Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Year 8 Graduation Movie - Happy Holidays!

Have a wonderful holiday, see most of you back here next year! Below is the Year 8 Graduation movie for your viewing pleasure :)

Friday, 13 December 2013

Tuna nachos recipe.

Hi guys this is the step by step guide on how to make cheap and yummy tuna nachos. Ingredients: 1. 1 onion 2. 1 crushed garlic clove 3. a pinch of of spice (chilli) 4. 1 small can of tomato paste 5. 1 can of tomatoes 6. a pinch of sugar 7. salt and pepper 8. 1 can of tuna 9. 1 bag of tortilla chips 10. sour cream 11. 1 Lemon 12. coriander 13. 100g cheese (add more if needed) 14. 1 Avocado 15. Cooking Oil Here is the recipe: 1. First you need to preheat the oven to 200 celsius degrees using grill bake. 2. Peel your onion and then chop it with a medium chop. Remember don’t chop it too big or small because if it is too small it might burn and if it is too big it will be all chunky in your nachos. Put them in a small bowl. 3. Crush a clove of garlic and put to one side in a small bowl. 4. Turn on your gas cooker to medium heat, then put a little bit of oil into a frying pan. When the oil becomes clear, Add your onions to the frying pan. 5. Stir your onions with a wooden spoon. Quickly add the garlic and continue to stir. Add any type of spice you like. Stir. 6. Quickly add a can of tomatoes and half a can of tomato paste with a pinch of sugar. Mix and break up the tomatoes, then wait for it to boil. Then reduce the heat and simmer until thick. 7. Then add a can of tuna and stir hard! 8. Mix until well combined, then taste the meal, and adjust spice levels. 9. Lower the heat and grate your cheese. 10. Find four bowls and pour out your corn chips into it. Make sure to leave some space for the tuna mix. Using a ladle to spoon out your Tomato/Tuna mix and place on the bowls of Corn chips. Make sure you have one per person. 11. Slice your Avocado in half and take out the stone. 12. Put the avocado into a bowl using a spoon. 13. Mash the avocado with a fork and add a little bit of lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Mash until chunky or soft, depending how thick you like your Guacamole! 14. Take nachos out of the oven then add Guacamole and sour cream on if you want. 15. EAT!!! Here is the link to the video:

Friday, 6 December 2013

Hello everybody My topic is should kids have consoles? I think kids should have consoles but they should play appropriate games. Here are some videos I made.
and here is a video from YouTube.

Monday, 2 December 2013

I believe that in at least 20 years we will have much more sophisticated transport. The type of transport we are most likely to have for trains is electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is a form of energy that is created by magnets with an electrical current flowing through them. This causes the object to hover of the when the object enters the field of electromagnetism. I also believe that we will have much more sophisticated cars. Because we are soon getting electric cars in countries some people have been working on better designs for cars. When you look at some of them you might think that the people who thought of these designs are crazy. Then you might think again and again and again. Then eventually you might think that it is a good design. Because some people love the joys of speed in petrol cars, normally they would want it in electric cars as well. But because petrol cars are more powerful than electric cars, these people might have made these for the people that like to go fast almost have the same experience.

Since we are at that point in the future where humans have got so clever   that we are designing revolutionary things. Because over the years humans have gotten more clever and are designing better versions of computers and phones. Yet we still have lot’s to learn about this technology design. Although we are already quite good at this stuff we have a bit of an advantage because since we are good at making the other stuff like computers and phones we might we just as good at this as we are at the other stuff. This is basically science for example the power of electromagnetism, combined with technology for example the sliding doors  on a train, and the announcement for it. Therefore I think we humans are clever enough to combine science with technology.

So back to the subject of electric cars. You would probably think that electric cars are slow quiet and dull. Although you may think that not all electric cars are like this. The only true factor about electric cars is that they are quiet, and maybe a tiny bit dull. Although that might just be what we will have to live with. The thing is with electric cars is that even if you had the same amount of horsepower on an electric car it still wouldn’t go as fast as a petrol  car because petrol is more powerful than electricity. All in all the electric car is certainly going to be slower than the petrol car.

My Conclusion is that it is likely we will have transport like this. The most likely type of future transport is the electric cars and trains because since they are already being engineered we will be able to make better creations of the trains and cars.

