Friday, 27 September 2013

The puppy and the bear

There once was a cocker spaniel puppy who was searching for food. He passed by a fancy looking house, and inside lived a hunky bear. The puppy starred inside the glorious place. The bear noticed the puppy staring in amazement. “Why are you staring at my mansion?” growled the bear. “I was just wondering if you could spare food for me?’ asked the puppy in a scared voice. The bear started to chase the puppy in an alley. The puppy was sprinting as hard as he could to go to his secret home where he stayed when he was a baby. The bear got really confused and thought that the puppy was joking. “ I will be safer here” said the the puppy. It was getting really late so the puppy laid down on the dusty floor and took some newspaper to cover him as a blanket.

It was already morning when the puppy woke up. He folded the newspaper then he started to think about what he was good at. “Hey, bear might be good at alot of things, but he cannot beat me in the race that I am going to challenge him to. He then practiced running and building up his muscles. He walked to the bears mansion and knocked on the door as hard as he could. The bear shouted with rage and said “Who dares to knock on my door”. The puppy stranded in front of the door with confidence. He thought that he might be crushed because the bear was so big and looked so strong. “It is me who dares to knock on your door” said the puppy. “Ha, it’s you again, I thought that I would never see you lingering around this neighborhood” shouted the bear. “I actually came here to challenge you to a race” asked the puppy in a brave voice. The puppy that he shouldn't have challenged the bear on a race.

“If I win, you will be kind to other people and never boast” betted the puppy. Bear replied “You will never beat me, for I am strong and fast and you are weak and scrawny”. The puppy frowned and said “ You don’t know what I am good at and you don’t know what you are bad at” assumed puppy. The bear didn't know what to say, so he went inside his mansion and slammed the door shut. The puppy practiced and practiced for days until he knew that he was ready to race against the scariest bear in the city. The puppy decided that even though he doesn't win, he will still be a good sport. As the puppy was practicing for the race on Wednesday, along came a bird.

The bird asked the little puppy why he looked so scared and exhausted. “I am just worried that if I don’t win, bear will still be teasing and keep on boasting to the other animals in the neighborhood” said the puppy. “If you are really scared losing to bear I will help you.  All you need to do is be confident” suggested the bird. “ OK, i will give it a try” replied the bird. After hours of training, it was already getting dark, so the puppy and the bird went to sleep. The sun had rised, and everybody was getting ready to cheer for the race. The puppy woke up by the bird’s chirping. He was so nervous that he had butterflies in his tummy, he looked over to bird and said “I’M READY!”.

The bear arrived early so that he could practice the route of the race track. The judge came and saw that bear was practicing, he shouted “You can’t just start the race without the other component”. So the bear went back to the starting line.. Soon the puppy arrived and the exciting race began. “I’m gonna beat that puppy”, thought Bear The puppy was calm and he didn't start with sprinting. Of course the bear just started of with sprinting. The bear was so far ahead that he decided to take a short nap since that the puppy was way back over at the starting line. So he did take a nap, but unfortunately he took a long one.

He took over an hour sleeping because he thought that the puppy was so slow and weak. after he took the really long nap, he decided to continue the race. He sprinted the half way through. When he reached the finish line, he had saw that everybody was gone and the trophy was still there. “I had defeated the weak cocker spaniel” the bear shouted. The other people gathered around the bear. “Bow before me, my beloved people” declared the bear. The bird raised her wing and said “Do you know that you’re not the one who won the race?” asked the bird. The bear looked confused and said “WHAT!!, what do you mean I lost?” As the puppy walked towards the bear he explained the whole story of why he lost and why the puppy won.

“Have you learned your lesson ?” asked the puppy. The bear started to reflect on the things he did wrong. He slowly approached the puppy and said a decent apology. The puppy accepted the apology. Soon they became good friends and the bear stopped boasting and making people sad.

Moral: Never Judge People by how they look

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