Thursday, 30 May 2013

Camp 2013

Some camp photos for you to enjoy.

Camp 2013

Some camp photos for you to enjoy!

Camp 2013

Camp Recount

One day I woke up and I was so excited, it was camp. I got ready and I picked up my bags and we left of to Pier Z, we got the GPS, we put my bags in the back of the car, then we left. We waited for about half an hour then the boat came to the dock and we made a chain to put all the bags inside the boat ( which took about 20 minutes ).  

We left for Motatapu Island and as we were in the boat, we were left waving goodbye to our family. I felt hungry in the boat, so I ate the 2 brownies in my bag. I still felt hungry, so I ate half a sandwich and left the other half for the walk. We finally had reached the island, we had to walk for an hour and a half. I took out my water bottle for the walk and about after half an hour of the walk, I ate the other half of my sandwich and  I was hungry for ages.

Finally we made it to camp. The first thing I did was set my bed. Then we took our bags and we ate chicken noodle soup. Honestly, I think the noodle soup tasted weird, but it tasted OK. We changed, then later there were some activities.

Our first activity was gun walk. It was tiring because, we had to go high up the hill, and then we could explore. After that, we went to the survival challenge and it was fun. I came 1st in the hurdles. The survival challenge was really fun but the gun walk made my shoes wet. We had a shower then it was dinner. Later it was bedtime.

The next day I woke up and we ate breakfast a little later. We did some challenges. The first thing we did was archery. I thought archery was going to be the best but, it wasn't bad but it was OK. Next we did rock climbing. It was so fun. At first when I fell, I had a ground shock, bur then I wasn't scared any more. Then it was morning tea and I ate 2 cookies and 3 orange slices. Then we did raft building. Personally, I don't like getting muddy, so I didn't go in the water. What I didn't like in my team was that they didn't tell me to do something and they did it themselves. Last but not least was the high ropes. The first one and scariest one was the postie walk. It looked so scary, but by the time I got to the top, it wasn't scary at all! It was really high up though!!!!

We went back and had a shower. It was dinner then after dinner we played, "Spotlight!, ". It was so much fun, but I kept bumping into trees. Aliyah, Sarah and me were walking together just in case we got lost. Mr Noble told us a way to get 1 X on our hand and nobody saw us. After the game we got money and we went to bed.

It was the last day of camp :'( !!! We packed up and we cleaned up everything. Our team (the butterfly dragons) and the Jawbreakers were in charge of cleaning the dorms. At least we didn't have to clean the toilets and showers!

We walked back and went back on the boat. When we reached there, my dad was so happy to see me but mum was at work. Well the thing I loved the most was the high ropes and the survival challenge. I went back  home. I was happy to be back!!!!!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mine first new Zealand birthday and Trip the light

SC of recount writing

  • Five w
  • Time connectives
  • Sequence events
  • Conclusion
  • Punctuation  and spelling
  • Past tense

At St Church was started a concert called “Trip the light”.Every buddy  chose what they want from Art,Drama,Music and Photography.
I chose Music,because I like singing.We distracted during  29th 30th 1th 2th and 3th of May and the concert was on 5th of May at 5:30 to 7:00.The two song’s that we learned were called”Trip the light”and”We are all one”.I think they chose to make this concert,because they wanted the kids to learn something and at the same time to have fun.

At 2th of May was my birthday.The people at the Church made a party surprise for me and a cake.The cake was dilutions . My mum and my dad gave me there present at the morning. It was a phone ! I was so happy.

The next morning we went again at the Church. It was the last day of trip the light for practiced. I liked it, because I had the chance to meet more kids in my year’s and it was fun.   