Why Video Games are good for you

Video games are good for you in many different ways. Lot of different people play video it really depend on the family or the individual. A video game is a game that you play through the tv or the computer with controllers you can collaborate with other people all around the world or you can play by yourself. Video games are more popular with the younger generation there are also some people in the adults are getting into the video game evolution. People think that playing lot of video games is a bad thing but really there are many thing about video games that can improve your health. So im here to tell you that video games are good for you.

Some games can help me in my future. There are simulation games that can help you improve life skills that can help you get a job Eg. If I wanted to be a surgeon I would play a surgeon simulator game or if I want to be an architect I would play a sandbox game which would help me improve my creative skills if I wanted to be a vet or a farmer there are simulators for that Etc. There are many different simulator games to improve different skills for a job that I might want apply for in later life. Evidence From business insider.

Games can help suppress emotions .Video games can cause anger yes but thats a good thing to let it all out. In the start that the individual starts playing the games he/she will lose a lot and that will make them angry as I said but its suppressing emotion and it feels good to freak out and let it all out some time by losing it you are letting out all the emotion inside that needs to be let out. Evidence from SlideShare

Games can help improve self-confidence. Gamers are confident say if I was a kid who wasn't confident that could change by play games if you can build your confidence by play games and then making it hard by starting to play pros at the game that you are play winning that will improve their confidence and you use that confidence to do things that you couldn't do before.
Evidence from

Games are also important for our future. Games can help us stay happy when we are older. Some seniors were asked to play games more frequently 61% they play games more occasionally 35% once a week. Studies show that seniors that play video games frequently stay happy and the seniors that don’t develop an angry,depressed and grouchy mood. Evidence From medicalnewstoday

People may say that playing video games are bad for you. They can cause attention problems in school which can cause decrease in grade. It can also cause sleep deprivation especially younger kids the the health amount is about 1-2 hours a day but hardcore gamers play longer and can cause loss of sleep. However video games can improve focus,reflexes and improves eyesight. Studies show that 55-85 year olds play a game called neoracer created by neurosurgeons for 8 hour they will develop the skill like multitasking a 20 year old person. Evidence from BuzzFeedPop

These are the reason why I believe video games are good for you they are good for us in many different ways they can improve our life skill, Reflexes, Focus, Eyesight, and can help us stay  happy and suppress our emotion. That is why I believe that parents all around the world when you kids say just a little bit longer listen because there are many good side effect to help your child. That is why I believe that video games are good for your health. So Buy Console a Controller and very important a game and get playing.

The Match v2

The Match v2
As I sat in my soft leather chair on the Fleetwood Town team bus on the way to the last leg of the 2 game promotion match to The Football League Championship. I stared out of the window looking at all of the Wolverhampton Wanderers fans walking to the stadium. Every time I saw a Fleetwood Town fan go by, I couldn’t help thinkin to myself that I was the one responsible for letting a shot from Bakary Sakho that was so easy to catch, in. It was the winning goal for them, and it got them that vital away goal.

Time flied on our way to the Molineux Stadium, the home of Wolverhampton Wanderers. When we got there, I saw 1000’s of supporters entering the stadium. The bus then stopped and I walked out of the bus with my new Nike sports bag, while listening to some dubstep on my $10,000 Beats by Dre headphones. Behind me on the way through to the two teams’ dressing rooms, Jordon Ibe and Zakaria Bakkali were talking about the new PS4. I said something over and over in my head. If we win this we will be the youngest team ever to go up to the Football Championship, because all of us were only 17.

I opened the heavy oak door into the away team dressing room. The manager was already there because he drove to the stadium in his car. When the whole team got into the dressing room, he gave us all a pep talk. After the pep talk we all changed. I grabbed my Adidas Fingersave gloves and slipped them on my hands. I took my sports jacket and my sports track pants off. Under both pairing of the clothes, I had a Fleetwood Town goalkeeper shirt and Fleetwood Town shorts. The rest of my team was already practicing on the pitch.

I ran out of the tunnel to go practice with my teammates. Anthony Martial came over and asked me if I could help him practice some shots, I said sure.

After ten minutes of practicing, the manager called us back into the dressing room just before the match. He told us our positions and the formation, then he said “Break a leg”.

Then both teams came out of their dressing rooms and lined up in the tunnel ready for the match. The manager had appointed me captain for this match, and I took it with pride. Then the referee started walking out of the tunnel, and so did we.

