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Bigfoot Story Jamie


“This is it.” declared Jack. “Our big break.” Everyone in the room stared at the folder on the scratched and stained table, struggling to read it in the dim, flickering light of the bar.
“That’s what you said about the past three schemes you’ve got us into. What makes this one any better than the others?” questioned Jane Samios, a challenge creeping into her voice. She was a world renowned hunter said to be able to shoot an apple off your head from the top of an apartment building with the target in a crowd. Not that Jack was willing to try it.
“This one will work. There’s a reward offered for a live bigfoot of 10 Million Dollars. There’s been reports of one being spotted in the Lake Redwill area. There’s no way out of that place. It will be like shooting fish in a barrel.” he replied letting a bit of steel into his voice. He looked around the circle of faces and considered his choices for the team. Matt Drill, with his two bloodhounds, was a professional tracker. Kit Mark was a trapper, who could supposedly trap anything with just wire and his nimble, yet scarred  fingers.
Jack himself, was a con man and his beady little eyes were always looking for an opportunity to earn cash. And this was the get rich quick opportunity of a lifetime. There would be other groups, he knew. But I have a plan to take care of them.

In comparison with the dingy bar the opposition had met in, Amy Howard’s office was a Diamond Level Hotel Room. As the head of a successful business, she could afford the extra luxuries. After getting word of a reward for a live bigfoot, she had assembled a crew to make sure nobody succeeded in claiming it. When she had been in a plane crash in the Mt Everest region while filming a documentary, and had been the sole survivor of the event, she had woken up to find herself in a cave with food in a small pile next to her. Ever since she had done whatever she could to save Bigfoots and Yetis from hunters. Whilst she had no proof it had been a Yeti that saved her, that was her gut feeling about it. Everyone here was a steadfast believer in Bigfoot and would do everything to save one. The twin environmentalists, Ted and Bert Stone,  Zachary the Cameraman - They used cameras to let them know if a Bigfoot was in the area - and the Cryptozoologist Finn Burrell. With  all the details planned, there was only one question left. Ted obligingly asked it. “When do we start?”

The fire was giving off a twisting, changing, light that cast darkness on Jack’s face, turning his normally fair skin into a shadow.
“Are those cameras up yet?” he demanded. “If we miss bigfoot, this will all have been for nothing.” Matt looked up, his bright blue eyes startling against his ebony skin. “I’ve told you before. I always set them up as soon as I arrive.” he replied, his annoyance obvious in his tone.
“Well have you found anything yet? This place is giving me the creeps.” retorted Jane. It was true. They all felt as if they were being watched by someone. Or something.

In Amy’s camp the feeling was much the same. The sensation of being watched was enough to fray their nerves to breaking point. So when something popped up on the cameras, they all jumped.
“Get the equiptment! Zach, give us a location!” screamed Bert his voice rising in pitch. Following the heat trail they rushed through the wilderness, branches breaking and snapping underfoot. The heat signature flared before revealing a deer grazing on some berries. It bolted at the sight of them, and the teams hopes fell. Suddenly they could hear something crashing through the bushes ahead. They burst out of the foliage into a clearing, casting their eyes around for a large hairy figure. Instead they settled on the four people glaring daggers at them. If looks could kill.
“We had him! He ran through here and we would of caught him if it weren’t for you!” Matt Drill accused, his dogs growling in agreement.
Amy responded in a peaceful tone. “We’ll leave you alone, if you leave us alone. May the best team win.” Inside, she was swearing to herself that she would never let them harm a hair on a Bigfoot’s  head. Or any other part of it’s body.
Kit interrupted them. “Jack, we’ve got movement up ahead. If we want to find him we need to go now.”
With a final glare his team headed off to the north, deeper into the woods. Amy smiled. It had begun.

