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Calling all Duck Lovers!

In order to help us to create the Duck Story Book 2, we have a Competition for you!

We are having a contest to see who can come up with best idea for the duck story. It can be a character, a vehicle or anything quacky! The best entry will be included in the story and the inventor named as a character. The more details the better!
If you haven't read our award winning Duck Story yet - Winner of the Twissiest Book of the Year and Winner of the Best Self Written Book from the Magniflorious Math Doc! - here's the link:
Here's a sneak preview of Book 2. Enjoy!

“Roger help!” screamed a voice.
“How could you let this happen Roger. We trusted you!” accused another. It morphed to a vision of people in chains being led towards a slave camp.
“NOOOOOO!!!” yelled Roger sitting up in bed with a jolt. He lay panting on his bed slowly realising that it was just a dream.  It had a quality to it that left Roger wondering if it had been more than just a normal dream. “Don’t be ridiculous.” he thought. He hadn’t recognised the people in the dream but had the feeling that he trusted and knew them. They’d had that odd accent that all the Australians he met had. “Maybe you’ll make some new friends with the Aussies.” laughed a little voice in the back of his head, that Roger had nicknamed Lewis a month ago when it appeared. It had an annoying habit of making sarcastic comments about his sanity and making him wonder if it was true that talking to yourself was the first sign of madness. “Talking to yourself about whether or not you're going insane. Second sign.” Lewis signed, seemingly to no one.
“Oh, shut up.” Roger grumbled, unable to think of a good comeback.

He got changed and went for a walk around the compound, still not used to the heat of Tasmania. Since they arrived, Roger, Tim, Bridget and Carl had been treated as heroes when they heard what had happened on their previous mission. This had been boosted by the fact that they had brought 5000 soldiers with them and a small air force and navy. They had been put to good use immediately by the Australian leader.
Roger rounded the corner and found himself staring at the wall. No matter how many times he saw it, it always took his breath away.  With walls ten meters thick and over 100 meters tall  it was a sight to behold. It stretched across the southern end of the island and was the only thing keeping the ducks from just overwhelming it’s inhabitants with sheer numbers. Roger waved to the dawn patrol on the walls, who, instead of their normal cheerful wave in return, beckoned urgently for him to go up to the top of the wall with them. His smile wiped from his face, Roger radioed his squad in. “Meet me on top of the wall. Turns out we’re about to meet some Aussie Ducks.”

“Well, won’t this be fun.” muttered Lewis.

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“It all started one day when a rich dog named Matt was riding in his owners golf cart
Just kidding

“let start the real story”
“There once lived a wolf named Matt he was a poor wolf, he had no money”
. He lived in a small house like a hobbit house. It was cold and dark every night he would freeze like an ice cube. He would have friends to play with,talk and laugh. But one day his cousin Tony was a rich wolf he was having a feast at his house. So Matt went to the feast and when he got to his cousin house and knocked on his door. The door opened quietly I saw my cousin all of his servant tidying his house. Tony house was a mess “hi” Matt said. Tony didn’t say anything. He told Matt to come inside Matt walked inside the house. Then we went to the dining table I sat. 1 HOUR LATER. The servants bring  food “final” said Matt.

Matt was starving then as soon as the plate the food he got a bite the food was great. “Oh where my food”
said the narrator. But It was hard to move around. Then out of nowhere the door smashed opened and there were hunters tony ran I followed him then we went into the basement tony locked the door. Matt asked him what was happening he said that
“the hunters hunt him everyday hide in fear .”
When hunter left Tony unlocked the door. I left the basement and went home. Matt invented tony over to a feast he also invented his friends in the village. 

Tony arrived he was enjoying the village when he reached Matt house he knocked Matt opened the door and tony saw Matt friends at the table tony joined Matt came with some bread tony asked
“where the chicken.”
I don’t have much money to buy chicken this is the best I can do you poor people as tong slam the door like michael jordan doing a dunk. Tony was not happy about the food so he left and went home. When he went he did not see the hunters the hunter kill the wolf and tony died while Matt and his friend was eating happily in there.

