Monday, 20 October 2014

Why the voting age should be lowered to 13

Voting is a no-brainer; either you like a party or you don't. Thirteen year olds can easily pick up on where views on an issue differ and decide on who they like better.  Children and young people under the age of 18 cannot vote. Yet they constitute one of the largest single blocks of citizens — more than twice the number of citizens of 65 years or older. Therefore why aren't we using all these votes.

Talking to your thirteen year olds  about elections and viewpoints across the board then giving the child his/her choice-vote can be a very nice family activity, can be educational and should instill into a Thirteen year olds the idea that s/he is important enough to make decisions on who and what should rule his/her country.

Thirteen year olds like to know they are important and have a say in this world, because at our age it is not likely that people listen to our views because what can we do about it. There has been many examples of children setting up agencies, websites even radio stations. Jonathan Krohn is a fourteen year old boy from america, and he gives advice to conservatives for future; and he does this on the news right over america. So this is just one example of the maturity of young teens these days.

In our multimedia-based society thirteen year olds are exposed to more information than ever. Television, Internet, and satellite news are available 24/7. Polar ice caps are melting, our troops are dying, and people are starving as we watch live. My generation is more aware of what is going on in the world than previous ones. My generation is more likely to be offspring of single-parent families, multi-racial families, and openly gay parents. The world has changed, society is different from when our parents grew up.

Many may say that thirteen year olds are not mature enough, to young and easily bribed, most thirteen year olds are mature and have an opinion, yes they can be bribed but most teenagers are stubborn and want to keep to their own mind.

Perhaps only the politically aware should vote, whether there 13 or 103, if you don’t know how your vote will affect everyone, or how a candidate will govern, then maybe you shouldn’t cast your vote. So if the age of voting is lowered to thirteen it wouldn't hurt anyone would it.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Assassin story

Altyre was crossing to Constantinople when four guards approached him “we haven’t seen you around here” “strangers are forbidden to enter the city” one of the guard said .“ The guard tried to look at his face but the hood he was wearing was like forbidding him from see.   “Sorry but you can’t enter”, all four guards said in a low voice.  “Watch me” Altyre said . He kept walking .“Do you wish to die?” said a guard. altyre answered, “I don't want to kill you”. All four guards  laughed at him like he was kidding.