“Ted! There’s something over here!” yelled Bert. “It’s trapped  with it’s back to a cliff!” The team took off in hot pursuit. They made it to the cliff and saw large footprints leading into a cave.
“We need to keep an eye on it and make sure he doesn’t get out. Zach and Ted take the  first watch.” Amy ordered. The rest of them walked over to the shelter of the trees and set up the tents.
“So how long have you been working with Amy?” Ted asked Zach. Zach thought about it for a long time before answering.
“This is my first official mission. I don’t think I’ll be doing it again though.” he replied slowly.
“Why not?” inquired Ted. Zach let out a sigh before pulling out a Golf Club.
“Because I’m a traitor. You really think I want to help save some stinking beast when I can earn $2,000,000 just from chucking it in a cage. Jack gave me that and what did you give me? The glory of saving a Bigfoot. No thanks.” He let fly with the golf club and Ted slumped down unconscious. “Jack. I’ve got one.” he said into the Walkie talkie.
“God it stinks.” Jane complained. Despite the creature being trapped in a cage with a blanket over, the smell still reached them. Jack hadn’t run tests on the creature yet, but he couldn’t think of any way to fake that smell. After Zach called them in they had tranquilized the creature and put it in a cage. He couldn’t remember a happier day in his life. And then that upstart Amy howard walked in with her team. When he asked her what she was doing here, she just laughed.
“I didn’t think it would last this long. Have you actually not checked your so called “Bigfoot”? she asked, trying to hold her laughter in. “Have a look at it’s back.” Kit obligingly bent over the cage and removed the blanket. He found “Bigfoot” staring at him with a familiar human head. As anyone would do in this situation, he yelped in shock. It was Finn Burrell.
“I can’t believe you fell for it!” he laughed.
Out of nowhere, the bush was filled with police.
“This group is under arrest for the assault of Ted Stone and Finn Burrell.” announced a police officer in a solemn voice.
“You faked it all, didn’t you?!” screamed Jack. “You knew we’d go after it and you faked it. Fake pictures and fake Bigfoots!”
Kit asked them in a calmer tone, “You faked the heat reading so that we’d chase it. You knew about the spy and made sure he thought there was a bigfoot nearby. So it was you we got that photo of.”
Ted looked puzzled. “What photo?” Kit pulled out a very clear photo depicting an image of a shadowy person.
“We never faked a photo.”

The End

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The bigfoot story (diya)

The Bigfoot story

It had been 12 days since the video had been released on google. Everybody was talking about it, some doubting it was really bigfoot, or a man in a costume. People were wondering if the military would send out a search squad, or let him roam. Yanni decided to Kill bigfoot.

“You guys in this?” Yanni asked. The three other team members nodded yes. “I need your names, skill, gender and age”

The first one stood up “ my name is Zeb, 13,, male, Skills: archeology, karate and javelin.”

Then the second “ Sarah, 11, Female, Athletics, sniper rifle aim and swimming”

The last: “Diya, 11, Female, Aim, survival, tracking, science, knife throwing, athletics, tree climbing, all martial arts and acrobatics.”

All four of them had a fitful sleep that night.

When he woke up, Yanni had a tingling feeling of excitement coursing through his whole body. He knew that today his team would be flying to south america, close to the amazon rainforest, where bigfoot supposedly lived. The doorbell rang and when he opened the door he found his team ready with all the equipment he had asked them for, plus extras. “You guys ready for this?” he inquired. They all nodded, barely able to speak with excitement.

15 hours later on the plane the captain was telling everybody that the lights were going off. Suddenly, Diya heard a slight grating noise. She ducked in time to see the knife get stabbed into  the fabric of the chair. Seeing the size of her male opponent, 6 foot 3’’. Summoning some strength she kicked him in the stomach and punched him twice in the head. Her opponent, staggering with the force of he blows took out another knife and threw it with such accuracy it would have hit her in the arm had she not kicked him in the forehead with her high-heel, causing a massive dent in his skull that turned him crazy. As he walked away to his seat muttering “must drink poison….Must drink poison” She slept in the next seat, through the rest of the uneventful flight.

That morning as the plane touched down at their destination, and the foursome finished security checks, they ran to the forest and started to cut through the greenery. An hour later they heard a crack and a bullet buried itself in Sarah’s arm. with a shriek she fell backwards. “Are you ok?” Yanni asked as Zeb winced at the large amount of blood and Diya struggled with a pair of tweezers to take the bullet out.