The crowd screamed for both teams. We lined up for the crowd to see and then shook hands. Then we ran into our positions. The ref blew the whistle, Wolves kicked off. Kevin Doyle passed it right to Bakary Sako, who rouletted Jonathan Tah and Tin Jedvaj before taking a venomous shot at me, which I saved with a beautiful top corner save. That ball then bounced out for a corner. Jamie O’Hara crossed it in from the corner spot and right to George Elokobi who headed a very powerful header to the bottom corner, forcing me to make a courageous dive, and I saved it, before Fabrice Olinga cleared the ball, and surprisingly Jordon Ibe was free and controlled the ball before...

Danny Batth tried to tackle Ibe, but failed in that task because Ibe did a Inverted Scoop Turn right past him before passing it right to Ryan Gauld how took an outside of the foot shoot, which rocketed right past goalkeeper Aaron McCarey, 1-0 to Fleetwood Town, tying us up 1-1 on aggregate. 15 minutes after that goal by Ryan, we smashed another on past McCarey, 2-0. A beautiful cross led to that one, before the head of Valentin Lazaro met it.

20 minutes had passed, nothing much really happened, a few yellow cards, most of the possession back and forth. Then a quick breakaway by Bakary Sako, that left Jonathan Tah and Tin Jedvaj stranded, that led to another whopper of a shot, which this time I couldn’t stop, therefore, it went right into the far top corner of the net, 1-2, 2-2 aggregate, not good.
Straight after the goal, the ref blew the whistle for half time. All of the team walked down the tunnel with sad looks on their faces. The manager was not angry, but a little bit fed up with our ‘childish play’. Hayden White told the manager that we are all only 17. The manager didn’t care. Half time was over, both teams walked that treacherous pathway to the main pitch.

We swapped halves. Jordon and Anthony kicked off for us. Straight from kick off, Zakaria Bakkali showed why he was the next big thing by rouletting 5 players then Ronaldo chopping another 2 before shooting from the weirdest angle, but still scoring, giving us the lead 1-3, 2-3 aggregate.

43 more minutes of the half had gone, nothing had happened, but then, Jamie O’Hara broke through the middle, but then, Hayden White fouled him in the penalty box, of all places to foul him, the penalty box was his only choice, just brilliant.

The ref gave a penalty. Bakary Sako put the ball on the spot. The crowd went silent. I looked at an eagle ready to strike it’s prey. The ref blew the whistle to shoot. He shot low and fast, but I dived fast too and saved it. The crowd went WILD. Then, as I kicked the ball outfield, the ref blew the whistle, WE ARE IN THE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP!

All of us players ran into each other, then the manager and subs ran on, followed by the Fleetwood Town supporters. Everyone was hugging me because I saved that penalty. I saw behind me 3 Wolverhampton players lying on the ground.

We grabbed some fancy champagne and poured it over us each. Then we saw the trophy and ran over to it. The manager told me to lift up the trophy. I grabbed it and lifted it up with pride. YEAHHHHHH. The crowd shouted. Fireworks went off too! Then when all the celebration died down a little bit, the referee gave me the match ball.

Down in the dressing room we had a very big party. After that finished, we got on the bus and drove back to the training ground with the trophy. At the training ground, we had another party. After that, I went back to my mansion in my Bugatti and with the match ball, before playing some FIFA 14 Next Generation on my PS4 in my big TV room.

Then End

By Elliot  

Why goalkeepers are the most important player on a football pitch

Why goalkeepers are the most important player on a football pitch
Goalkeepers are the most important player on a football pitch. Even though I play goalkeeper, I have played in different positions and I still think goalkeeper is the most important player on the pitch. But if you don’t know what I am talking about here is a little bit about what I am talking about. Goalkeepers are a player at the end of both halves of the pitch. The goalkeeper(s) job is to stop the strikers from scoring. Lots of the time goalkeepers save certain goals, but sometimes, they don’t. Goalkeepers wear a different coloured shirts to the outfield players. They wear different coloured shirts so the ref can determine who can handball it. They also wear gloves to stop the ball hurting their fingers and also to grip the ball better. Defenders are the players that stop other players from the opposition team. Defenders are normally very good at headering. Headering is when you hit the ball with your forehead. Defenders normally put their body on the line to stop shots, without using their hands. Midfielders are the players that do the whole lot. They get back and help defend and they even run up and help the attackers to score, or even score themselves. Strikers, the second most important player on a football pitch. The aim of a striker is to score goals for the team by getting into good positions. They have to shoot or h
ead the ball into the net past the line for it to be a goal.

