Wednesday, 31 July 2013


I am a bay horse
who like to eat hay. i often say
" neigh, neigh " when I want to play

Haiku poem

Rain dropping slowly
A daisy on a hard ground
Starts to show its sprouts

Bodhi's writing sample

                                           Out Cold

‘Snap’ the gloves were on and so were the masks.
The spray cans came out so did the hammers.
‘band, smash, bang, bang’ the road block was complete.
Blue, red lights flashing, bright white beams, a siren near,
we started making the road block, bricks, bricks and more bricks.
everyone got out their spray cans, and started more aggressively,
a falling brick. A pain in the head. Blackness. A sound, faint, in the distance,
all in one, the sound came back in one deafening rush, complete with a rancid smell.
road lights turned on, it seemed like nothing had changed,
other than the feeling of something missing, that feeling in the gut.
what was it, sirens still here, roadblock up and ready, gas mask and gloves on,
the spray can no cans that was it, all alone, no help, no group, no chance.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Diya-narrative writing

Sitting behind the pile of rubble, I looked out to the stars. Once this was a peaceful country, with no protests. Then the Government had decided that they should build on a park, Gezi park. We didn’t like it and peacefully protested. The government responded badly. Now the protests were violent and everybody wore gas masks because of tear gas. My family had died when police started using gunshots to stop protest and I had been badly injured and that still affected me.

We hadn't been in the protest on purpose. We had only gone to the market when the protesters filled the area, the police following and shooting off random gunshots, killing innocent marketers and buyers.

The jet black sky above and the sun-baked buildings full of holes made me feel like an ant. Rubble lay everywhere. Suddenly I hear footsteps.My heart beats fast as I shrink down behind the pile of rubble. A rush of adrenaline flows through my body. My gas mask feels as it is trying to suffocate me. The footsteps become  louder.Adrenaline courses through my body like never before. My  hands become clammy and useless. All of a sudden I hear a voice “Hands up” it ordered, gruffly. All I remembered was a baton hitting me on the head, then darkness consumed me.

Elliot's Writing

I wake up from my sleep by a loud bang. I looked outside my window. Fires were raging across the street. Police sirens were in the distance. I ran outside to see the commotion first hand. When I got outside a Police officer told me to go back inside. I ran back inside and grabbed a gas mask and instead of staying inside, I ran out the back door. When I got outside I ran to the nearest roadblock the police had set up. I was very lucky tout that I didn’t stay outside because just as I got to the roadblock, someone threw a match into my house, and it caught on fire. 5 blocks down the road, I could see more police coming. When they got to me they told me to hop in the back car. The policeman in the back car said to me why are you out here. I replied “A protester threw a match in my house and I had to escape, I ran out the back door and ran to the roadblock, and here I am”. The policeman said to me, “you can stay the night in the police station”. I accepted the offer. The policeman started driving away with me in his car. I was happy to get out of that mess, but I can’t wait to return to my own house.

Finn's sample writing

I was sprinting as fast as I could. The riot was getting bigger and bigger and the police were trying to gun us down. I looked around as fast as I could to look for something I could hide behind. I ran for the closest tree. I waited for the police to run by. My palms were sweaty and my heart was thumping hoping no one would see me. I heard the screams of the riot and of the people getting hurt. The police was throwing tear gas making people collapse to the ground. I looked behind me to see if there were police but all the police were held up in the riot. I saw another hiding place that looked better and bigger so I sprinted to the rubble I saw and slid to the ground. I looked around to see if there was anyone nearby but all I found was a gas mask. The mask was big and had clips a big glass frame so you can see out of it. I quickly slipped on the mask and clipped it in so it was tight and secure on my head. In the mask I felt like I was going to suffocate, it was very hard to breath. I was looking around and could see the riot was definitely not winning this battle. My head was boiling and my hands were shaking as I waited for the police to come. I looked behind again looking backwards and forwards watching my friends dropping to the ground. The police was pushing forwards and I had to keep running. I got back up and started sprinting but this time someone spotted me. I heard the cries of “I see him” all around me. I felt the adrenalin rush come back through my body as I weaved through trees and bushes. I could hear the police thud behind me and cry out to each other. I leaped into a tree but I could see that they had dogs after me. They were all closing in on him from all direction but they still could not see me. I heard a voice from behind me “pssssss psss”, I turned around to see a man in his twenties about 5 metres behind trying to grab my attention. “rub mud on you this sometimes helps.” The man whispered. I quickly dive into the mud and pick up mud and smash it into my body. I was soon covered in cold mud with no skin showing. But the dogs could still sniff the stench of my body. They got closer and closer to me still curious where I was. One of the dogs started barking at the guy behind me covered in mud. The police closed into me wondering what the dog was barking at. One of the police said “I see him.” The police ran towards the man a couple of metres away and started smacking him a few times. The man's eye started to swell up and his lip started bleeding and he was nearly out cold. The police stopped and handcuffed him so he couldn't do anything. I heard a car about 40 metres away from me pull up with two more cops. The police dragged the man across the dirt and chucked him into the car. I quickly got out of the bush and started crouch running away from the police. Once I was far enough I started sprinting away hoping to find a clearing. I saw some light from the streets and that was my way out. I sprinted towards the road away from the riots so I could get away. I slid down the hill onto the side of the motorway and then started jogging. A huge adrenaline rush went over me as I realised I was free.