“That’s a dumb question, of course I’m not ok!”  Sarah spat.

“Ok but how are we going to get through this forest pronto when one of our team is injured?”

“Just hand me some tweezers, some medical alcohol and some bandages.”

When she pulled out the bullet, Sarah nearly dropped it in shock. “Hey Yanni, there’s a message on this thing and it’s for you!”

Roughly scratched on to the dark metal was Open this Yanni.  When he opened it, Yanni stared in shock at the message inside. “ a death threat,” He muttered. “lets set out again. we don’t have much time.”

An hour later the group, each one of them glistening with sweat,  stood in front of a cliff. There, half way up, was their goal. “Bigfoot’s cave” whispered Sarah in shock.

“well, how we going to climb it? I mean Sarah’s no use with one arm wounded, and we haven’t brought any climbing equipment.” Yanni thought aloud.

“hey I’m not useless!!” Sarah shrieked “ just get me some vines,”

All would have gone well if that moment Bigfoot had not thrown a rock which crushed Zeb’s legs. Yanni couldn’t stop thinking “he could improve his aim.” Bigfoot jumped down into a tree, Then out, and slowly but painfully crushed Zeb, Head last. “ouch,” was all Sarah could say.

Fast as lightening, Yanni and Diya took out their machine guns and pumped bigfoot full of bullets. “ Eat lead you giant furball!!” Screamed Yanni. That was a mistake because bigfoot DID eat a bullet. “Woah,” Gawped Sarah. Bigfoot grabbed Sarah and threw her into his cave thinking she would make a nice midnight snack (she survived the fall).

Then bigfoot tore off his face, revealing Jackson Twiss’s head

“ Don’t hurt me!!!” He yelled

“Come on Twiss help me kill Bigfoot!!”

“No wait I,”

“Yanni, Twiss is bigfoot” Diya Roared.

“She’s right Yanni!!”

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!” Yanni screamed and closing his eyes, lifted his machine gun higher, Shooting Twiss in the head.

5 minutes later Yanni lowered his machine gun and groaned “Is it over?” opening his eyes. Then he Saw Twiss lying on the ground with 50 bullet holes in his face.

“Oh No Twiss bigfoot ate you!! Meh who cares?” Shrieked Yanni shrugging.

“Let’s call our ride,” Said Diya delightfully. As the remainder of the team flew home ( Sarah, Diya and Yanni) the real bigfoot looked at the horizon and walked back to his cave.

When they got home Reha the Millionare gave them 1 Million dollars each.

Hunting Bigfoot

Hunting Bigfoot

He looked sneakily through the bushes at two hunters. He thought for a moment that he might get caught  but then he realized that he was much bigger than the hunters and had much longer legs than them, therefore it was be easy to outrun them. He grabbed a thick nearby branch and snapped it off. It was loud enough for the hunters to hesitate.
“What was that!” said one of the hunters. “I have no idea!” said the other. “Maybe it’s a rabbit!” said the other one. Bigfoot heard the hunters reloading they're guns and got ready to run. He flung the branch at them through the bushes and made a run for it. He heard the leaves rustle as he ran along and the branches snapping in his face as he sped along the forest. He could hear the hunters yelling and running after him. He could also hear the the deafening bang of the gunshots that the hunters were firing after him.

Bigfoot felt an ache of pain in his thigh muscle. He could still hear the yelling and screaming of the enraged hunters running after him. He knew he had to keep going. He stood up and howled in pain for he had pulled a thigh muscle badly. He yelled to himself “I have to keep going!”. Now that was enough for the hunters to flee. Bigfoots yell echoed across the valley for miles on end.

Snap! The flash of the camera made Borris blink. I did the same to his friend Tom. But they were excited not only because they were going to be in the paper but they thought they saw a Bigfoot. They were famous for it now only after 2 days. They had already made hundreds of dollars for it. But they were also unbelievably curious about Bigfoot.
Although they weren’t the only ones who were curious a team of scientists who had been waiting for this opportunity for years. Their mission was to get evidence that bigfoot was real and then free him. There were 6 scientists.

