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Why goalkeepers are the most important player on a football pitch

Why goalkeepers are the most important player on a football pitch
Goalkeepers are the most important player on a football pitch. Even though I play goalkeeper, I have played in different positions and I still think goalkeeper is the most important player on the pitch. But if you don’t know what I am talking about here is a little bit about what I am talking about. Goalkeepers are a player at the end of both halves of the pitch. The goalkeeper(s) job is to stop the strikers from scoring. Lots of the time goalkeepers save certain goals, but sometimes, they don’t. Goalkeepers wear a different coloured shirts to the outfield players. They wear different coloured shirts so the ref can determine who can handball it. They also wear gloves to stop the ball hurting their fingers and also to grip the ball better. Defenders are the players that stop other players from the opposition team. Defenders are normally very good at headering. Headering is when you hit the ball with your forehead. Defenders normally put their body on the line to stop shots, without using their hands. Midfielders are the players that do the whole lot. They get back and help defend and they even run up and help the attackers to score, or even score themselves. Strikers, the second most important player on a football pitch. The aim of a striker is to score goals for the team by getting into good positions. They have to shoot or h
ead the ball into the net past the line for it to be a goal.

“Is the goalkeeper the most important player on a football pitch?”. Yes, Goalkeepers are the most important player on
a football pitch. “But why?”. Here is a reason. Goalkeepers are the very last line of defence. They are the only player left between the goal and the attacker in front of him (If you still aren’t convinced , I have a little bit of evidence for you
evidence.  As the last line of defence you need to always be ready. If you’re not, you’re in a perilous situation in one v one situations. Also they need certain physical attributes.

Another reason is that they are very acrobatic. Goalkeepers need to be acrobatic to save shots that are in high places of the goal or lower places of the goal. A goalkeeper that is acrobatic is more likely to save shots further away from him/her than a goalkeeper that is non aerobatic. (If you still think that goalkeepers are not important, I got a little bit of evidence for you) Acrobatics is a very important part of being a goalkeeper, but they also have something to do with their hand and eyes

Thirdly, hand eye co-ordination. This is one of the most vital parts of being a goalkeeper. Hand-eye co-ordination is the thing that can determine catches. Hand-eye is no machine, it’s just the connection you have to your hands through your eyes. It is really hard to explain in my own words, therefore I have a video for you of someone practicing their hand-eye coordination. With good hand-eye coordination, you have a better chance of catching a ball. Hand-eye applies to all sports with balls in it, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey and so much more. There is another thing that involves making certain goalkeepers save things easier.

Another thing is being tall. Being tall is one of the most important things in goalkeeping. If you're tall, you are one million times more likely to save shots that are higher than a smaller goalkeeper. Here is a video of a monster of a goalkeeper, Juan Obelar. If you saw in that video, Juan Obelar save certain shots easily because of his height. But not all of the time it is because of the height

One more reason is being light. As a light keeper you’re like a feather, gliding through the air to save a goal. Another reason is that they are very swift when making saves. One of the worlds lightest keepers, can make beautiful saves because he is light. Sadly I couldn’t find any of his saves on the internet, but people who I know who watch those matches, say that he make absolutely brilliant save because he can jump to high places because of his weight.

Some people say that goalkeepers are not the most important on the pitch, but really who would. “Hey, I would, because I think that strikers are the most important”. “Why do you say that”.”Because strikers are the ones that win the games for the team by scoring the goals”, “But we are the one’s that can save the goals that the opposing team shoots at us and that is how we can save the game and here is my evidence”.
People say goalkeepers are bad, but they are not, they only have bad days. People say if they made it to playing professional football they are the best of the best, and I even have evidence to support that they are not bad. I say that everyone one has their own opinion, but in this case people who think they are bad, they are absolutely  wrong.

Lot’s of people underestimate goalkeepers. They think that they are wimps because the use hands to stop the ball, unlike other positions on the pitch. But that is no where near true. Certain people always talking about that they can’t even save a shot, but they can and here is the evidence. If you see in that video the goalkeeper was the hero, and that goalkeeper actually won the game. That is why people shouldn’t underestimate goalkeepers, cause they can make those people eat their own words.

This is why I think goalkeepers are the most important players on a football pitch. They have the most on their shoulders, people always criticize them, but they always come out on top. They will always be the best on the pitch, and it will stay that way for the rest of history.

By Elliot

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