Friday, 27 September 2013

Daniel's Fable

  • Strong Verbs
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Speech Marks
  • Capital Letters
  • Full Stops
  • Language Features.

Once There was a wolf walking around a really really peaceful street.While he was walking he saw a cat kicking and scratching the weak and small cat.The wolf came and said “Hey stay away from that cat”The wolf said,And then the strong cat said “What you want to do just stand there do nothing,come here and let’s fight”.The wolf ran and smashed the strong cat and kicked him in the face.In about 3 minutes the strong cat ran away because he got scared from the wolf.The wolf said “Are you okay”,The cat said “I’m fine Thank You”.The wolf and the cat walked together to the wolves house and then the cat asked the \wolf while they we’re walking “How can you be stronger than those strong cat’s”.The Wolf said, just be determined and don’t be scared of those little tiny cat’s.The weak cat said “Can you teach me how to fight” The Cat Asked “Yes I would love to teach weak animals to fight”The Wolf said.In the first day of training they didn’t start the training because The cat and the wolf has to find the strong cat in the street .The Wolf found the strong cat and the wolf said “I will not hit you anymore just stay away from the cat because he’s going to get trained.The Strong cat said “Fine just make sure that we are going to have a fight because I started getting angry at him when he stole my pizza in the stinky garbage bin and make sure he only has 3 days to train.In Day 2 both of them went to the gym to try lift 30lb of tyres
and 25 lb of blocks,The weak cat was really really sweating but he could lift both of them at the same time in about five seconds. “I know you could beat that little cat because I can already see the muscles dude” The Wolf Said To The Cat.
The 3rd Day The strong cat almost kicked the weak cat because the strong cat had a plan to kill him in the 3rd day.  
The weak cat kicked the strong cat in the face 3 times and the strong cat never kicked the weak cat, again.

The End

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