Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Yanni's Amazing Bigfoot Story

The Bigfoot Adventure

Hahahahahahaha” laughed Mark, Jim’s  boss “hahaha, oh this is too much”.  Jim just looked at him seriously
Why does everybody do this thought Jim Why does everybody think im crazy, just for believing in Bigfoot.
“Well since you believe in Bigfoot so much” Continued Mark “and you truly think he exists let me make a deal with you”,
“Carry on” said an eager Jim. Mark smiled
“I’f you can bring me proof that he exists, or maybe the beast himself I’ll pay you... 5 million dollars”
“10” replied Jim without thinking, instantly regretting it. Mark thought about it for a couple of seconds.
“Very well then”, Jim was surprised, but he knew there was a catch.
“But if you fail to bring me evidence by next month you will have to work full hours and over time for a whole year... with no payment”.
“Deal”, agreed Jim.

“Everyone today for literacy we are going to write a story about... SAMO GET OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING!” yelled Miss Healy, Samo turned his computer around for everyone to see. “My name’s Jim and I’m looking for a team to help me try to find bigfoot, if your interested give me a call”.
“Your homework for tonight is to research as much as you can about bigfoot, and come back here tomorrow with all the supplies that you think you’ll need in order to find a 5m tall hairy guy that’ ultra strong”. Miss Healy said to her literacy group.
“But it’s impossible to get all this stuff in one day”. Finn said confused
“Okay you can have tomorrow off”. answered Miss Healy
“YAY!!!” Everyone cheered.


I wonder who this could be Thought Jim as he went to answer the door. When he opened the door he saw three men fully equipped with hiking gear and all of them had at least a rifle with them.
“Are you Jim from the search for bigfoot ad?” asked one of them
“Um... yes” said Jim
“I’m Bob, this is Greg, and this is Tim.” Bob said gesturing to each of his friends
“Well the sooner we leave the better” Said the one called Greg
“Let me get my stuff”said Jim


“Okay now the reason we are in a firing range is we need to be good at shooting things!”.
Shouted Mrs Pearson in a rather army commander like voice.
“Ooooooh I love shooting things” said Albert and pointed his gun towards a target.”Hey my guns not working” He inspected the barrel of his gun and pulled the trigger” BAM!!!!
Albert’s head exploded in bits of blood, skull and brain, a gooey bit of brain got in Hope’s hair, she started screaming and ran off into the firing range, getting shot by the other people that were there. The rest of the group just stared at albert’s not so much head.
Someone Shouted “Cleanup on aisle 4!” which helped the mood a bit.
‘Okay first rule: wait for instruction’s, now get out your pistol’s” Demanded Mrs Pearson.
Everyone did as they were told without argument,
“But I don’t have a gun, all I have is a 7 inch blade.” Said Elliot holding up a dagger
“Well you can improvise, go and stab that target dummy” Miss Healy told Elliot
While Elliot was running to the target Samo tested out his aim and went to shoot the ground behind Elliot but accidentally shot Elliot in the leg. Elliot screamed in pain and fell over stabbing himself in the process.
“Direct Hit” exclaimed Samo.
“Well I think we're done here, lets go” Said Miss healy not wanting any more accidents.


“Shhh, I think I hear something” Whispered Tim crouching behind a bush
Jim looked behind the bushes and saw a group of children carrying a large thing on what looked like a big wooden board. That thing could only be one thing
“It’s Bigfoot, They’ve actually got Bigfoot.”Exclaimed Jim
“Yes and look” said Greg pointing through the bushes. Jim couldn’t see at first but then he realised they were all going into tents to sleep... Leaving Bigfoot. Jim couldn’t believe it,
he could finally get everything he wanted with the money for getting proof Bigfoot existed
“Let’s go get him” Bob said and  they devised a plan.

“They’re coming, they really fell for our fake bigfoot” Yanni whispered to his group. He was in charge of one of the groups that Mrs Pearson’s literacy group adventure had split up into. The rest of his group (which consisted of Craig, Jamie and Diya, unforchantly Lawson and Twiss had been ambushed and eaten by a flock of squirrels) was crouched behind him.
“lets go and get them while they’re least expect it” said Jamie and they crept forward
They attacked quick and fast, knocking them unconscious with some chlorophyll Jamie had in his bag, He said it helped him get to sleep.
“Well That’s All done” said craig puffing, they had managed to tie them all to trees and had also stolen all of their supplies so that they had no way of getting out, they revealed their fake so that they would feel stupid falling for such an old trick. and then they left them there.


Jim woke up to loud banging and felt groggy he opened his eyes and struggled against the ropes that were holding him to the tree when a big hairy thing blocked his view and picked him up. Jim tried to scream but he couldn’t speak, he felt an incredible  and then... Nothing


Yanni, Jamie and Diya met up with the other groups (unforchantly only 2 other teams were alive) by a cave, next to a cliff where they had seen Bigfoot,
“So what’s the plan” Asked Zeb, feeling brave
“We send 2 people to confirm that that’s actually Bigfoot.” Answered Jamie
“I’ll go” volunteered Zeb.
“Same here” said Luca, wanting to be useful
“Okay, you two go and check, bye” said Yanni with a wave of his hand. As soon as they  were by the cave Luca let out a girly scream as a huge hand grabbed him. Zeb tried to run but the hand came out again and grabbed Zeb.
“NO NOT THE LEGS!” Zeb screamed from the cave
“Ouch, I would not want to be him” said Jamie
“MY ARMS, OH MY GOD MY ARMS!” Zeb cried out again.
“I can’t take this anymore” screamed Craig and started running
“Craig wait, you still owe me twenty dollars ” Called Yanni, but Craig was already gone, he jumped off the cliff and landed on the jagged rocks below
“my twenty dollars” sulked Yanni, just then Craig’s severed hand flew up from the cliff and landed, next to a sobbing Yanni,
“Whats this” wondered Yanni, There was twenty dollars scrunched up inside the hand.
“My twenty dollars!” yelled Yanni and danced around holding it.  
“Okay now that that we know that’s Bigfoot let’s go and kill him” said Diya
“Yeah I agree” Said Jamie. They snuck around the cave and Jamie took a look inside.
“He’s really hairy” Said Jamie.
“Shhh” whispered Yanni but Bigfoot had already heard them, he walked around the cave and when he saw them, Jamie yelled something that sounded like.
“Why don’t you shave, you big hairy monster” and that was the last of Jamie because Bigfoot swang a massive uppercut knocking Jamie’s head right off.
Diya ran to hide behind a tree, but bigfoot picked up the tree and hit Diya square in the chest and goes flying like a ragdoll.
Yanni starts shooting at Bigfoot but he quickly runs out of bullets. Yanni’s last words before being crushed were: “Pew, Pew”

Bigfoot walked into the cave, where Jim, Bob and Greg and Tim were playing poker
Bigfoot took off his head, and looked at them only it wasn’t a head it was a mask.
“Now about my reward” Mrs Pearson asked with a wicked grin.
‘Not so fast Mrs Pearson,”Said a voice from behind
Mrs Pearson turned “But...” She was lost for words, Twiss was standing there with an army of squirrels around him.
“That’s right, It’s me JACKSON TWISS!!!” yelled Twiss pointing at Mrs Pearson “Squids, no, squirrels ATTAAAACK!!!” In short, Mrs Pearson was devoured alive.
“And that’s not all he said pointing his pistol at Bob, Jim and Tim. At that very moment a puppy walked into the cave
“Oh no a puppy I’m allergic”, yelled Twiss and exploded.


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