Monday, 2 December 2013

We need a new earth. By Leo

Do you think the earth will live for long? Well you are wrong because in 17 years the earth will end because an asteroid will hit earth in 2030 or the pollution will make earth uninhabitable, I have proof that the earth will end but the human race will not be wiped out, if we can invent technologies that enables us to travel at light speed so that we can go to new planets that are exactly like earth,I mean kepler 22b is 600 light years (6 quadrillion kms)  away and that is very far from earth but if we can invent a technology that make us go at light speed then we can go to kepler 22b and save the human race instead of dying on earth and all the human race will be wiped out. We have survived for over 8 million years why should we be wiped out now?? I believe that we will survive and that our human race will live for millions of years to come.

“Will you live on earth for ever?” No, because you will not be able to live on earth anymore in 17 years the earth will either be uninhabitable because of the pollution that is cause by us humans, scientists and engineers are working on making electronic efficient cars and other vehicles so that pollution will be reduced or an asteroid named XF11 will hit earth and cause an armageddon and all the humans race will be wiped out.

It’s ok, We have other planets to go to so don’t panic! Like Kepler 22b, gliese 681 d or gliese 667 cb they are all earth planets that are habitable and are bigger than earth and they are light year away but in 17 years we will be able to travel in light years so we will be able to go to these planets and be safe for million of years to come.

Traveling at light speed, traveling at light speed is very very fast for example 1 light year equals 10 trillion kms but if we travel at light speed we go approximately 299792458 m/s so it would take us about 2 years to get there so it won’t be too long but if we are willing to take the risk then we will save the human race from extinction.   

It is proven that Kepler 22b and gliese 681 d have been proven that there is land, water and air so that we can live on there and that we can stand all over again and correct all the wrong thing that has happened to earth so that we could have a better society.

You may think this is all bollocks because you think oh the world will not end in 2030 because the asteroid will not hit earth and that we won’t have anymore pollution but NO!! Pollution will make earth uninhabitable and so I say you should believe me and help invent technology to go at light speed to save everyone on earth( Light speed is technically Time travel)

you are sitting thinking “of course the world won’t end in 2030 I mean it’s like 17 years and we won’t die that easily” you are wrong because how are we going stop pollution when it’s already had an 30 year effect and we only have 17 years  until the asteroid hits earth but you think” the asteroid won’t hit earth in 2030 because it’s 1 to 1000% chance that the asteroid will hit earth because there are other predictions that the will end in so why 2030? Because of pollution!! Global warming!! global warming will have an effect on our earth because we are having more and more floods, earthquakes, tsunamis Etc and that is mostly caused by global warming and pollution.

So don’t waste time, live your life like you only have 2 days to live and be happy and help research how to go at light speed.

By Leo

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