Daniel's Fable

  • Strong Verbs
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Speech Marks
  • Capital Letters
  • Full Stops
  • Language Features.

Once There was a wolf walking around a really really peaceful street.While he was walking he saw a cat kicking and scratching the weak and small cat.The wolf came and said “Hey stay away from that cat”The wolf said,And then the strong cat said “What you want to do just stand there do nothing,come here and let’s fight”.The wolf ran and smashed the strong cat and kicked him in the face.In about 3 minutes the strong cat ran away because he got scared from the wolf.The wolf said “Are you okay”,The cat said “I’m fine Thank You”.The wolf and the cat walked together to the wolves house and then the cat asked the \wolf while they we’re walking “How can you be stronger than those strong cat’s”.The Wolf said, just be determined and don’t be scared of those little tiny cat’s.The weak cat said “Can you teach me how to fight” The Cat Asked “Yes I would love to teach weak animals to fight”The Wolf said.In the first day of training they didn’t start the training because The cat and the wolf has to find the strong cat in the street .The Wolf found the strong cat and the wolf said “I will not hit you anymore just stay away from the cat because he’s going to get trained.The Strong cat said “Fine just make sure that we are going to have a fight because I started getting angry at him when he stole my pizza in the stinky garbage bin and make sure he only has 3 days to train.In Day 2 both of them went to the gym to try lift 30lb of tyres
and 25 lb of blocks,The weak cat was really really sweating but he could lift both of them at the same time in about five seconds. “I know you could beat that little cat because I can already see the muscles dude” The Wolf Said To The Cat.
The 3rd Day The strong cat almost kicked the weak cat because the strong cat had a plan to kill him in the 3rd day.  
The weak cat kicked the strong cat in the face 3 times and the strong cat never kicked the weak cat, again.

The End

The puppy and the bear

There once was a cocker spaniel puppy who was searching for food. He passed by a fancy looking house, and inside lived a hunky bear. The puppy starred inside the glorious place. The bear noticed the puppy staring in amazement. “Why are you staring at my mansion?” growled the bear. “I was just wondering if you could spare food for me?’ asked the puppy in a scared voice. The bear started to chase the puppy in an alley. The puppy was sprinting as hard as he could to go to his secret home where he stayed when he was a baby. The bear got really confused and thought that the puppy was joking. “ I will be safer here” said the the puppy. It was getting really late so the puppy laid down on the dusty floor and took some newspaper to cover him as a blanket.

It was already morning when the puppy woke up. He folded the newspaper then he started to think about what he was good at. “Hey, bear might be good at alot of things, but he cannot beat me in the race that I am going to challenge him to. He then practiced running and building up his muscles. He walked to the bears mansion and knocked on the door as hard as he could. The bear shouted with rage and said “Who dares to knock on my door”. The puppy stranded in front of the door with confidence. He thought that he might be crushed because the bear was so big and looked so strong. “It is me who dares to knock on your door” said the puppy. “Ha, it’s you again, I thought that I would never see you lingering around this neighborhood” shouted the bear. “I actually came here to challenge you to a race” asked the puppy in a brave voice. The puppy that he shouldn't have challenged the bear on a race.

“If I win, you will be kind to other people and never boast” betted the puppy. Bear replied “You will never beat me, for I am strong and fast and you are weak and scrawny”. The puppy frowned and said “ You don’t know what I am good at and you don’t know what you are bad at” assumed puppy. The bear didn't know what to say, so he went inside his mansion and slammed the door shut. The puppy practiced and practiced for days until he knew that he was ready to race against the scariest bear in the city. The puppy decided that even though he doesn't win, he will still be a good sport. As the puppy was practicing for the race on Wednesday, along came a bird.

The bird asked the little puppy why he looked so scared and exhausted. “I am just worried that if I don’t win, bear will still be teasing and keep on boasting to the other animals in the neighborhood” said the puppy. “If you are really scared losing to bear I will help you.  All you need to do is be confident” suggested the bird. “ OK, i will give it a try” replied the bird. After hours of training, it was already getting dark, so the puppy and the bird went to sleep. The sun had rised, and everybody was getting ready to cheer for the race. The puppy woke up by the bird’s chirping. He was so nervous that he had butterflies in his tummy, he looked over to bird and said “I’M READY!”.

