

I've signed us to to be quad blog buddies with three fantastic schools over in the UK - they're all excited to read, post and feedback with us so I'm confident this will be a great experience.

If you have a chance, pop over to their blogs and introduce yourself:

This week the focus blog is the fabulous Bradford Moor Primary.  There's a fabulous post and video for you boys interested in history (the Romans vs. the Celts!) and some questions to get you thinking.  Have a great time checking out their blog and don't forget to leave them some feedback.

Enjoy the last of the holidays - I'm excited to see you all again soon!


Miss H