Thursday, 26 September 2013

SC Fable
language features
strong verbs
punctuation and spelling
direct speech


“Haha!” shrieked Peter.  ”You will never beat me in anything!!!  Seriously you suck!!!” “Hey, thats rude and I can at least beat you in something,”wailed Rob. “No you can’t,” stated Peter.”Let’s see about that,well you can’t beat me in a race, shot put, snooker and basically anything except…”
“Except what?,”Screamed Rob excitedly.”Except LOSING, dude,” yelled Peter. “WHA!” Cried Rob and ran away.

Rob hid in the bushes for a long time watching Peter win every competition he played. Rob wondered, “what if I could be like Peter?” Then a tiny little voice whispered, “but you can.” ”Who...who said that?”, questioned Rob.“It’s me.” A little lizard appeared out of a hole in the ground.
“Who are you?” , asked Rob. “My name is Henry and I am going to be your coach.” ”What am I going to train for?” Asked Rob.”To beat Peter in the 100m sprint, of course,” Replied Henry. “Sweet, let’s start!!!” Yelled the elephant. Every day they trained harder and harder and harder. They did some weight lifting but they mostly focused on running.

When the day came Rob was ready but still nervous. “Team huddle,” Henry ordered. “You can win, probably Peter doesn’t even know you trained so go out there and win!”Shouted Henry. “YES YES YES!!!” chanted Rob. Before the race Peter told Rob he would lose again and Rob said “not this time!” The race started.
Peter was in the lead at the start but Rob started catching up, Peter was amazed.There was only 30m to run. But Peter was still in the lead.
Then Henry shouted, “RUN, you can do it, go Rob!!!!” That encouraged Rob so he sprinted as fast as he could and… he won!!!

At the end everyone was so happy and so suprised they all picked up Rob and tossed him up and down. No one liked Peter because he was so rude. Peter thought about that and thought to go and congratulate Rob.
From then on Peter learnt his lesson and he never was rude or showed off again.

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