Monday, 2 December 2013

Why Video Games are good for you

Video games are good for you in many different ways. Lot of different people play video it really depend on the family or the individual. A video game is a game that you play through the tv or the computer with controllers you can collaborate with other people all around the world or you can play by yourself. Video games are more popular with the younger generation there are also some people in the adults are getting into the video game evolution. People think that playing lot of video games is a bad thing but really there are many thing about video games that can improve your health. So im here to tell you that video games are good for you.

Some games can help me in my future. There are simulation games that can help you improve life skills that can help you get a job Eg. If I wanted to be a surgeon I would play a surgeon simulator game or if I want to be an architect I would play a sandbox game which would help me improve my creative skills if I wanted to be a vet or a farmer there are simulators for that Etc. There are many different simulator games to improve different skills for a job that I might want apply for in later life. Evidence From business insider.

Games can help suppress emotions .Video games can cause anger yes but thats a good thing to let it all out. In the start that the individual starts playing the games he/she will lose a lot and that will make them angry as I said but its suppressing emotion and it feels good to freak out and let it all out some time by losing it you are letting out all the emotion inside that needs to be let out. Evidence from SlideShare

Games can help improve self-confidence. Gamers are confident say if I was a kid who wasn't confident that could change by play games if you can build your confidence by play games and then making it hard by starting to play pros at the game that you are play winning that will improve their confidence and you use that confidence to do things that you couldn't do before.
Evidence from

Games are also important for our future. Games can help us stay happy when we are older. Some seniors were asked to play games more frequently 61% they play games more occasionally 35% once a week. Studies show that seniors that play video games frequently stay happy and the seniors that don’t develop an angry,depressed and grouchy mood. Evidence From medicalnewstoday

People may say that playing video games are bad for you. They can cause attention problems in school which can cause decrease in grade. It can also cause sleep deprivation especially younger kids the the health amount is about 1-2 hours a day but hardcore gamers play longer and can cause loss of sleep. However video games can improve focus,reflexes and improves eyesight. Studies show that 55-85 year olds play a game called neoracer created by neurosurgeons for 8 hour they will develop the skill like multitasking a 20 year old person. Evidence from BuzzFeedPop

These are the reason why I believe video games are good for you they are good for us in many different ways they can improve our life skill, Reflexes, Focus, Eyesight, and can help us stay  happy and suppress our emotion. That is why I believe that parents all around the world when you kids say just a little bit longer listen because there are many good side effect to help your child. That is why I believe that video games are good for your health. So Buy Console a Controller and very important a game and get playing.

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