Friday, 27 September 2013


“It all started one day when a rich dog named Matt was riding in his owners golf cart
Just kidding

“let start the real story”
“There once lived a wolf named Matt he was a poor wolf, he had no money”
. He lived in a small house like a hobbit house. It was cold and dark every night he would freeze like an ice cube. He would have friends to play with,talk and laugh. But one day his cousin Tony was a rich wolf he was having a feast at his house. So Matt went to the feast and when he got to his cousin house and knocked on his door. The door opened quietly I saw my cousin all of his servant tidying his house. Tony house was a mess “hi” Matt said. Tony didn’t say anything. He told Matt to come inside Matt walked inside the house. Then we went to the dining table I sat. 1 HOUR LATER. The servants bring  food “final” said Matt.

Matt was starving then as soon as the plate the food he got a bite the food was great. “Oh where my food”
said the narrator. But It was hard to move around. Then out of nowhere the door smashed opened and there were hunters tony ran I followed him then we went into the basement tony locked the door. Matt asked him what was happening he said that
“the hunters hunt him everyday hide in fear .”
When hunter left Tony unlocked the door. I left the basement and went home. Matt invented tony over to a feast he also invented his friends in the village. 

Tony arrived he was enjoying the village when he reached Matt house he knocked Matt opened the door and tony saw Matt friends at the table tony joined Matt came with some bread tony asked
“where the chicken.”
I don’t have much money to buy chicken this is the best I can do you poor people as tong slam the door like michael jordan doing a dunk. Tony was not happy about the food so he left and went home. When he went he did not see the hunters the hunter kill the wolf and tony died while Matt and his friend was eating happily in there.

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