Picture Writing - Jamie

I’m sitting on the roof of the building, heart racing in anticipation of what I am about to do. Today I would help make a difference. I grip the shopping cart tightly with my sweaty palms. The eye holes in my gas mask began to fog up, clouding my vision. Despite the sweltering heat, I resist the urge to remove the mask. I know it will help save me from the searing pain of the tear gas if I am caught by the Police. I begin the run up and give the brick laden trolley an almighty shove. It’s back wheel gets caught on the edge of the building sending it’s load of rubble flying off the edge to form a barricade across the road. I climb down, run to the pile and move some bricks in the shape of our sign. CEZA. Retribution. I joined them as soon as I recovered from the shock of losing my family to the police. They welcomed me in, but I had to complete a task for them.
I sit down to catch my breath, my mind racing with the adrenaline of what I have just done.
The cops are coming. I realise. I can’t get caught. A nearby building provides the perfect hiding spot. I jump through an open window, and hide inside a wardrobe.
Ccrreeeaaccckkkk. The cops have opened the door and are closing in. As their footsteps get closer, my heart pounds faster and faster. My gas mask fills with sweat, and my breathing becomes short and clipped. I can see them through the crack in the wardrobe now, heading towards me. I catch a glimpse of blue and black as a scarred hand reaches for the handle, about to open my hiding place. I am like a rabbit in his hole, slowly being dug out by the hunting dogs.

“I think I saw him!” yells another officer. They turn away and head upstairs. A breath I have not realised I was holding escapes me in the form of a loud sigh. I am safe.

By Jamie

Twiss's Writing Thingy

I ran from the cover of behind the van just as the gas canister exploded, the only thing keeping me off the ground was my gas mask, I looked behind me as I ran, everyone else was on the floor tears streaming from their eyes.
“Damn police grade tear gas is good” I thought to myself as I vaulted a police car with only one door and no windows . I glanced at a van and thought about taking refuge there but as I started towards it was swamped with tear gas, the two men in cover fell back crying and trying to wipe their eyes.
“Damn” I thought aloud “Rookies,” I changed my tone and shouted across the battlefield
“DON’T RUB IT ONLY MAKES IT WORSE AND IF YOU CAN DON’T BLINK” the men immediately stopped rubbing and started trying to not blink. Since they had stopped squirming I got a better look at them, they looked around fifteen and appeared to be twins, they both had black hair and fair skin, they probably were only out here to impress their mates. I started to run towards the roadblock that we had been defending for the past few hours. It was the only thing keeping the Turkish police out. I skidded to a halt and took cover, it felt amazing to finally be able to sit down and rest. I took a moment to observe the battlefield, the police tear gas had definitely taken it’s toll and about half our forces who hadn't donned their gas masks in time were stumbling about blindly with tears streaming from their eyes. The inside of my gas mask smells like vinegar and I had sweat in my eyes, my heart was beating a million times a minute and my hands were shaking, half from fear and half from the adrenaline in my system. Suddenly hands appeared over the barrier and dragged me back with them. The last thing I remembered was the baton hitting me in the face, then nothing.

