Friday, 27 September 2013

Snail and the Greedy Slug

Snail and the greedy Slug One day a humble snail named Snail was going to Slug's house. Snail thought he might give Slug a gift. He decided to get him a delicious and nutritious leaf. The leaf was lime green and it was sparkly. As he walked to Slug’s house, he noticed something. His jaw dropped with astonishment. In front of him was a big transparent jewel. It looked like a diamond. A big, big diamond. Snail wanted to give it to his friend Slug, but it was too big for him to carry. “ Wait a minute “, said Snail “ Where is Slug? “. “ I’ll come over tomorrow”. So Snail walked all the way back home again.”What could get even worse?” thought Snail all of a sudden it started raining so Snail used the leaf as an umbrella. “ Sigh “. Snail puffed and puffed as he got home. He was trying to slither away from a bird that was chasing him. The next day Snail was walking to Slug’s house and then he gave the gift to Slug. “Thanks” said Slug. Snail told Slug the story about the diamond. At that moment, Slug started to blaze with fury. “ Why didn’t you get that diamond for me! “ shrieked Slug. “ B-b-but the leaf is healthy for you and plus you’re pretty fat...”, What did you just say....“, “ Uhhh....You’re pretty fat...?” “I’M GONNA COOK YOU INTO SNAIL PORRIDGE!!!”. Fortunately for Snail, slugs are extremely slow ( and I mean extremely slow ). “AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” ( Slug chases Snail across the room and racing around the table...). Snail runs out the door and closes it behind him. The next day Slug came over to say sorry. “ I am not forgiving you” said Snail, “ You don’t appreciate what you get. You just want the better things.” ( Slug pokes his tongue out at Snail ) “ Be quiet and go home “ cried Slug. “ What are you talking about? This is my home. You be quiet and go home! “. Slug slowly walked home into the dark. He couldn’t see his house, all he could see was the dim light of Snail’s house. He didn’t have anywhere to stay except Snail’s house. Slug decided to ask Snail if he could stay over ( even though they weren't friends ). “ Can I stay over? it’s so dark out here. You don’t want me to freeze, do you? ( Slug gives Snail his best puppy eyes ) “, “ Fine “, said Snail, “ But your still not my friend “. (Slug slowly paces into Snails room) “ Thanks “, said Slug. As they slithered deeper into the room Snail said something to slug...”You can sleep in my room for today but get out tomorrow.” After those words were finished Snail slowly vanished into the hallway. “Huh, so he does care about me.” Thought Slug. As Slug turned around ready to go to bed he noticed that there was a book laying on the guest room table. “Snails diary” Showed the cover. “Should I?... no I shouldn’t. Yes I should.” Slug took Snails diary and read the first page of the diary. And here is how it went:” I don’t really care about Slug why would I need him?...He’s just a greedy and slimy joke. But maybe I did do something wrong too. He came to apologize to me and I declined it. I guess I am a failure...”. Just then Snail walked into the room. Slug knew he was in big trouble... “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY DIARY!!! “ , yelled Snail. “ I-I-I was... Admiring it. Yeah I was admiring it “. “NO YOU WEREN’T. YOU WERE READING IT. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!!. ANYWAY, YOU WERE STAYING FOR A DAY NOT FOR A WHOLE, ENTIRE WEEK!!”. “ ITS NOT EVEN BEEN A DAY YET”. So Slug and Snail kept fighting for the rest of the day until it became dark. They both became silent and acted like complete strangers. As soon as Snail left the room, Slug saw that Snail had completely forgotten his diary. Slug took it to the guest room, then he grabbed the torch. He went under the covers and started reading. Unfortunately, a new diary entry was written in it. The date was 26th of June, which was today. Slug was just about to read the entry but then something happened... Snail was muttering something as he walked through the hall and this is what he muttered: I need to get that diary back before that silly slug gets his hands on it. Slug gasped quietly. Slug couldn't think of what to do next. Then he had an idea. “ Maybe I can slip this diary onthe table as quick as I can, then i’ll make a dash for it “. It was a good idea but Slug wasn’t fast enough. Slug was stumped. Should he take the risk of putting the diary back, or should he just tell the truth to Snail and apologize. “ I have to take the risk. I don’t want Snail to know i’ve been snooping in his diary “. Slug started to slither across the room, then he skidded to a stop. I’m not doing the right thing. Like last time, I was being greedy, always wanting things for myself. I should tell him, thought Slug. “But think of how mad he is going to be. I have to take the risk, anyway the place where he left the diary is right across my room. But what if he sees me, and then he sees the diary. I’m going to apologize so no reason to worry, or maybe...” * “ I’m so sorry I had your diary. I didn’t mean it. I thought you wrote things about me in there. Bad, bad things. I didn’t read anything in there ( he was lying because he read an entry if you can remember ). Please forgive me. I’m sorry!”, “Its ok. You told the truth. I forgive you.”. So then Snail and Slug became friends and they always played together and never betrayed each other again ( but hopefully Snail doesn’t find out that Slug read a bit in his diary ). THE END!!!

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