Friday, 27 September 2013

Poor mouse and Rich mouse By: Estrella

Fable Once there lived a mouse who was very rich and lived in the a very big city. His brother lived in the country in a cottage and was very poor. One day, Max the poor mouse asked Sam, the rich mouse if he wanted to have dinner at his house so Sam decided that he could just be nice to Max for once. The next day Sam packed his bag ready to go to Max’s house, when suddenly a guard came running in… Master mouse is outside and he has disgusting clothes on he only has piece of bread. That must be Max my brother let him in and enjoy the feast said Sam. so one minute later Max dragged himself along the ground and came inside the house. Oh my, you look very disgusting. I don't think you should eat my food at all even though you are my brother. not even our middle brother would get any food. Oh well do you enjoy your food when you eat are you happy. Sam thought of this normally when Sam eats the king mouse attacks the city. Well not really one mouse attacks the city and everyone has to hide. But still you are very disgusting and can't have any food. While the guards were having a break and Sam was sun bathing something loud came over the whole city and the voice said if you all don't leave your houses now you will thrown into jail and you won't get any food!!! “That is the king mouse”, squealed Sam. Run!!!. “No i will not run”, answered Max What do you want to be in jail. No i don't want to but stay in your house you understand!!! Yes… Charge!!! out of nowhere came thousand of poor mice like Max with swords and guns… They shot and fought. Some mice died some injured but the poor mouse army one. Thank you thank you i couldn't have done it without you. I guess i should never judge someone by their look. don't you think. You have now learnt your lesson i will go now. Can't you stay for one night and you can have some delicious food. I can not put down such offer but just for one night. Never judge someone by their look!!!

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