They also were not aware that there was another team of scientists who were bad and wanted to kill bigfoot before anyone else. There were 4 of them. As soon as they saw it they went straight to their leader and told him that this was their opportunity. He said “Lets do it”. Meanwhile the other team of scientists were taking a better look at the article about Bigfoot. It said “2 hunters have been believed to have spotted Bigfoot out in the forest. One of the hunters has spoken to us about the incident, he said “First I heard a loud noise that sounded like something snapping, then all of a sudden I saw a thick tree branch coming at me. After that I heard something big runaway. I grabbed my friend Tom and we ran after it. About 5 minutes we heard a yowl of pain. We think it was the Bigfoot. After that we heard it yell something but we couldn’t quite hear what it was. We think he said something like “I have to keep it up”. The scientists were shocked at this. “I never thought that animal could talk” said one of the scientists, “Well maybe he might not be a bigfoot” said another.

Meanwhile at the evil lab, “What if this bigfoot isn’t really what everyone thinks it is” said an evil scientist, “Well that why we want to kill it, so we can prove to the world that bigfoot isn’t real”. “But sir, what bigfoot really is real, then we will be wrong and we would have ruined the chance for other scientists” said a different scientist. “Exactly, thats what we want to do” said leader “And thats that!”.

2 months later the other team of scientists was in the place where bigfoot was last spotted. “Have you set the cameras up?” said a scientist, “I'm just setting them up now” said the other, “Good” said the scientist. Later that night in their tent one of them woke up to the sound of some leaves rustling and an awful smell. “Wake up, wake up” said the scientist. “Uhh what is it” said the other who was half asleep. Then they heard some heavy breathing coming from outside the tent. Now that really woke up the half asleep scientist. “What, what was that?”. “Check the cameras” said the other. While the scientist was checking the cameras the other one woke up all the other scientists one by one. He shook all of them awake one by one. Each time he did it they groaned and grunted and made all sorts of weird noises. About ten minutes later they were all wide awake. The scientist that checked the cameras still hadn’t come down yet.After about half an hour of waiting the scientists were getting a little bit suspicious of why the other scientist hadn’t come back yet. “I’ll go and check” said a scientist, all the others nodded.

He went to check and when he got there what he saw was unthinkable. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” screamed the scientist. The other scientists could hear him from the tent. All of them leapt to their feet and sprinted as fast as they could where the other scientist was. When they got their they saw the incident. The scientist that had gone to check the cameras was dead. “What happened to him” said the scientist. “It might have been bigfoot” said a scientist. “No it can't have been bigfoot” said a different scientist.

3 months later they still hadn’t had any sign of bigfoot. “I wonder if bigfoot is actually real” said a scientist. Meanwhile with the other scientists, “Our assassination was successful sir” said one of the evil scientists, “Good” said their leader. Meanwhile out in the woods, so far far out in the woods, a hunter is out there just doing his usual hunting routine, when suddenly he hears some rustling. “Who’s there!” said the hunter. Then out of the bushes comes the thing that really needs to shave bigfoot! Bigfoot grabs the hunters head and pulls it off. Blood is spurting out.
The attack of the Gigantopithecus

Bob dawdled into the room and dumped him self on the couch his hair  falling over his eyes. Bob  reached for TV remote just as the telephone rang he groaned  and got back up he walked over to the phone and picked up the receiver. “Hello” He mumbled “Hello” said a cheerful voice on the other side “You have just won a glorious trip camp bigfoot for you and two others” great mumbled jon still tired from  his day at school. “Hey wait Camp” “Beep Beep Beep BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP” Bob put down the receiver confused  at what had just happened. Two minutes later the doorbell rang and  a delivery man shouted package for Bob Tae. Bob was not sure whether he  should open the door. He pulled himself together and opened the door. “Well you took your time all right.” the Delivery man growled  “Ok sign here please” Bob signed the package and closed the door.  He opened the box and read how long till he was going and where. It seemed that everything had been booked and payed for he was leaving in two days time. He rang a few of his mates and two could come these two were jon and steve.