The bear arrived early so that he could practice the route of the race track. The judge came and saw that bear was practicing, he shouted “You can’t just start the race without the other component”. So the bear went back to the starting line.. Soon the puppy arrived and the exciting race began. “I’m gonna beat that puppy”, thought Bear The puppy was calm and he didn't start with sprinting. Of course the bear just started of with sprinting. The bear was so far ahead that he decided to take a short nap since that the puppy was way back over at the starting line. So he did take a nap, but unfortunately he took a long one.

He took over an hour sleeping because he thought that the puppy was so slow and weak. after he took the really long nap, he decided to continue the race. He sprinted the half way through. When he reached the finish line, he had saw that everybody was gone and the trophy was still there. “I had defeated the weak cocker spaniel” the bear shouted. The other people gathered around the bear. “Bow before me, my beloved people” declared the bear. The bird raised her wing and said “Do you know that you’re not the one who won the race?” asked the bird. The bear looked confused and said “WHAT!!, what do you mean I lost?” As the puppy walked towards the bear he explained the whole story of why he lost and why the puppy won.

“Have you learned your lesson ?” asked the puppy. The bear started to reflect on the things he did wrong. He slowly approached the puppy and said a decent apology. The puppy accepted the apology. Soon they became good friends and the bear stopped boasting and making people sad.

Moral: Never Judge People by how they look

Alvin's Fable

Fable SC
-Language features
-Strong verbs
-Punctuation and Spelling
-Direct speech

The rude fox
Once there lived a little fox, he was so rude that he didn’t even have a friend. The only people who liked him is his mum and dad. The animals played all together, but they did not play with little fox.

Little fox felt really sad that he said to all the other animals that they are all rude and mean. * But they said back to little fox that the meanest and the rudest is you. Little fox got angry and walked away.

During the next day, little fox ran outside but he had no friends so he fought them. When he came back home his mum and dad asked him did he ran outside and fought with the other animals, little fox said no but he did not know that his mum and dad had already knew that he went out to fight.

The next day morning his mum and dad had already woke up and they said to little fox ”You will not live with us anymore because you have lied. Then little fox thought of how friendship is important, but it is too late.

Poor mouse and Rich mouse By: Estrella

Fable Once there lived a mouse who was very rich and lived in the a very big city. His brother lived in the country in a cottage and was very poor. One day, Max the poor mouse asked Sam, the rich mouse if he wanted to have dinner at his house so Sam decided that he could just be nice to Max for once. The next day Sam packed his bag ready to go to Max’s house, when suddenly a guard came running in… Master mouse is outside and he has disgusting clothes on he only has piece of bread. That must be Max my brother let him in and enjoy the feast said Sam. so one minute later Max dragged himself along the ground and came inside the house. Oh my, you look very disgusting. I don't think you should eat my food at all even though you are my brother. not even our middle brother would get any food. Oh well do you enjoy your food when you eat are you happy. Sam thought of this normally when Sam eats the king mouse attacks the city. Well not really one mouse attacks the city and everyone has to hide. But still you are very disgusting and can't have any food. While the guards were having a break and Sam was sun bathing something loud came over the whole city and the voice said if you all don't leave your houses now you will thrown into jail and you won't get any food!!! “That is the king mouse”, squealed Sam. Run!!!. “No i will not run”, answered Max What do you want to be in jail. No i don't want to but stay in your house you understand!!! Yes… Charge!!! out of nowhere came thousand of poor mice like Max with swords and guns… They shot and fought. Some mice died some injured but the poor mouse army one. Thank you thank you i couldn't have done it without you. I guess i should never judge someone by their look. don't you think. You have now learnt your lesson i will go now. Can't you stay for one night and you can have some delicious food. I can not put down such offer but just for one night. Never judge someone by their look!!!