My Holiday

  • Orientation Sequence of Events Conclusion
  • Paragraphs
  • Past tense
  • Time connectives First Second then next after that Eventually suddenly also while finally

My heart was beating as fast as a racing car. When I woke up  on Saturday I said to myself i am versing my old rugby team” but I was really nervous because I never seen them for a long time. But my game wasn't until 11:30am. So we went to my brother’s game and it was at 9:00am so I had to wait there for a hour an  half. Then it started to rain so I got in my car then 5 minutes later it stopped. Then the game was over and I said” yes soon it is my game”.

Then I wanted to walk up to where I was playing then it started to rain again but it was worst then before so my dad came to pick me up then we went to where I was playing. But when I got there I was the only one there then I when I went on the field I was playing on to try to find some people in my team and there was only one then there was two and 3456 then all of us was there and we all wait for our couch and then he came so we all get ready then we had to break up into the backs and the froward so we had a little practice before the games started .

It was raining hard and we said “is that all you got” then it stop again. Our coach said that team A has to go to the field because we were playing. Then it started to rain again and then we all got craziy and I saw the team that we were playing and it wasn't my old team. it was another team but only one person was in my old team and he was really good. Then the the Referee said” are you ready” and we all said”YES!!!!!!!” then he blow the whistle and the the other team kick the ball and it went flying over our head and then it hit the ground.

And then other team was raining like a racing car to get the ball but we picked it up and that when we all were in the game and we all were tied in like about 10 mins after it started then one person in our team intercept and got the ball from the other team and he scored a try and we got the conversion so the scored was going our team was winning and then it was a tie and we were winning and then it is a tie and then we were winne and at the end they won and we were still happy because we were all happy even we lost and it was a really good game and it didn't matter if we lost our won.

And that is one of my favorite thing I did in the holiday.

- Time Connectives
- Past Tense
- Sequence of Events
- Punctuation & Spelling
- Bundles of Facts
- Conclusion and Evaluation
- 5W’s

The day before the airport we went to our Aunty’s house because she lives closer to the airport then us. Once we arrived to the airport we said our goodbyes.
As we flew across Tokyo, we saw ligths flashing under us it was like shooting stars all over the place, it was beautiful. I went with my sister, Hana and my mum. We were so happy to be flying to Japan to meet our family.There was a screen in front of you so you get to watch movies, listen to songs and play games. After 8 and a half hours we finally got of the plane we were exhausted.

Since the fight went to Tokyo and our family was in Nagoya, we had to take 2 trains to get there. We went on the trains called “shinkasen” which is the fastest trains in the world, but once you go in it it doesn’t seem fast at all. Before we went on the train we ate dinner that is a japanese rice ball and a drink.

When we arrived at the Nagoya station, our uncle was there to pick us up to take us to his house. We unpacked everything and we unfolded our blankets which is on the traditional japanese mat called ‘tatami’ and fell asleep.

PF:Micheala:I like your writing, its interesting! Maybe add some more information on what happened on that day.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

  • Punctuation and spelling
  • Introduction
  • Adjectives
  • Characteristics-5 bundles of facts with at least 3 sentences
  • Conclusion

My Recount   

splash! I was turning over the rocks to catch some tiny crabs which was about the size of my thumb.I took some more steps forward and the mud got more deeper.It was Sunday afternoon and we were at the beach called Mission bay. We were there with mum’s Korean friend and her sons which the name was called William {which is younger than me} ,his sister Jessica, my sister, dad and mum.While I was at the beach the rest of them were at the park. The most cool part on the beach was that in a small pond there was a flap and the black tiny thing came out and came back into the water. what could it be? So I tried to catch it but I couldn't see anything [except the big things such as rocks starfish]  in the water, in fact I felt it ! It felt slippery.
After I had fun on the beach I came by thumping to the park which had the massive playground.
I liked the beach.


  • Orientation
  • sequence of events
  • 5w’s
  • Time connectives
  • Punctuation and Spelling
  • Conclusion
My holiday
It  was hot down town,”. I knew it was going to be fun. We spent the whole day there.

