Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The bigfoot story (diya)

The Bigfoot story

It had been 12 days since the video had been released on google. Everybody was talking about it, some doubting it was really bigfoot, or a man in a costume. People were wondering if the military would send out a search squad, or let him roam. Yanni decided to Kill bigfoot.

“You guys in this?” Yanni asked. The three other team members nodded yes. “I need your names, skill, gender and age”

The first one stood up “ my name is Zeb, 13,, male, Skills: archeology, karate and javelin.”

Then the second “ Sarah, 11, Female, Athletics, sniper rifle aim and swimming”

The last: “Diya, 11, Female, Aim, survival, tracking, science, knife throwing, athletics, tree climbing, all martial arts and acrobatics.”

All four of them had a fitful sleep that night.

When he woke up, Yanni had a tingling feeling of excitement coursing through his whole body. He knew that today his team would be flying to south america, close to the amazon rainforest, where bigfoot supposedly lived. The doorbell rang and when he opened the door he found his team ready with all the equipment he had asked them for, plus extras. “You guys ready for this?” he inquired. They all nodded, barely able to speak with excitement.

15 hours later on the plane the captain was telling everybody that the lights were going off. Suddenly, Diya heard a slight grating noise. She ducked in time to see the knife get stabbed into  the fabric of the chair. Seeing the size of her male opponent, 6 foot 3’’. Summoning some strength she kicked him in the stomach and punched him twice in the head. Her opponent, staggering with the force of he blows took out another knife and threw it with such accuracy it would have hit her in the arm had she not kicked him in the forehead with her high-heel, causing a massive dent in his skull that turned him crazy. As he walked away to his seat muttering “must drink poison….Must drink poison” She slept in the next seat, through the rest of the uneventful flight.

That morning as the plane touched down at their destination, and the foursome finished security checks, they ran to the forest and started to cut through the greenery. An hour later they heard a crack and a bullet buried itself in Sarah’s arm. with a shriek she fell backwards. “Are you ok?” Yanni asked as Zeb winced at the large amount of blood and Diya struggled with a pair of tweezers to take the bullet out.

“That’s a dumb question, of course I’m not ok!”  Sarah spat.

“Ok but how are we going to get through this forest pronto when one of our team is injured?”

“Just hand me some tweezers, some medical alcohol and some bandages.”

When she pulled out the bullet, Sarah nearly dropped it in shock. “Hey Yanni, there’s a message on this thing and it’s for you!”

Roughly scratched on to the dark metal was Open this Yanni.  When he opened it, Yanni stared in shock at the message inside. “ a death threat,” He muttered. “lets set out again. we don’t have much time.”

An hour later the group, each one of them glistening with sweat,  stood in front of a cliff. There, half way up, was their goal. “Bigfoot’s cave” whispered Sarah in shock.

“well, how we going to climb it? I mean Sarah’s no use with one arm wounded, and we haven’t brought any climbing equipment.” Yanni thought aloud.

“hey I’m not useless!!” Sarah shrieked “ just get me some vines,”

All would have gone well if that moment Bigfoot had not thrown a rock which crushed Zeb’s legs. Yanni couldn’t stop thinking “he could improve his aim.” Bigfoot jumped down into a tree, Then out, and slowly but painfully crushed Zeb, Head last. “ouch,” was all Sarah could say.

Fast as lightening, Yanni and Diya took out their machine guns and pumped bigfoot full of bullets. “ Eat lead you giant furball!!” Screamed Yanni. That was a mistake because bigfoot DID eat a bullet. “Woah,” Gawped Sarah. Bigfoot grabbed Sarah and threw her into his cave thinking she would make a nice midnight snack (she survived the fall).

Then bigfoot tore off his face, revealing Jackson Twiss’s head

“ Don’t hurt me!!!” He yelled

“Come on Twiss help me kill Bigfoot!!”

“No wait I,”

“Yanni, Twiss is bigfoot” Diya Roared.

“She’s right Yanni!!”

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!” Yanni screamed and closing his eyes, lifted his machine gun higher, Shooting Twiss in the head.

5 minutes later Yanni lowered his machine gun and groaned “Is it over?” opening his eyes. Then he Saw Twiss lying on the ground with 50 bullet holes in his face.

“Oh No Twiss bigfoot ate you!! Meh who cares?” Shrieked Yanni shrugging.

“Let’s call our ride,” Said Diya delightfully. As the remainder of the team flew home ( Sarah, Diya and Yanni) the real bigfoot looked at the horizon and walked back to his cave.

When they got home Reha the Millionare gave them 1 Million dollars each.

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