Friday, 29 May 2015

Hub 3 @ Stonefields - New Blog

Thank you for supporting our blog. We have created a new blog for 2015 and hope you will continue to check in with our learning and leave us comments.

Hub 3 @ Stonefields School   -  Visit our new blog here

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Website Check - Hoax

Have you ever found a hoax site? by Liam and Zeb

Have you ever found a hoax site? Do you know how to spot one? Watch this video and learn how to spot one of these horrible hoaxes. This term we have been working on critical literacy and are going to teach you what we have learnt. This is important because hoax sites are increasing meaning that you need to be able to spot when the information is wrong.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Jesse's Popplet On Critical Literacy :-)

So in Mawhera Literacy group what we had to do was pick a topic and I chose running and I had to write lots of facts about running like how to practise, the equipment you need and who is the fastest runner and so on. So for every fact I needed to have 3 websites to show that that fact was true because if I only had one website maybe the person who made that website is lying so its better to have 3 websites so its a better chance that the fact is true. For example- Usain Bolt is the fastest sprinter in the world-Website 1    Website 2     and      Website 3                 Thank You For Reading :-)