“Is the goalkeeper the most important player on a football pitch?”. Yes, Goalkeepers are the most important player on
a football pitch. “But why?”. Here is a reason. Goalkeepers are the very last line of defence. They are the only player left between the goal and the attacker in front of him (If you still aren’t convinced , I have a little bit of evidence for you
evidence.  As the last line of defence you need to always be ready. If you’re not, you’re in a perilous situation in one v one situations. Also they need certain physical attributes.

Another reason is that they are very acrobatic. Goalkeepers need to be acrobatic to save shots that are in high places of the goal or lower places of the goal. A goalkeeper that is acrobatic is more likely to save shots further away from him/her than a goalkeeper that is non aerobatic. (If you still think that goalkeepers are not important, I got a little bit of evidence for you) Acrobatics is a very important part of being a goalkeeper, but they also have something to do with their hand and eyes

Thirdly, hand eye co-ordination. This is one of the most vital parts of being a goalkeeper. Hand-eye co-ordination is the thing that can determine catches. Hand-eye is no machine, it’s just the connection you have to your hands through your eyes. It is really hard to explain in my own words, therefore I have a video for you of someone practicing their hand-eye coordination. With good hand-eye coordination, you have a better chance of catching a ball. Hand-eye applies to all sports with balls in it, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey and so much more. There is another thing that involves making certain goalkeepers save things easier.

Another thing is being tall. Being tall is one of the most important things in goalkeeping. If you're tall, you are one million times more likely to save shots that are higher than a smaller goalkeeper. Here is a video of a monster of a goalkeeper, Juan Obelar. If you saw in that video, Juan Obelar save certain shots easily because of his height. But not all of the time it is because of the height

One more reason is being light. As a light keeper you’re like a feather, gliding through the air to save a goal. Another reason is that they are very swift when making saves. One of the worlds lightest keepers, can make beautiful saves because he is light. Sadly I couldn’t find any of his saves on the internet, but people who I know who watch those matches, say that he make absolutely brilliant save because he can jump to high places because of his weight.

Some people say that goalkeepers are not the most important on the pitch, but really who would. “Hey, I would, because I think that strikers are the most important”. “Why do you say that”.”Because strikers are the ones that win the games for the team by scoring the goals”, “But we are the one’s that can save the goals that the opposing team shoots at us and that is how we can save the game and here is my evidence”.
People say goalkeepers are bad, but they are not, they only have bad days. People say if they made it to playing professional football they are the best of the best, and I even have evidence to support that they are not bad. I say that everyone one has their own opinion, but in this case people who think they are bad, they are absolutely  wrong.

Lot’s of people underestimate goalkeepers. They think that they are wimps because the use hands to stop the ball, unlike other positions on the pitch. But that is no where near true. Certain people always talking about that they can’t even save a shot, but they can and here is the evidence. If you see in that video the goalkeeper was the hero, and that goalkeeper actually won the game. That is why people shouldn’t underestimate goalkeepers, cause they can make those people eat their own words.

This is why I think goalkeepers are the most important players on a football pitch. They have the most on their shoulders, people always criticize them, but they always come out on top. They will always be the best on the pitch, and it will stay that way for the rest of history.

By Elliot
Intro Statement for why videogames are good for you:
By samo
Did you know 60% of the world play video games?
You probably think video games are bad for you?
I know most parents think video games have a bad influence on kids like violence, bullying and decrease of intelligence, well Thats all completely wrong. I have evidence that video games are actually good for you. Parents this is going to change your mind about video games and if it DOES NOT! You have got problems, serious problems.

You probably think video games are bad for your eyesight, there actually not. There good for many reasons with your eye’s like, hand eye coordination, games like call of duty and other 1st person shooter games like that are good because of all the moving objects on the screen actually tense your eyesight to things coming from the sides of you or behind you, And if you don’t believe me here is some EVIDENCE

Have you had a terrible day at work or school? Why don’t you relax to your favorite game. Did you know playing video games helps relieve stress, it puts your mind off what you have to do and you become real focused on what you have to do in what ever game you're playing. Trust me with this one it helps you a lot.

Do you think your creative? Did you know kids who play fantasy or adventure games are 2x more creative than than an average adult who does not play video games, this is scientifically proven by scientist and it can improve imagination. If you don’t believe me here is some EVIDENCE

Have I persuaded you yet parents? Overall I think video games are good for you. Video games have been a big part in human history and have advanced to a whole new generation and are still progressing. I still think you should go outside and play sport and physical activities, but I reckon you could play video games 30mins a day. PS: if you think video games are still bad for you need to go to a therapist im serious 
: / .

