Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Albert's Bigfoot Story

Jim work’s at the Hutt Valley Bigfoot Museum. They live in a Hut near the Woodland Forest in America. Their are 2 teams trying to find Bigfoot. 1 team may find it or 1 team will kill it. Jim is passionate about the find and puts a team together to try and find the large animal. He also thinks of a place where to put the animal, if his team finds it and its in the zoo.

The capture and save team both set out with one objective. To find bigfoot. On the save side one thing strange happens. A man is lost and never was seen again. It sparked a mystery on the save team. It left them with a huge big hole in the head not knowing what will happen next. It gave them the urge to hang on though. Meanwhile things are going good for the capture team. They understand the element of surprise is extremely great and hard to obtain. While they are talking about this they are being followed by the monster itself. The save team get a lead from a hiker in the woods. The bigfoot was seen around about 2 hours ago said the hiker. Jim logged in to his PC and looks at the satellite drone to try and track the beasts position. His team member hears something in the woods and see’s and entire team of other people with axes and guns. “I think there's another team trying to perhaps kill the animal” the man said. He wondered what was happening. They started to believe this was a matter of time before anything worse could happen.

The capture team doesn't know what is happening about the save team they know nothing about it. The capture team is in for a lot of trouble. While they were trying to kill the animal. Something alarming happened 2 bodies were found on the ground with blood coming out. They felt it. It was warm. “Its a fresh kill said a man” “It must be near”. Meanwhile Jim is tracking the big foots every move, it is very near. Jim and his boss now have enough evidence altogether to charge the capture team with suspected murder. Even though the 2 men died it is still a very brutal idea to kill an innocent animal or even plan to kill it. Before it gets any worse the save team call the police and charge the other team with conspiracy to kill an innocent creature of earth. So they go to prison. For the save team it was a victorious victory. For the animal it now can live in a lovely luxury zoo to have a great life and get treated with respect.  

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