Monday, 2 December 2013

Albert's Persuasive Writing

I believe that Xbox 360 is better than PS2:

The Xbox 360 is a console which was made for gaming, entertainment and for using apps. All the PS2 is for is the games and the certain disc’s that can be used in the console. Thats about all the PS2 has. The Xbox has a unique system which allows you to scroll through different types of categories to choose what you want to do. Here some Evidence. (look up the top) It also has much more things that can guide you on what you want to do or where you want to go.

I also believe that Xbox 360 is better than PS2 because the time they came out was a newer time than the PS2 (2005) and at the time Microsoft was beating Sony in the market’s. The work and effort put into the product was immensely strong and that’s how they produced the Xbox 360 some facts (scroll down to Xbox, Dreamcast, Playstation 2 and Gamecube)....

Another factor of  this because is one it has more memory (space) and you can use USB 2.0 storage as well as a big hard drive. The more space you have the better it is because, the amazing world will open. Everything you want is their movies, videos, apps you name it, and “guess what” you can download all the things you want because you have enough space. Plus the graphics are just amazing, especially with the high definition cord, and how to Xbox doesn’t overheat when you're playing the games, apps, movies and video’s and thats all because of the design. If you still don't think so have a look at some Evidence.

The PS2 does have its up and downs but the upside is. It was very competitive when it came out, the system won’t freeze as much as the Xbox but the PS2 doesn’t allow you to see apps or scroll through categories to choose what you want.

At the start the PS2 was thought to be better than any console ever made. Then the Xbox 360 came out, but the competition was first very hard and competitive. Both gaming management's struggled to get customers to buy their product.

The PS2 was more quantity and quality and the space was decent and the games required very little of the 8 MB memory card which gave it a head start in the market, They had great games and still people liked them, the graphics where suitable for the game at times. Here is what the memory card looks like.

Thirdly because the design is better and there are more air vents to keep it from overheating. Turning it on, to turn the console on you only need to touch it with the tip of your finger. But with the PS2 you need to hold the button for 2 seconds to turn it on and off for more than 3 seconds. The controllers are easier to control even though they have more buttons and sticks, trust me you’ll get used to it after a while. It impacts the way you game for your life the accessories help as well because they give you a better variety of things to do and how to do them. The design.

Back to Xbox 360, where now up to the accessories, They just wipe out everything that the PS2 designers could possibly make. Most of the accessories came out after the PS2 came out for a better reputation with the customers for eg: headset, chatpad, remote (for TV and Xbox), driving controller, extra hard drive, play and charge kit, webcam 2.0, computer mouse (so amazing for not even a console), kinect sensor (for using the xbox without a controller and to play games) etc. Some accessories for the Xbox 360. Some accessories for the PS2.

Then the Xbox Live. Xbox Live is the big part and the best part of the console itself. With it you can play online with friends, join parties (communicate with friends) set beacons (to tell your friends to join your game), gain achievement’s (each player has a gamerscore this is the amount of achievement taken from each game/games you have played) and finally multiplayer (on certain games.) (You can play with people all around the world.) You also can play online with friends and people all around the globe. The games are much cooler and funner. You can play wirelessly (internet wise) without having to worry about needed a network adapter (wired connection). That’s what made the console popular. Here is what the card look’s like Xbox Live Card.

Finally the console itself, it is the thing that makes the Xbox world come alive, nothing can beat the sounds, graphics and technology and everything put into the amazing device. Everything is just the way you want it. I encourage you to have this console over the Playstation 2 because of the reasons above. Personally I believe that the PS2 is under the requirements to meet up to the Xbox 360 and is nowhere near it in the world right now plus no retailer’s sell it anymore (you can only find it pre owned). here’s some evidence (PS2 games)

I hope I have persuaded you to believe that the Xbox 360 is better than the PS2. Quite a few people still say that the PS2 is better, but I still believe this is true and will always stay the same in my head. Also it will be better rated in the future to come and more people will look at it in a gaming perspective and by far see that the Xbox 360 overtakes the Playstation 2 by over 1 mile.

By Albert

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