6 hours 45 minutes later they were in bed at camp bigfoot bob ,Jon and Steve had there own cabin with everything they needed. Bob  had been very tired from the flight and the drive so as soon as he got into the cabin he was asleep soon all the people in the cabin were asleep. A few hours later  snuffling was heard around the camp. Bob woke up First1 at first he thought it was a camp guard but when he heard how big the footsteps were bigger and louder than anyone could make he woke up  jon and Steve and together they went outside what bob saw next could only be described as an  giant ape  it was at least 12 foot tall and about two meters round. Bob recognised the creature institally “Gigantopithecus”whispered Bob “what” said steve  “Gigantopithecus the scientific name for bigfoot” whispered . Suddenly Jon started  to scream Bob only saw the giant creature pulling John away Bob and  Where thunderstruck and froze but it disappeared as fast  as it came and they sprang into action.   They grabbed their shoes and a thick jacket and they ran out into the cold night air...

As the two boys ran through the through the forest A very weird snorting noise got louder the boys could soon see the shadow was right in front of them. when the creature just disappeared. The boys stopped puzzled with what had just happened. “lets get some shut eye” steve murmured. It was Snowing hard and the  boys had to stay really close together to conserve heat. The extra heat made the boys sleepy and soon they were dreaming about chasing man eating big foots and people screaming. The boys woke early it was lucky that Steve had grabbed a bag of food. They ate a little bit of food but the thought of what may have happened to their friend was terrible and put them right of food. They discussed what they were to do. “Well I think  go and see where our friend the bigfoot disappeared” said Steve “Yeah thats important” replied Bob “Lets go where he disappeared” Said Bob quietly. The two boys set of and soon were where big foot disappeared they looked around there was nothing to show where the big foot disappeared. “Hey Bob look here the snow is a lot deeper than before” Shouted Steve “Let’s dig a hole here” The boys dug for  Half an hour and soon had a very big hole. They entered the cave below.

The boys were never seen again the reason of their death was unknown. The bodies were never  found.

Leo's Bigfoot Narrative

Leo's Bigfoot Narrative

Bigfoot hunt

On June 6th of 2016
mysterious things happened....

Chapter 1 ( Leo’s view)(in the past)
“Ahhh” I yawned  I woke up and got dressed then i went down stairs I was 24, I was an Air Marshal for the R.A.F ( Royal Air Force ) I was In my house in Manchester  and I turned on the TV and the news was on.  “Now we are going to reporter Jamie Graves at the site of the incident” “Thanks Lawson, now what has happened here is not something you see everyday, we have our eye witness Miduran Jackson, Miduran?” I saw a drunk driver and he ran over a skateboarder but i guess it was the skateboarders fault for not look both ways but it’s the drunk drivers fault as well for drink driving." "And in late news 8 people have gone missing for 12 days, people are starting to think it is an Alien abduction."   Suddenly I black out and I and woke up and I was falling!! I stay calm and tried not to panic, it was then when I noticed another person above me so I Screamed at him "Hey!! Wake up!!!" he did not reply so I grabbed him and pulled his parachute we landed into the woods and found an ID on him his name was Samo Adams FBI And he had a M4A1 Strapped to his back, i took it then he woke up and i Said "why are you here?" "I don't know i was in New york on a case when I blacked out and now i'm here, who are you? He replies "I am Leo Mctavish, an Air marshal with the R.A.F, why are we here and where are we? I ask “I don’t know but would you mind pointing that gun somewhere else?” I lower my gun. Then Suddenly.....

