Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sebaan's Recount Writing Term 2

past tense
sequence of events
punctuation & spelling
bundles of facts in paragraphs
conclusion & personal comment

Recount plan: Mum and I got to clip and climb for a suprise to me.We climb some amazing walls.I see people conca the leap of faith and the big slide.

In my amazing holiday mum and I went and enjoyed ourselfs at clip and climb .Clip and climb is a rockclimbing centre with amazing walls like the wall in the dark. It was a suprise for mum to take me to clip and climb,we went there for an activity to do because I was boerd to death at home.

First we got to climb the glow in the dark wall,it was amazing.It was such a challenge that I failed a few times ,but then I was a fast as a cheeta going up the wall.The spinning lights on the wall was like the moon cutting through me as a silver blade.My favourite was the ladder because when I climbed up I lay back and fell backward on the line and glided like a bird.

The most amazing walls was the giant slide and the leap of faith.The giant slide took you up as long as you wanted to do it and you had to hold on to the bars and let go when you wanted and you whosshed , down the slide.I saw some people who apprehensively got out of shock.The big jump also made people apprehensively get out of shock.So you had to climb up the ladder and then you got to choose what you wanted to jump on.Many people chose the trapeze and fewer people chose the boxing bag.

I did not get to do any of these but what from I saw it was a FRIGHT!
Personaly to me it was a great expeirence for Mum and me.I waltz out very happy and wanting to go again.

Michaela's Peer Feedback: I highlighted one word there and check it if there's something wrong with it. I think that you've met the success criteria. I like your recount writing because you also put some onomatopoeia .

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