Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fox and Chipmunk

Fox and Chipmunk One day a chipmunk was trying to push a rock out of his way, but he was too small. Then, along came a big red fox. Then the chipmunk said, “Can you please help me move this rock out of the way, its blocking my path?” “No way!” Said the fox, “if you were big and strong like me then you could move it yourself.” “But I’m not big and strong like you and I can’t move it myself either. Please help me, please!” Cried the chipmunk. “Fine, only because you’re so desperate,” Said the fox. “I’ll be able to show him how small and worthless he really is if I do this,” he muttered. The chipmunk heard all of this and thought of a plan. Then, the fox used his strong paws to push the rock away. After the fox left, the chipmunk went home and thought about fox’s words. “He is right, I am small and worthless. Everyone but my friends doubt me, even if it’s just holding one little cup. People get mad at me easily, but I still have to punish that selfish fox.” The following evening, the chipmunk called all his friends. “Hey, I met a big mean fox today. We need to punish him for his deeds. Meet me at the tall tree tomorrow at exactly noon. We will make a trap. We will drop a net on him from the tallest tree. Bring sticks and leaves to make the net.” “Excuse me, I don’t think we have to make a net, because my house is near the sea and there stays an old fishing boat. We could use a fishing net.” said a little chipmunk. “Good thinking, we don’t have to make a net then. Some other chipmunks and I will help you bring the net.” “ But how will you know the fox will be there? “ said another chipmunk. “Trust me, I know.” The next day the fox came out at exactly noon, like the chipmunk said. “ When I say drop, you drop the net, okay?” “Okay” replied all the other chipmunks. The chipmunks lined up the net so they were sure the net would land on the fox. “Drop!” yelled the chipmunk “OK” shouted all the chipmunks. They dropped the net and it landed on the fox. “AHHHHH” the fox cried. “Let me out, I didn’t do anything to you!” “Yes you did!” “Fine then, what did I do huh?” “Well, you did make fun of me.” “I helped you move the rock.” “I heard you mutter mean things about me. That I was small and worthless.” “No I didn’t!” “Yes you did, you said you will be able to show me how small and worthless I really am if you do this,” cried the chipmunk. “OK OK I did but I’m sorry.” “Blah blah blah I’m not listening. I heard what you said, you can’t doubt me cause I heard you. I’m leaving, come on guys.” So all the chipmunks left leaving the fox trapped in the net. The fox sobbed all night, “I’m sorry, I’m really really sorry OK I regret my mistake.” “That’s it! I can’t take this intense noise anymore. I can’t sleep.” Yelled the chipmunk. The chipmunk went downstairs and put on his tiny little robe. He opened the door carefully. C-reaaaak went the door. “AHHHH!!!” screamed the chipmunk. The fox was out of the net waiting for the chipmunk to come outside to get revenge. As fast as he could, he shut the door, but too slow. The fox got him and and shouted at him “I’m going to kill you for what you have done to me!” The fox looked different ” It was a stormy night so you should have let me go.I got struck by lightning thanks to you and now I am going to show a token of my appreciation.” The fox left leaving the chipmunk confused. “I thought he was going to hurt me or something. Oh well, maybe he isn’t as tough as he looks.” Dawn broke and the chipmunk was in for a surprise. The fox had put TNT everywhere and threatened to light it all if someone moved a single muscle. “I’m so sorry, it wasn’t my friends who trapped you, it was me. I planned it all but I didn’t think you would get hit by lightning or something like that. I might be small but we have both been blessed with something. I have been blessed with the brains and you have been blessed by your strength. Look, we both don’t need to be punished for what we have. Please we could team up and work together please. At least let my friends go.” “OK”, said the fox “We’ll work together. I’ll let you go.” “Thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so.............................THREE HOURS LATER................... so so so so so so so so so much.” “But, you still have to do something for me before I let you go. You can move but not your friends.”. “OK” agreed the chipmunk (if he didn’t agree then his friends wouldn’t be able to leave forever).” “What is the task you want me to do?” asked the chipmunk. “I want you to clean up our town. Make it nice like your town. Our town is a mess.” “Sure thing. I’m great at cleaning up. I need one thing though.” “What is that?” “I need some people to help me.” Said the chipmunk. “Choose five of your friends, thats all.” “Thank you.” said the chipmunk. The chipmunk chose five of his most hard working friends and started cleaning. After one hard working afternoon, the chipmunks laid down. They were relieved all of them could move and the fox came and said “A promise is a promise and I’m sorry for calling you names and putting the TNT up.” “It’s ok, and I’m sorry I caught you in a net. Revenge isn’t the solution to anything.” Then the chipmunk and the fox teamed up and called each other, “Fox and Chipmunk.” THE END!!!

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