My Fable : don't judge your self the way you are

The buck was very thirsty because the heat was burning on his back, so the buck went to a river in a forest to drink some refreshing water. He saw his shadow reflected in the water, and greatly admired the size of his antlers, but  he felt ashamed of his weak and thin legs. “I wish my legs were as beautiful as my antlers he, sobbed”.While he was lost , a wolf appeared at the river. The buck fled from the river in an instant move, but his antlers soon! became entangled with the branches and trees and he found himself stuck.The wolf quickly caught up with him and captured him.  the buck “ cried ““How wrong I was to despise my legs which could have saved me now, had it not been for my antlers which I so admired!” he cried.

Snail and the Greedy Slug

Snail and the greedy Slug One day a humble snail named Snail was going to Slug's house. Snail thought he might give Slug a gift. He decided to get him a delicious and nutritious leaf. The leaf was lime green and it was sparkly. As he walked to Slug’s house, he noticed something. His jaw dropped with astonishment. In front of him was a big transparent jewel. It looked like a diamond. A big, big diamond. Snail wanted to give it to his friend Slug, but it was too big for him to carry. “ Wait a minute “, said Snail “ Where is Slug? “. “ I’ll come over tomorrow”. So Snail walked all the way back home again.”What could get even worse?” thought Snail all of a sudden it started raining so Snail used the leaf as an umbrella. “ Sigh “. Snail puffed and puffed as he got home. He was trying to slither away from a bird that was chasing him. The next day Snail was walking to Slug’s house and then he gave the gift to Slug. “Thanks” said Slug. Snail told Slug the story about the diamond. At that moment, Slug started to blaze with fury. “ Why didn’t you get that diamond for me! “ shrieked Slug. “ B-b-but the leaf is healthy for you and plus you’re pretty fat...”, What did you just say....“, “ Uhhh....You’re pretty fat...?” “I’M GONNA COOK YOU INTO SNAIL PORRIDGE!!!”. Fortunately for Snail, slugs are extremely slow ( and I mean extremely slow ). “AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” ( Slug chases Snail across the room and racing around the table...). Snail runs out the door and closes it behind him. The next day Slug came over to say sorry. “ I am not forgiving you” said Snail, “ You don’t appreciate what you get. You just want the better things.” ( Slug pokes his tongue out at Snail ) “ Be quiet and go home “ cried Slug. “ What are you talking about? This is my home. You be quiet and go home! “. Slug slowly walked home into the dark. He couldn’t see his house, all he could see was the dim light of Snail’s house. He didn’t have anywhere to stay except Snail’s house. Slug decided to ask Snail if he could stay over ( even though they weren't friends ). “ Can I stay over? it’s so dark out here. You don’t want me to freeze, do you? ( Slug gives Snail his best puppy eyes ) “, “ Fine “, said Snail, “ But your still not my friend “. (Slug slowly paces into Snails room) “ Thanks “, said Slug. As they slithered deeper into the room Snail said something to slug...”You can sleep in my room for today but get out tomorrow.” After those words were finished Snail slowly vanished into the hallway. “Huh, so he does care about me.” Thought Slug. As Slug turned around ready to go to bed he noticed that there was a book laying on the guest room table. “Snails diary” Showed the cover. “Should I?... no I shouldn’t. Yes I should.” Slug took Snails diary and read the first page of the diary. And here is how it went:” I don’t really care about Slug why would I need him?...He’s just a greedy and slimy joke. But maybe I did do something wrong too. He came to apologize to me and I declined it. I guess I am a failure...”. Just then Snail walked into the room. Slug knew he was in big trouble... “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY DIARY!!! “ , yelled Snail. “ I-I-I was... Admiring it. Yeah I was admiring it “. “NO YOU WEREN’T. YOU WERE READING IT. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!!. ANYWAY, YOU WERE STAYING FOR A DAY NOT FOR A WHOLE, ENTIRE WEEK!!”. “ ITS NOT EVEN BEEN A DAY YET”. So Slug and Snail kept fighting for the rest of the day until it became dark. They both became silent and acted like complete strangers. As soon as Snail left the room, Slug saw that Snail had completely forgotten his diary. Slug took it to the guest room, then he grabbed the torch. He went under the covers and started reading. Unfortunately, a new diary entry was written in it. The date was 26th of June, which was today. Slug was just about to read the entry but then something happened... Snail was muttering something as he walked through the hall and this is what he muttered: I need to get that diary back before that silly slug gets his hands on it. Slug gasped quietly. Slug couldn't think of what to do next. Then he had an idea. “ Maybe I can slip this diary onthe table as quick as I can, then i’ll make a dash for it “. It was a good idea but Slug wasn’t fast enough. Slug was stumped. Should he take the risk of putting the diary back, or should he just tell the truth to Snail and apologize. “ I have to take the risk. I don’t want Snail to know i’ve been snooping in his diary “. Slug started to slither across the room, then he skidded to a stop. I’m not doing the right thing. Like last time, I was being greedy, always wanting things for myself. I should tell him, thought Slug. “But think of how mad he is going to be. I have to take the risk, anyway the place where he left the diary is right across my room. But what if he sees me, and then he sees the diary. I’m going to apologize so no reason to worry, or maybe...” * “ I’m so sorry I had your diary. I didn’t mean it. I thought you wrote things about me in there. Bad, bad things. I didn’t read anything in there ( he was lying because he read an entry if you can remember ). Please forgive me. I’m sorry!”, “Its ok. You told the truth. I forgive you.”. So then Snail and Slug became friends and they always played together and never betrayed each other again ( but hopefully Snail doesn’t find out that Slug read a bit in his diary ). THE END!!!
One day in the medieval days, three dragons were playing a ball game called Rock tag. “I'm going to tag you Cody.” “Dream on.” Cody shouted to Leaf. “Neon’s in” yelled Cody. “Hey Neon bet you can’t tag me” “Oh i'll get you alright” Neon replied to Leaf.