To be continued

~Twiss's Big foot Story~

I walked down the street the wind driving rain into my hair, bypassing my feeble attempts to shield myself with a broken umbrella. Eventually I gave up and sheltered in an alleyway, I couldn't believe that less than a year ago I had been stationed in Afghanistan, where gunshots were my alarm and my gun was my best friend. I shook my head snapping me out of my day dream, I may have been a bad-ass soldier then but now I was just one of thousands living in small apartments in central london. I was beginning to get bored of just standing so I decided to explore the alleyway. I started walking not really thinking about anything when I saw something in the corner of my eye, it was a poster, not one of the hundreds of grey and white posters that populated the rest of the walls in the alleyway, but a bright red one. Since I had nothing better to do I read it,
“Big foot Hunters Wanted. Big foot wanted dead or alive. 100 MILLION DOLLAR REWARD.” I stopped. I re-read the poster just  to make sure, I even pinched myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming, I wasn't. I started to think, 100 million dollars is a lot of money I could buy everything I had ever wanted, but then it dawned on me, is there even a big foot out there and if there is how many people would be searching for it. But now the rain had stopped and it was getting late so I walked out of the alleyway chucking my umbrella in a bin as I did.

I woke up in the morning, my eyes blurry from sleep. I reached around for my alarm finally knocking it of the bedside table onto the floor, that stopped it. I swung my legs out of bed and walked two steps into my cramped kitchen where I poured myself a bowl of cereal of which I ate where I stood, I had to sell my table and chairs to get past last months rent. After an uneventful breakfast I started to get ready for my day ahead, I pulled on my camo pants and shirt, I grabbed an ammo sling from the single set of shelves I owned, then I walked slowly, half for effect and half because I had dodge around all the junk on my floor, towards my gun locker, inside the locker was my greatest earthly possession my hunting rifle my pride and joy, I entered the combination on the lock 8697 then brought out my gun, I looked into the mirror and placed my hat on my head, I was ready. After a long car trip I finally reached the forest that the poster had singled out, I looked around, my eyes widening as I saw that there were hundreds of cars, I started to panic if there was that many people in the forest I would have to beat to find big foot, so many bodies searching this forest would find big foot in a few days at the most, I had to hurry or I would have to watch as someone else collect 100 million dollars, I decided I had wasted enough time doing unnecessary things, such as thinking, so I secured my gun tighter on my back and set off into the forest. As I was running I realised that I had nothing to fear, none of the people in this forest would have as much experience as I did, three years of active service in the British army and I had been hunting since I was large enough to hold a knife. I slowed my pace and started walking I didn't want to risk the chance of missing a trail that could've been left by big foot, I went to adjust my gun on my back when I heard a rustling noise, my heart stopped, I heard it again in the corner of my eye I saw a bush move, I whirled round gun in hand, eyes aiming down the sight,
“Who’s There” I shouted, no reply, suddenly a man leapt from the bush, knife in hand, I stumbled back only just blocking the first knife attack with the butt of my gun, I took another two steps back then swung my gun around whacking the man in the temples, as he went down I leapt on him pinning his arms behind him. His bloodshot eyes were darting left from right, his topples torso was covered in scars, in his right hand he held a rusty knife, I stopped, was that rust or was it something, else. I began questioning him,
“why are you here” I asked, he shook his head, no answer came. I kept pressuring him with questions but for every question I asked, he had another shake of the head to answer, in the end I gave up, but before I knocked him out I asked him a question, just so I could sleep at night,
“Is that rust on your knife” I threw the question in his direction, but instead of shaking his head like he usually did he just smiled, then he uttered one word that infuriated me
“no” I kicked him in the head knocking him out cold, then I tied him up using some rope that the man had on him, then I took the knife in the man’s hand and threw it far into the woods, then I set off further into the forest.

I heard a scream, it came from seemingly next to me, out of sheer reflex I turned and raised my gun just to see a girl no older than 12 stumble out of the bush covered in blood and crying. I ran to her
“what’s wrong” I asked as she collapsed on my shoulder sobbing
“my mum, she’s, she’s...,” she broke into tears “dead” this voice was small as if she gave had given up
“how did it happen”
“mum thought she had heard a noise up ahead so she went off ahead to investigate, when I caught up to here big foot was over here feasting on her flesh” she broke down into tears
“where is big foot” I asked in a calm voice, she pointed off in the direction she came from. I un-holstered my rifle and set off slowly into the bush, gun up, finger on the trigger, suddenly big foot leapt at me, I crashed through the bush then fired two shots into big foots face, he fell to the ground, dead. I went over to the body of big foot and looked over it, I looked over it again and once more again. It wasn't real. I started to laugh, I couldn't stop, insanity was coming over me,
“It’s an ape” I said to myself, laughing, “It’s a low life ape.” After I had finally stopped laughing I stood up and turned around, where was the girl I wondered. I looked everywhere, she was nowhere to be found, in fact she had never been there. I was truly insane.