Writing Sample #1

Destination Kabul Afghanistan. I am protester I am trying to get through a barrier blocking me from freedom. I have blood down my face, while sweat and tears continue falling down my face. I don’t know where I am but I know that I was close to being free from terror.

Then suddenly out of the blue toxic gas is dropped from the Afghan forces in the middle east. I rush for my gas mask located in the house next to me, with a heart pumping 100m I decide to jump into the glass CRACK! .

Then I discovered that a mortar shell was heading right for me. I ran my fastest and after the explosion I found myself in a pile of rubble. I felt so down in the dumps and so worried because all my family had been killed by the taliban, and I thought they would come a try to kill me.

After that happened there was another gas attack, luckily I still had my gas mask on. My face was so hot and sweaty that I thought It was 50 centigrade in there. I ran into cover once again this time I wasn’t it didn’t benefit at all.

The building’s had gaping holes straight through them. Gas was slowly creeping through the walls and I started coughing. I was intoxicated COUGH! Then I remembered the shelter under the rubble I ran over there and ducked under cover. AHAHAHAHA. I took my gas mask off. I could breath.

Then is the distance a group of taliban soldiers charged towards me CHARGE!, I hear the noise of a gun, I fell on the floor and then silence.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Why we should be sustainable with animals

24.6.13 WALHT write to explain SC Introduction - Identifying Statement Explanation Sequence Conclusion - Summary Statement Punctuation/Sentences Individual Goal Plan Intro Being sustainable with rubbish - what is wrong? What can we do? Being sustainable with fishing - what is wrong? What can we do? Being sustainable with shipping - what is wrong? What can we do? Conclusion * How can we be sustainable around the ocean? Animal Sustainability Introduction Do you know how many marine animals die a year? Well, about a million seabirds die a year and about 300,000 sea mammals die each year. There is a lot of ways they die. One of the most common cause of their death is pollution. There are a lot of types of pollution. About Pollution The most common type of pollution is rubbish. Every year people throw away a lot of rubbish and other people have to pick it up. One day, a bunch of students had to pick all their rubbish. The second most common pollution is oil. Oil is very poisonous to marine life, like dolphin because oil can block their blowholes and they breathe from their blowholes. Fishing Fishing is something people do as a hobby, but sometimes people can overdo it. When you overdo it then there won’t be a lot of fish left. In 2012 fishers over did it to about 1100 more fish than normal. If we overfish, then people who love fish won’t be able to have any fish. Also, fishing can make your back hurt and it is very tiring. Ships and boats around Marine life What if the ships contains oil and the oil can spill out. After the oil spills out, the sea animals get poisoned and get sick. Then after they get sick they die. Also, some sea animals can get crazy/metal around ships and boats. Many ships/boats make fish uneasy because they might think that they're going to fish. Conclusion As you can see, their are not a lot of fish left because of a lot of reasons. We should stop killing marine animals. We might even lose a lot of food and a lot of people like fish. Also, fish is very good for health and it turns your brains on. I don’t think anyone would want shark fin perfume or shark fin soup!! Well, if you don’t want it, then stop killing fish!!!!!!

Our goals

  • Intro
  • Explanation sequence
  • Summary (conclusion)
  • Recrafting
  • individual goal -

What is a goal?
Why do we need goals?
How do goals help us?

What do's goals mean?
A goal is something that you are working on. For example my `goal at school for maths is “I can use multiplication and division facts that I know to find a fraction of a set “ and I know that I need to achieve this goal.

Why do we need goals?
We need goals to help us to know where we are and what is our next step.For example I have many goals for writing at school and at home.
We need to have goals,because is good for us to know our next step.

How do goals help us?
Goals help us to know what is our next step and to remind us that we have something new to do.For example I have site where are my goals ( highlighted with yellow ) and the things that I know with green.

We need to have goals to help us in our work,because is going to be more easy.   

Why is it important to know your goals

WALHT write to explain

explanation sequence
text connective

Why is it important to know your goals?

Why do you need to know your goals? This is a thing that you need to think about where you are AT. Do you set goals that you are setting yourself? What are your aspirations that you look towards coming true? Do you set goals for yourself?

