Monday, 2 December 2013

The Match v2

The Match v2
As I sat in my soft leather chair on the Fleetwood Town team bus on the way to the last leg of the 2 game promotion match to The Football League Championship. I stared out of the window looking at all of the Wolverhampton Wanderers fans walking to the stadium. Every time I saw a Fleetwood Town fan go by, I couldn’t help thinkin to myself that I was the one responsible for letting a shot from Bakary Sakho that was so easy to catch, in. It was the winning goal for them, and it got them that vital away goal.

Time flied on our way to the Molineux Stadium, the home of Wolverhampton Wanderers. When we got there, I saw 1000’s of supporters entering the stadium. The bus then stopped and I walked out of the bus with my new Nike sports bag, while listening to some dubstep on my $10,000 Beats by Dre headphones. Behind me on the way through to the two teams’ dressing rooms, Jordon Ibe and Zakaria Bakkali were talking about the new PS4. I said something over and over in my head. If we win this we will be the youngest team ever to go up to the Football Championship, because all of us were only 17.

I opened the heavy oak door into the away team dressing room. The manager was already there because he drove to the stadium in his car. When the whole team got into the dressing room, he gave us all a pep talk. After the pep talk we all changed. I grabbed my Adidas Fingersave gloves and slipped them on my hands. I took my sports jacket and my sports track pants off. Under both pairing of the clothes, I had a Fleetwood Town goalkeeper shirt and Fleetwood Town shorts. The rest of my team was already practicing on the pitch.

I ran out of the tunnel to go practice with my teammates. Anthony Martial came over and asked me if I could help him practice some shots, I said sure.

After ten minutes of practicing, the manager called us back into the dressing room just before the match. He told us our positions and the formation, then he said “Break a leg”.

Then both teams came out of their dressing rooms and lined up in the tunnel ready for the match. The manager had appointed me captain for this match, and I took it with pride. Then the referee started walking out of the tunnel, and so did we.

The crowd screamed for both teams. We lined up for the crowd to see and then shook hands. Then we ran into our positions. The ref blew the whistle, Wolves kicked off. Kevin Doyle passed it right to Bakary Sako, who rouletted Jonathan Tah and Tin Jedvaj before taking a venomous shot at me, which I saved with a beautiful top corner save. That ball then bounced out for a corner. Jamie O’Hara crossed it in from the corner spot and right to George Elokobi who headed a very powerful header to the bottom corner, forcing me to make a courageous dive, and I saved it, before Fabrice Olinga cleared the ball, and surprisingly Jordon Ibe was free and controlled the ball before...

Danny Batth tried to tackle Ibe, but failed in that task because Ibe did a Inverted Scoop Turn right past him before passing it right to Ryan Gauld how took an outside of the foot shoot, which rocketed right past goalkeeper Aaron McCarey, 1-0 to Fleetwood Town, tying us up 1-1 on aggregate. 15 minutes after that goal by Ryan, we smashed another on past McCarey, 2-0. A beautiful cross led to that one, before the head of Valentin Lazaro met it.

20 minutes had passed, nothing much really happened, a few yellow cards, most of the possession back and forth. Then a quick breakaway by Bakary Sako, that left Jonathan Tah and Tin Jedvaj stranded, that led to another whopper of a shot, which this time I couldn’t stop, therefore, it went right into the far top corner of the net, 1-2, 2-2 aggregate, not good.
Straight after the goal, the ref blew the whistle for half time. All of the team walked down the tunnel with sad looks on their faces. The manager was not angry, but a little bit fed up with our ‘childish play’. Hayden White told the manager that we are all only 17. The manager didn’t care. Half time was over, both teams walked that treacherous pathway to the main pitch.

We swapped halves. Jordon and Anthony kicked off for us. Straight from kick off, Zakaria Bakkali showed why he was the next big thing by rouletting 5 players then Ronaldo chopping another 2 before shooting from the weirdest angle, but still scoring, giving us the lead 1-3, 2-3 aggregate.

43 more minutes of the half had gone, nothing had happened, but then, Jamie O’Hara broke through the middle, but then, Hayden White fouled him in the penalty box, of all places to foul him, the penalty box was his only choice, just brilliant.

The ref gave a penalty. Bakary Sako put the ball on the spot. The crowd went silent. I looked at an eagle ready to strike it’s prey. The ref blew the whistle to shoot. He shot low and fast, but I dived fast too and saved it. The crowd went WILD. Then, as I kicked the ball outfield, the ref blew the whistle, WE ARE IN THE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP!

All of us players ran into each other, then the manager and subs ran on, followed by the Fleetwood Town supporters. Everyone was hugging me because I saved that penalty. I saw behind me 3 Wolverhampton players lying on the ground.

We grabbed some fancy champagne and poured it over us each. Then we saw the trophy and ran over to it. The manager told me to lift up the trophy. I grabbed it and lifted it up with pride. YEAHHHHHH. The crowd shouted. Fireworks went off too! Then when all the celebration died down a little bit, the referee gave me the match ball.

Down in the dressing room we had a very big party. After that finished, we got on the bus and drove back to the training ground with the trophy. At the training ground, we had another party. After that, I went back to my mansion in my Bugatti and with the match ball, before playing some FIFA 14 Next Generation on my PS4 in my big TV room.

Then End

By Elliot  

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