Yanni's Amazing Bigfoot Story

The Bigfoot Adventure

Hahahahahahaha” laughed Mark, Jim’s  boss “hahaha, oh this is too much”.  Jim just looked at him seriously
Why does everybody do this thought Jim Why does everybody think im crazy, just for believing in Bigfoot.
“Well since you believe in Bigfoot so much” Continued Mark “and you truly think he exists let me make a deal with you”,
“Carry on” said an eager Jim. Mark smiled
“I’f you can bring me proof that he exists, or maybe the beast himself I’ll pay you... 5 million dollars”
“10” replied Jim without thinking, instantly regretting it. Mark thought about it for a couple of seconds.
“Very well then”, Jim was surprised, but he knew there was a catch.
“But if you fail to bring me evidence by next month you will have to work full hours and over time for a whole year... with no payment”.
“Deal”, agreed Jim.

“Everyone today for literacy we are going to write a story about... SAMO GET OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING!” yelled Miss Healy, Samo turned his computer around for everyone to see. “My name’s Jim and I’m looking for a team to help me try to find bigfoot, if your interested give me a call”.
“Your homework for tonight is to research as much as you can about bigfoot, and come back here tomorrow with all the supplies that you think you’ll need in order to find a 5m tall hairy guy that’ ultra strong”. Miss Healy said to her literacy group.
“But it’s impossible to get all this stuff in one day”. Finn said confused
“Okay you can have tomorrow off”. answered Miss Healy
“YAY!!!” Everyone cheered.


I wonder who this could be Thought Jim as he went to answer the door. When he opened the door he saw three men fully equipped with hiking gear and all of them had at least a rifle with them.
“Are you Jim from the search for bigfoot ad?” asked one of them
“Um... yes” said Jim
“I’m Bob, this is Greg, and this is Tim.” Bob said gesturing to each of his friends
“Well the sooner we leave the better” Said the one called Greg
“Let me get my stuff”said Jim


“Okay now the reason we are in a firing range is we need to be good at shooting things!”.
Shouted Mrs Pearson in a rather army commander like voice.
“Ooooooh I love shooting things” said Albert and pointed his gun towards a target.”Hey my guns not working” He inspected the barrel of his gun and pulled the trigger” BAM!!!!
Albert’s head exploded in bits of blood, skull and brain, a gooey bit of brain got in Hope’s hair, she started screaming and ran off into the firing range, getting shot by the other people that were there. The rest of the group just stared at albert’s not so much head.
Someone Shouted “Cleanup on aisle 4!” which helped the mood a bit.
‘Okay first rule: wait for instruction’s, now get out your pistol’s” Demanded Mrs Pearson.
Everyone did as they were told without argument,
“But I don’t have a gun, all I have is a 7 inch blade.” Said Elliot holding up a dagger
“Well you can improvise, go and stab that target dummy” Miss Healy told Elliot
While Elliot was running to the target Samo tested out his aim and went to shoot the ground behind Elliot but accidentally shot Elliot in the leg. Elliot screamed in pain and fell over stabbing himself in the process.
“Direct Hit” exclaimed Samo.
“Well I think we're done here, lets go” Said Miss healy not wanting any more accidents.


“Shhh, I think I hear something” Whispered Tim crouching behind a bush
Jim looked behind the bushes and saw a group of children carrying a large thing on what looked like a big wooden board. That thing could only be one thing
“It’s Bigfoot, They’ve actually got Bigfoot.”Exclaimed Jim
“Yes and look” said Greg pointing through the bushes. Jim couldn’t see at first but then he realised they were all going into tents to sleep... Leaving Bigfoot. Jim couldn’t believe it,
he could finally get everything he wanted with the money for getting proof Bigfoot existed
“Let’s go get him” Bob said and  they devised a plan.

