Friday, 15 June 2012

Water Cycle Dances

Yesterday we presented our water cycle dances to the hub - aren't they awesome!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bodhi's email from Tuscany

Bodhi's gotten in touch with us.  I've shared his awesome email with us below.  Doesn't it sound like he's having the most amazing time?!

We just got back from Tuscany, it was amazing and there were a couple of waterfalls that we saw from the city walls of Pitigliano which is a very old walled city (988 yrs old).  It's walls are built from solid rock and are really really high. It's also lit up at night by spotlights and looks like old and new at the same time. 
We went swimming in a natural hot waterfall, Saturnia and saw lots of fireflies in the bush, one flew right up to us, they blink on and off constantly, not like glow worms. 
We also visited another really old town called Capalbio, and there is a walkway that goes along the top of the wall.  The streets are narrow and cobbled and we saw lots of ape bikes, they look like cars with one wheel in the front and sound like huge loud bees which is why they are called ape because that means bee in Italian. 
The old towns were beautiful because they were not only made all of narrow streets with old steps and amazing buildlings, but they all had lots of flowers growing in pots and on the rock walls. 
We spent a day walking around Rome and saw lots of amazing old buildings I can't remember the name of right now, and visited a cat sanctuary where wild cats live in some old ruins that people can't go in, with Roman columns and an Etruscan cemetary.  Etruscans were here before the Romans so that's older than 2750 years. 
Walking around the streets of old Rome there are fountains you can drink from and the water is constantly running.  If they weren't running all the time, there is so much water flowing into Rome from the aquaducts the Romans built, that the city would explode with water. 
We should do our next school camp in Rome!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

How to load a PDF into GoogleDocs and then embed in KnowledgeNET

Hi LH3ers,

The following video is here incase you need a refresher on how to save a PDF into GoogleDocs and then KnowledgeNET.


We've been learning lots about different types of language in our learning around narratives.

Here's a video that one group made to show you what similes are all about!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Water cycle songs!

In science we've been learning lots about water... we've each chosen to focus on one of these songs and are going to present it to the others in the hub as a song or actions - wish us luck!