First at my house we walked to the train station and then pay money for the tickets. It was me and my friend and my mum’s best friend.
When we got into the train we had to sit and wait for our stop,Our stop was britomart.So we had to pay tickets agian when we just arrived at Britomart.,now we got to town it was so amazing. We walked around and decided to go on the ferry.

We saw Mountains and the harbor bridge and  we went to this place but i didn’t know we walked  

around and we saw bikes for hiring.

the owner said we can ride to
for an hour so we decided to hire them    for  25 dollars for it so it will be cheap!!!!!! sometimes we get tired because there’s big hills

you have to ride on and that’s tiring,  man!!!!!!!  we were   riding them for half an hour and we saw Rangitoto island,we  were  five minutes early when we came back.

      We went back into the ferry and it was around 5 o'clock and it    was very cold. We payed for our tickets at the machine, then we press Glen Innes so we had tickets to Glen Innes so we went into the train and there were no seats at all everyone was waiting to Glen Innes.

Once we got there we walked to my house  and me and my friend was playing game’s it was fun i had a great holiday.

Amazing Forest

  • Five w
  • Time connectives
  • Sequence events
  • Conclusion
  • Punctuation  and spelling
  • Past tense

So nice and tall trees. I enjoyed the fresh air and the size of the forest. The forest was very wide. It was Saturday in the late afternoon. In forest  seem that me and my parents were alone. We just heard law hum of the bees. The weather was very nice was quiet and warm wind. It was season of the mushrooms. So we decided to find a mushrooms and have them for dinner.

We walked and moved the leaves but we didn’t saw anything just the bare ground. In a half hour after  we tried to find mushrooms but it was useless. This forest was not for mushrooms. When we give up looking for them we just walked and looked on trees and joyed of the wondeful view of the forest.      

When we already was in the car. I was amazed by the nature. I was little bit sad and disappointed because we didn’t find the mushrooms but it wasn’t last time. But of course I liked the forest and his beautiful plants.

Sebaan's Recount Writing Term 2

past tense
sequence of events
punctuation & spelling
bundles of facts in paragraphs
conclusion & personal comment

Recount plan: Mum and I got to clip and climb for a suprise to me.We climb some amazing walls.I see people conca the leap of faith and the big slide.

In my amazing holiday mum and I went and enjoyed ourselfs at clip and climb .Clip and climb is a rockclimbing centre with amazing walls like the wall in the dark. It was a suprise for mum to take me to clip and climb,we went there for an activity to do because I was boerd to death at home.

First we got to climb the glow in the dark wall,it was amazing.It was such a challenge that I failed a few times ,but then I was a fast as a cheeta going up the wall.The spinning lights on the wall was like the moon cutting through me as a silver blade.My favourite was the ladder because when I climbed up I lay back and fell backward on the line and glided like a bird.

The most amazing walls was the giant slide and the leap of faith.The giant slide took you up as long as you wanted to do it and you had to hold on to the bars and let go when you wanted and you whosshed , down the slide.I saw some people who apprehensively got out of shock.The big jump also made people apprehensively get out of shock.So you had to climb up the ladder and then you got to choose what you wanted to jump on.Many people chose the trapeze and fewer people chose the boxing bag.

I did not get to do any of these but what from I saw it was a FRIGHT!
Personaly to me it was a great expeirence for Mum and me.I waltz out very happy and wanting to go again.

Michaela's Peer Feedback: I highlighted one word there and check it if there's something wrong with it. I think that you've met the success criteria. I like your recount writing because you also put some onomatopoeia .

    SC:VocabularyPunctuationOrganisation of SentencesGrammar.
On Thursday morning, I woke up straight. I ate my breakfast then I took a shower. I asked my mom what time we were leaving the house. She replied nothing to me.  I was so excited to attend that party because my best friends are going to be there and the celebrant happens to be a 3yr old boy ( turning 4) and his name was Ian. We were the first ones to get there. 
Me and Carl (cousin) went to the 2 dollar shop to buy a really cheap present. We also bought 1 dollar balloons and balloon clippers. Everything that we bought was really cheap. I found a balloon pumper that used to be $15 and now it is 3.50 dollars, I thought it was a pretty good deal. We wrapped it with a Mickey Mouse paper bag. We gave him a fishing game and building blocks. 

