Monday, 25 July 2011


Hi everyone, how have your holidays been so far? Would love to hear what you've all been up to!

Love, Miss H

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ecosystems - How can they be altered?

Today the learners in LH3 put their heads together and made this poster that talks about the different reasons behind changes in ecosystems.  All of the learning they've been doing about ecosystems is obviously paying off - it's great to see the connections they're making!

We also watched this video to learn more about the grasslands ecosystems (especially relevant as one of our groups made a grassland collage!) - do you remember the scene in The Lion King where their ecosystem was badly affected because of a change made?

Learner Led Conferences - From the Learners!

Remember when you had to go to parent interviews where your parents and teachers do all the talking well this is a Learner led conferences, it is led by students. You show and talk about the learning you do in your hub, so we had to practice presenting in front of our class mates a couple of times before we were ready to show off our progressed presenting skills in front of our parents. Sometimes if you do a good learning your parents will be proud and if not you will have to do some more learning. We show our parents some of the learning we did like the ecosystem colleagues and the 7 signs of life. We also had to explain to them what decomposers, consumers and producers are. We showed them a strategy we use in maths and I showed them the math games like hippo games. We also talked about the definition of a learning journal and the process, followed by the reading we showed off in our modeling books. Some parents really liked our ecosystem work and others liked other aspects. I like doing the conference the first time I feel nervous but after it I felt I had a breakthrough; I think I presented well and I enjoyed the learner led conference, it was fun for the first time.

Hear what LH3 all thought...

By Damien P and Fatima

My Kayak Writing

I am going to show you my Kayak writing.In hub 3 we are learning to use Figurative Language.Figurative Language is when you are using simile's, metaphors, personification and more Figurative Language.

Mr Bradbeers Writing group is lucky to have him working with us and everyone that is in Mr Bradbeers group had to make a story with a tank or a Kayak falling down a waterfall.My writing has improved by using more Figurative Language and in the past I couldn't use any Figurative Language and now I have done better writing in hub 3.

I was looking at the fresh yellow flowers, the tall grass and at the colourful parrots flapping softly in the sky. Suddenly I realized I wasn’t paying attention to the river anymore.I heard a thundering noise ahead of me and the water was going faster and I was trying to get slower.

The water was getting higher as I was near the waterfall and I was scared to let go of the paddle because I was on a dangerous waterfall.The waterfall was as deep as falling from a cliff.As I was getting closer to the brink I was looking at the ice and I was thinking about the ice freezing the water.

The waterfall was as scary as falling from a cliff and when I was at the top of the waterfall I could see how deep the waterfall was.3 2 1 BOOM! I went in the water.When I was in the water I was as cold as a penguin.I can know go to another waterfall bigger than this waterfall.There was all my friends cheering for me because I went down a waterfall with a Kayak and I was going home with my family at last.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Food Chains and Food Webs!

Hi everyone,

We've been learning about food chains and food webs because they're such a big part of our ecosystems.  Nathan and Finn will tell you more tomorrow but here are some of the things we've been making to show our new learning (click them to make them bigger).

This is our example of a food chain...

This is a bigger example, this time of a food web...

Can you spot some of the differences?  Have a look here:

Once we researched and organised our thinking into a venn diagram, each group made a fotobabble to share their learning.  Here's one of them!

Starting at Stonefields School...

When I started at Stonefields School I was so nervous when I had my first visit but it turned out to be one of the best days of my life.  I love this school because you get to sit on beanbags and because you do fitness for 20minutes and all my friends are really nice.

What do you like about your school?  What makes your school special?

Thanks for reading.

By Samo

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Learner Led Conferences - Feeding Back

Hi guests to the LH3 Learner Led Conferences,

It's Ruby and Paton here.

 we would just like to say thank you for coming, to our learner led conferences. We would really like it if you left a message for your son or daughter to say how you think they went or how well they have been doing in the hub.


Friday, 1 July 2011

Happy Feet joins Facebook (well, kind of!) and needs your help!

Happy Feet the penguin on Facebook?

Let's have a go at researching everything we can find on him and loading it onto this Fakebook profile I've created for him (it's a pretend Facebook, used for learning - how cool!)

You'll need to type in the password 'learninghub3' to edit the profile. Click 'edit profile' to add info about him or 'add post' to write on his wall (either as Happy Feet or pretend to be one of his friends leaving him a message). I wonder who might be his friends? Load them up along with a photo on the left.

Have fun! Visitors, please join in!

Click here to go through to the site, or edit below.

Hundreds of turtles at an airport? That doesn't sound right!

Look at what happens when we as humans build within the environments that belong to animals!

150 turtles turn up at the New York airport (one of the busiest airports in the world) each year to lay their eggs.  This certainly isn't the normal ecosystem we'd find these turtles in.

What do you think?  Should the turtles be moved away from the airport?  Or do they have every right to be there?

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Thanks One Tree Hill College!

Today the seniors of One Tree Hill College came in to talk with our year 7 and 8 students.  It was great to speak with these fabulous leaders and we really enjoyed the opportunity to join them in a song at the end...