Neon tried to chuck it at Cody, but it landed in the volcano. “Go get it Neon” said Cody

So Neon went all the way up the volcano and he just jumped without looking and he  died.

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SC Fable
language features
strong verbs
punctuation and spelling
direct speech


“Haha!” shrieked Peter.  ”You will never beat me in anything!!!  Seriously you suck!!!” “Hey, thats rude and I can at least beat you in something,”wailed Rob. “No you can’t,” stated Peter.”Let’s see about that,well you can’t beat me in a race, shot put, snooker and basically anything except…”
“Except what?,”Screamed Rob excitedly.”Except LOSING, dude,” yelled Peter. “WHA!” Cried Rob and ran away.

Rob hid in the bushes for a long time watching Peter win every competition he played. Rob wondered, “what if I could be like Peter?” Then a tiny little voice whispered, “but you can.” ”Who...who said that?”, questioned Rob.“It’s me.” A little lizard appeared out of a hole in the ground.
“Who are you?” , asked Rob. “My name is Henry and I am going to be your coach.” ”What am I going to train for?” Asked Rob.”To beat Peter in the 100m sprint, of course,” Replied Henry. “Sweet, let’s start!!!” Yelled the elephant. Every day they trained harder and harder and harder. They did some weight lifting but they mostly focused on running.

When the day came Rob was ready but still nervous. “Team huddle,” Henry ordered. “You can win, probably Peter doesn’t even know you trained so go out there and win!”Shouted Henry. “YES YES YES!!!” chanted Rob. Before the race Peter told Rob he would lose again and Rob said “not this time!” The race started.
Peter was in the lead at the start but Rob started catching up, Peter was amazed.There was only 30m to run. But Peter was still in the lead.
Then Henry shouted, “RUN, you can do it, go Rob!!!!” That encouraged Rob so he sprinted as fast as he could and… he won!!!

At the end everyone was so happy and so suprised they all picked up Rob and tossed him up and down. No one liked Peter because he was so rude. Peter thought about that and thought to go and congratulate Rob.
From then on Peter learnt his lesson and he never was rude or showed off again.