Albert's Persuasive Writing

I believe that Xbox 360 is better than PS2:

The Xbox 360 is a console which was made for gaming, entertainment and for using apps. All the PS2 is for is the games and the certain disc’s that can be used in the console. Thats about all the PS2 has. The Xbox has a unique system which allows you to scroll through different types of categories to choose what you want to do. Here some Evidence. (look up the top) It also has much more things that can guide you on what you want to do or where you want to go.

I also believe that Xbox 360 is better than PS2 because the time they came out was a newer time than the PS2 (2005) and at the time Microsoft was beating Sony in the market’s. The work and effort put into the product was immensely strong and that’s how they produced the Xbox 360 some facts (scroll down to Xbox, Dreamcast, Playstation 2 and Gamecube)....

Another factor of  this because is one it has more memory (space) and you can use USB 2.0 storage as well as a big hard drive. The more space you have the better it is because, the amazing world will open. Everything you want is their movies, videos, apps you name it, and “guess what” you can download all the things you want because you have enough space. Plus the graphics are just amazing, especially with the high definition cord, and how to Xbox doesn’t overheat when you're playing the games, apps, movies and video’s and thats all because of the design. If you still don't think so have a look at some Evidence.

The PS2 does have its up and downs but the upside is. It was very competitive when it came out, the system won’t freeze as much as the Xbox but the PS2 doesn’t allow you to see apps or scroll through categories to choose what you want.

At the start the PS2 was thought to be better than any console ever made. Then the Xbox 360 came out, but the competition was first very hard and competitive. Both gaming management's struggled to get customers to buy their product.

The PS2 was more quantity and quality and the space was decent and the games required very little of the 8 MB memory card which gave it a head start in the market, They had great games and still people liked them, the graphics where suitable for the game at times. Here is what the memory card looks like.

Thirdly because the design is better and there are more air vents to keep it from overheating. Turning it on, to turn the console on you only need to touch it with the tip of your finger. But with the PS2 you need to hold the button for 2 seconds to turn it on and off for more than 3 seconds. The controllers are easier to control even though they have more buttons and sticks, trust me you’ll get used to it after a while. It impacts the way you game for your life the accessories help as well because they give you a better variety of things to do and how to do them. The design.

Back to Xbox 360, where now up to the accessories, They just wipe out everything that the PS2 designers could possibly make. Most of the accessories came out after the PS2 came out for a better reputation with the customers for eg: headset, chatpad, remote (for TV and Xbox), driving controller, extra hard drive, play and charge kit, webcam 2.0, computer mouse (so amazing for not even a console), kinect sensor (for using the xbox without a controller and to play games) etc. Some accessories for the Xbox 360. Some accessories for the PS2.

Then the Xbox Live. Xbox Live is the big part and the best part of the console itself. With it you can play online with friends, join parties (communicate with friends) set beacons (to tell your friends to join your game), gain achievement’s (each player has a gamerscore this is the amount of achievement taken from each game/games you have played) and finally multiplayer (on certain games.) (You can play with people all around the world.) You also can play online with friends and people all around the globe. The games are much cooler and funner. You can play wirelessly (internet wise) without having to worry about needed a network adapter (wired connection). That’s what made the console popular. Here is what the card look’s like Xbox Live Card.

Finally the console itself, it is the thing that makes the Xbox world come alive, nothing can beat the sounds, graphics and technology and everything put into the amazing device. Everything is just the way you want it. I encourage you to have this console over the Playstation 2 because of the reasons above. Personally I believe that the PS2 is under the requirements to meet up to the Xbox 360 and is nowhere near it in the world right now plus no retailer’s sell it anymore (you can only find it pre owned). here’s some evidence (PS2 games)

I hope I have persuaded you to believe that the Xbox 360 is better than the PS2. Quite a few people still say that the PS2 is better, but I still believe this is true and will always stay the same in my head. Also it will be better rated in the future to come and more people will look at it in a gaming perspective and by far see that the Xbox 360 overtakes the Playstation 2 by over 1 mile.

By Albert

We need a new earth. By Leo

Do you think the earth will live for long? Well you are wrong because in 17 years the earth will end because an asteroid will hit earth in 2030 or the pollution will make earth uninhabitable, I have proof that the earth will end but the human race will not be wiped out, if we can invent technologies that enables us to travel at light speed so that we can go to new planets that are exactly like earth,I mean kepler 22b is 600 light years (6 quadrillion kms)  away and that is very far from earth but if we can invent a technology that make us go at light speed then we can go to kepler 22b and save the human race instead of dying on earth and all the human race will be wiped out. We have survived for over 8 million years why should we be wiped out now?? I believe that we will survive and that our human race will live for millions of years to come.

