Friday, 23 December 2011

We have PUPA!

Hi everybody,

Some of our boys will be especially excited! Some of our mealworms have turned into pupa over the last week!! I'll keep you informed on their progress.

What stage in their development will they be at once they hatch?

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Release of the Yearbook!

Congratulations LH3 - Our 2011 yearbook has been put together and is looking great!!

Click here to download your own copy  :)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Hi guys in learning hub 3 we have been doing year book lately.Were making a year book to remember three of our friends who are leaving to a another school and it's for them to remember us .We all had to do a piece of writing each and we did not all have to the same type of writing I did poetry and other people are doing recounts and reviews and others. We also don't all have to do the same poetry i'm doing a haiku and my friend is doing a tanka .We have been building our knowledge on different types of writing. Here is some picture of some writing.Were really exited for the year book to come out. Although it is very sad for students to leave but there are students coming in next year so that's always good.

Monday, 12 December 2011

!! CarWash !!

On Thursday the 8th of December, Hub 3 was fundraising so that we could send our quad blog buddies St. John Vianney in America a package filled of some New Zealand's culture. Most of the Hub came to help for the carwash and the hub over achieved their goal which was to get $140, but we ended up having $184.

I think it was a amazing way to fundraise, while having fun doing it. The hub started off working well until I pulled the hose out then the water war started and because we were having fun, we then were struggling as some people were washing.  The car wash didn't go quite to plan but it turn out to be really fun!!!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The year in photos...

Hi guys,

As promised, here are the photo collages that have been finished - can you spot yourself?

(Click to enlarge)

Monday, 5 December 2011

Let's party!!!

Voting has started for the edublog awards!

Jump online here and choose 'best class blog' from the drop-down menu and then 'Learning Hub 3 Year 5 to 8'... you can vote everyday so get voting!  If you have friends and family, why not send them this link and the instructions but choosing the little envelope/email option below.

It was so special just to be mentioned but let's give this our best shot.  We're proud of our blog, let's see if other people are too!!

Good luck to us and all of the other blogs that we enjoy reading - remember you can vote for them too if they're in the running for a different category.