“They’re coming, they really fell for our fake bigfoot” Yanni whispered to his group. He was in charge of one of the groups that Mrs Pearson’s literacy group adventure had split up into. The rest of his group (which consisted of Craig, Jamie and Diya, unforchantly Lawson and Twiss had been ambushed and eaten by a flock of squirrels) was crouched behind him.
“lets go and get them while they’re least expect it” said Jamie and they crept forward
They attacked quick and fast, knocking them unconscious with some chlorophyll Jamie had in his bag, He said it helped him get to sleep.
“Well That’s All done” said craig puffing, they had managed to tie them all to trees and had also stolen all of their supplies so that they had no way of getting out, they revealed their fake so that they would feel stupid falling for such an old trick. and then they left them there.


Jim woke up to loud banging and felt groggy he opened his eyes and struggled against the ropes that were holding him to the tree when a big hairy thing blocked his view and picked him up. Jim tried to scream but he couldn’t speak, he felt an incredible  and then... Nothing


Yanni, Jamie and Diya met up with the other groups (unforchantly only 2 other teams were alive) by a cave, next to a cliff where they had seen Bigfoot,
“So what’s the plan” Asked Zeb, feeling brave
“We send 2 people to confirm that that’s actually Bigfoot.” Answered Jamie
“I’ll go” volunteered Zeb.
“Same here” said Luca, wanting to be useful
“Okay, you two go and check, bye” said Yanni with a wave of his hand. As soon as they  were by the cave Luca let out a girly scream as a huge hand grabbed him. Zeb tried to run but the hand came out again and grabbed Zeb.
“NO NOT THE LEGS!” Zeb screamed from the cave
“Ouch, I would not want to be him” said Jamie
“MY ARMS, OH MY GOD MY ARMS!” Zeb cried out again.
“I can’t take this anymore” screamed Craig and started running
“Craig wait, you still owe me twenty dollars ” Called Yanni, but Craig was already gone, he jumped off the cliff and landed on the jagged rocks below
“my twenty dollars” sulked Yanni, just then Craig’s severed hand flew up from the cliff and landed, next to a sobbing Yanni,
“Whats this” wondered Yanni, There was twenty dollars scrunched up inside the hand.
“My twenty dollars!” yelled Yanni and danced around holding it.  
“Okay now that that we know that’s Bigfoot let’s go and kill him” said Diya
“Yeah I agree” Said Jamie. They snuck around the cave and Jamie took a look inside.
“He’s really hairy” Said Jamie.
“Shhh” whispered Yanni but Bigfoot had already heard them, he walked around the cave and when he saw them, Jamie yelled something that sounded like.
“Why don’t you shave, you big hairy monster” and that was the last of Jamie because Bigfoot swang a massive uppercut knocking Jamie’s head right off.
Diya ran to hide behind a tree, but bigfoot picked up the tree and hit Diya square in the chest and goes flying like a ragdoll.
Yanni starts shooting at Bigfoot but he quickly runs out of bullets. Yanni’s last words before being crushed were: “Pew, Pew”

Bigfoot walked into the cave, where Jim, Bob and Greg and Tim were playing poker
Bigfoot took off his head, and looked at them only it wasn’t a head it was a mask.
“Now about my reward” Mrs Pearson asked with a wicked grin.
‘Not so fast Mrs Pearson,”Said a voice from behind
Mrs Pearson turned “But...” She was lost for words, Twiss was standing there with an army of squirrels around him.
“That’s right, It’s me JACKSON TWISS!!!” yelled Twiss pointing at Mrs Pearson “Squids, no, squirrels ATTAAAACK!!!” In short, Mrs Pearson was devoured alive.
“And that’s not all he said pointing his pistol at Bob, Jim and Tim. At that very moment a puppy walked into the cave
“Oh no a puppy I’m allergic”, yelled Twiss and exploded.