Friday, 27 September 2013

Alvin's Fable

Fable SC
-Language features
-Strong verbs
-Punctuation and Spelling
-Direct speech

The rude fox
Once there lived a little fox, he was so rude that he didn’t even have a friend. The only people who liked him is his mum and dad. The animals played all together, but they did not play with little fox.

Little fox felt really sad that he said to all the other animals that they are all rude and mean. * But they said back to little fox that the meanest and the rudest is you. Little fox got angry and walked away.

During the next day, little fox ran outside but he had no friends so he fought them. When he came back home his mum and dad asked him did he ran outside and fought with the other animals, little fox said no but he did not know that his mum and dad had already knew that he went out to fight.

The next day morning his mum and dad had already woke up and they said to little fox ”You will not live with us anymore because you have lied. Then little fox thought of how friendship is important, but it is too late.

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