I also helped his mother with the decorations for the house. The house looked amazing. There were lots of delicious food . And the cake was really good.   There were balloons hanging on the ceiling. I had lots of fun.

Reha's Holiday

Organisation of sentences
On the first week of holiday, on Wednesday it was my birthday. I turned 10 and I got an ice-cream cake shaped like an angry bird and it was blue. Blue is my favourite colour. I woke up at 9am and my mum and dad gave me a jacket. At 4pm I had a party and it ended at 8pm.

At 12pm me and my mum went to the $2 shop and bought some stuff for my birthday. We bought a silly string spray can, balloons, plastic spoons, some plates and some plastic cups. When we went home, my mum sprayed silly string all over the garage.

My mum gave me silly string and I sprayed silly string all over the garage. My friends came over from my old school and they got me a lot of presents. We played a few games and we ate the cake. We were making a lot of noise and my mum and dad got a bit annoyed and then we had dinner.

Our dinner was fried rice and fizzy drinks. I chose coke like a lot of my friends. Sarah said that she eats fried rice everyday, but she still liked it anyway. She said that the fried rice which my dad makes was better than the one that she eats everyday. While we were eating, we watched a movie called, “Wreck it Ralph”.

I felt happy because I had so much fun and one of my friends was having a sleepover at my house. Her mum and dad said that she couldn’t stay because she didn’t have her clothes etc. but they surprised us, because they had actually brought the stuff with them. Then we played with some of my presents like the lego friends that Diya gave me and the whipple that Michelle gave me.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Recount Writing

- Time Connectives
- Past Tense
- Sequence of Events
- Punctuation & Spelling
- Bundles of Facts
- Conclusion and Evaluation
- 5W’s

  • 1st paragraph: 5W’s, what happened
  • 2nd paragraph: after what happened
  • 3rd paragraph: own/overall feedback

Recount Writing: A Day Out with Friends

On Wednesday morning, I went skating with my friend in Paradice Skating in Botany. I was with Hope, Charity, and Silas. It was freezing cold when we entered the rink.
The floor was so slippery like I nearly fell down. I can feel my knees shaking. There was heaps of people there, I also saw one of my classmates there, his name’s Luca. Heaps of people were so good at skating too, one girl did some swirl and one girl did some skating skills. We stayed the whole day on the ice skating rink and we enjoyed it a lot  My friends kept on falling down but luckily I didn't  I just imagined how awkward it is to fall down and the people would just laugh at me. I went round and round onto the rink. My friend Silas tried to do some splits but he failed and we kept on laughing on what he did. When I took my skating shoes off my feet, my socks was so wet it felt like it was soaked on a cold ice water. When I landed my feet onto the floor I couldn't feel anything.

After we went skating we drove going to Varsity Field nearby Stonefields. We watched Silas played rugby, we also saw Samo on the field with Silas playing rugby. I think Silas goaled 3 times on the game. The game was pretty good, they played well. We also went to play master in the netball courts its located down the field. Charity doesn't know how to play master so we taught her how to play. Charity said that it was quite hard but after awhile she said its easy. I scored 2, Charity scored 3 and Hope scored more than us 2 so therefore I am a loser and Hope won.
After we went to watch Silas play rugby we went to Hope’s house to have dinner. We had burger for dinner and it was really nice. After we ate our dinner we played on the tramp and we also played master. We went inside to watch TV after playing outside because it was quite cold outside.

Throughout the whole day, I enjoyed it a lot.  Hope’s mum dropped me off at my house after we watched TV. What I hated about my day is that it was so cold like I was locked in a big freezer. All I can say about it was, “it was worth it.”