“Will you live on earth for ever?” No, because you will not be able to live on earth anymore in 17 years the earth will either be uninhabitable because of the pollution that is cause by us humans, scientists and engineers are working on making electronic efficient cars and other vehicles so that pollution will be reduced or an asteroid named XF11 will hit earth and cause an armageddon and all the humans race will be wiped out.

It’s ok, We have other planets to go to so don’t panic! Like Kepler 22b, gliese 681 d or gliese 667 cb they are all earth planets that are habitable and are bigger than earth and they are light year away but in 17 years we will be able to travel in light years so we will be able to go to these planets and be safe for million of years to come.

Traveling at light speed, traveling at light speed is very very fast for example 1 light year equals 10 trillion kms but if we travel at light speed we go approximately 299792458 m/s so it would take us about 2 years to get there so it won’t be too long but if we are willing to take the risk then we will save the human race from extinction.   

It is proven that Kepler 22b and gliese 681 d have been proven that there is land, water and air so that we can live on there and that we can stand all over again and correct all the wrong thing that has happened to earth so that we could have a better society.

You may think this is all bollocks because you think oh the world will not end in 2030 because the asteroid will not hit earth and that we won’t have anymore pollution but NO!! Pollution will make earth uninhabitable and so I say you should believe me and help invent technology to go at light speed to save everyone on earth( Light speed is technically Time travel)

you are sitting thinking “of course the world won’t end in 2030 I mean it’s like 17 years and we won’t die that easily” you are wrong because how are we going stop pollution when it’s already had an 30 year effect and we only have 17 years  until the asteroid hits earth but you think” the asteroid won’t hit earth in 2030 because it’s 1 to 1000% chance that the asteroid will hit earth because there are other predictions that the will end in so why 2030? Because of pollution!! Global warming!! global warming will have an effect on our earth because we are having more and more floods, earthquakes, tsunamis Etc and that is mostly caused by global warming and pollution.

So don’t waste time, live your life like you only have 2 days to live and be happy and help research how to go at light speed.

By Leo

Thursday, 28 November 2013

We should have stronger penalties for people who abuse animals

We should have stronger penalties for people who abuse animals!

Have you ever wondered why we have organizations like the SPCA? Have you wondered some owners abused their pets? Do you think that animals should be treated this way? Do you think that the old owners need a bigger punishment than a fine? Pets love to be to be around us, but half of them live in terrible and squalid conditions, being abused on a regular basis, and then, we there is no more use for them, dumped, on the side of a street, where workers for organizations like the SPCA find them, and take them under their wing until adoption. The original owner/owners don’t get a penalty except for a fine, that’s when they’re caught, and even that is small.  I think we should have bigger punishments for the injury the animal has sustained, something bigger than a fine.

When people buy an animal, the pet shop think it’s because they want a companion. Some people have the delusionary thought that because they have bought the animal, they have the right to do whatever they want with it, and then you wonder why they treat their animal cruelly and why the SPCA even exists. Then you go to the SPCA website and the are stories of animals that are underfed, injured, dumped and unwanted.

Some pets are underfed or don’t get essential requirements that we have, like nutrition, and are therefore living a terrible existence. Some are restrained, having to do everything in the same patch of dirt. Others are wounded and injured, so hurt that when the are dumped they are limping around towns and streets. More are dumped and left to meander around. The owners don’t get much of a penalty, unless you count a very small fine.

The punishment is usually done when the old owner is caught and actually differs in countries. In some places it is a short sentence in prison. In others it is a extremely small fine. Small punishments make it seem alright for someone to hurt their pet, then get away with it.

People may say that they’re just animals, they don’t have real feelings. That is not true. Animals, especially the kind that spend their time with humans, have feelings. they feel sadness when they are left out and loneliness when the can only interact with themselves.

Others may say that they store-bought items, we can do whatever we want with them. Again, untrue. They are animals, living objects with beating hearts that feel pain. They are changed beings based on what you do to them, you hurt them, they become cruel. Treat them with love and they will give it back.

We must have bigger consequences for people who abuse animals because it is cruel, uncaring and evil. We should look after them and care for them and show them respect. Dogs and cats have saved people’s lives before and now it is time for us to save theirs. We should increase the fines and lengthen the jailing period. We should stop animal cruelty once and for all!!

Diya C