We need to know our goals because so you know your next steps are and use all the learner qualities to help you get through it. I think the learning prosesses is the key to learning because it helps you how you get through it and if you are stuck it can really help you get through.I was below in reading and writing but since I used the learning prosesss and the 7 learner qualities now I am AT. The sites tells you were you are at in  your learning and you have evidence so it will show you that you can really do it. I think it is really helpful because you know what to work on next. If you don’t know your goals what would you do next? How would you know what to do?

on the first test I did at stonefields school I was at but the next step I was below in my reading age, so  I had to work  harder everyday to reach my goal which is to become AT in my reading age. I used the learner qualities and used the learning prosses which is building knowledge, making meaning and apply my understanding.

On Thursday I will be showing my parents my site and concept learning so they can help me at home if I am stuck since they know what I am working on. You can improve on how you set the goals and have a timelimit so you can push yourself to go forward.

You need to know your goals because you would not know anything and you would not learn, and you won’t improve.

Why is it important to know your goals?

Why is it important to know your goals?

Introduction- Identifying Statement
Explanation Sequence
Conclusion- Summary Statement
Text Connectives
Individual Goal (organise related ideas into correct paragraphs and link these paragraphs)

-Why is it important to know your goals?
-What’s my next steps?
-How much I improved on?
-Does knowing your goals makes you a better learner?

A goal is the aim or like it is the thing that you need to learn or achievement. Everyone should know what their goals are. It is important to know your goals because you need to know what level are you at. You also need to know your next steps so that you know what you're going to learn next.

If you don't know your goals you must be lost. Goal setting is also good because you set a goal and at the end of the year you check your goals if you've achieved them. You can also put a deadline on your goals like the end of the term, end of the year or something.
When I took my first probe test my reading age was 9-10 years old but now my reading age is 12-13 years old and my age is 12 so therefore I am at. I improved 2 ½ years in 6 months which is good. In my Maths and Reading I am achieving AT the National Standard for Mathematics but on my Writing I am achieving below the National Standard for Writing. I need to work harder on my Writing so that I will be AT. Our next steps on Reading in our group is inferencing.

We are going to have a Learning Led Conference on Thursday and we have to show our parents on what we have been doing at school, what our next steps are, and what our progressions are like. Our teachers will also talk to our parents for 10 minutes on how we are doing on our learning. We are also going to show our parents our site, what we are learning, how our progressions work and I am also gonna show her the things I know and what I don't know. For the past couple of weeks, we have been working really really hard on our progressions so that it will be ready for the Learning Led Conference.

It is my first time doing Learning Led Conference. I think it is good because your parents can see the teacher and talk about their children on how they're doing. We are also going to show our parents our google site. I think they will ask us lots of questions about our google sites because it sounds new to them. I think knowing your goals can make you a better learner and it is easier to know where you are at.

Monday, 1 July 2013

WALHT write to explain

  • Introduction - Identifying Statement
  • Explanation Sequence
  • Conclusion - Summary Statement
  • Punctuation/Sentences
  • Individual Goal

  • Intro
  • Being sustainable with rubbish - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Being sustainable with fishing - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Being sustainable with shipping - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Conclusion
How can we be sustainable around the ocean?

Sadly people have been throwing their garbage in the ocean and on the beach. When its on the beach and the tide comes up it washes to the ocean and the our sea creatures think it is food, so they eat it, get sick and die. What can we do to prevent this and help keep our ocean sustainable?

Rubbish in the Sea
people just dump rubbish in the ocean and on the beach. we need to tell people to stop.


People are over fishing. That mean’s we don’t have lot’s of fish and it is crell.What will happen is that people will start to lose their jobs because people are overfishing, like butchers need fish to sell and when theirs no fish they won’t have any to sell so that will make the money go down, and then we won’t have fish to eat anymore.

oil spill
there was a oil spill that spelt because ships sank and they had oil and it went all over the ocean and lot’s of fishes and other sea animals died . it was really sad.

people have been throwing their rubbish onto the beach , and in the ocean. also on the ground, and it is going killing the sea life animal’s and they are dying. cause of our course . There was some ship that had oil on then and the senked and our sea life animal’s dies. lastly when people wash they car’s and the liquid  in the drane  and effects that sea animals.