Monday, 2 December 2013

Intro Statement for why videogames are good for you:
By samo
Did you know 60% of the world play video games?
You probably think video games are bad for you?
I know most parents think video games have a bad influence on kids like violence, bullying and decrease of intelligence, well Thats all completely wrong. I have evidence that video games are actually good for you. Parents this is going to change your mind about video games and if it DOES NOT! You have got problems, serious problems.

You probably think video games are bad for your eyesight, there actually not. There good for many reasons with your eye’s like, hand eye coordination, games like call of duty and other 1st person shooter games like that are good because of all the moving objects on the screen actually tense your eyesight to things coming from the sides of you or behind you, And if you don’t believe me here is some EVIDENCE

Have you had a terrible day at work or school? Why don’t you relax to your favorite game. Did you know playing video games helps relieve stress, it puts your mind off what you have to do and you become real focused on what you have to do in what ever game you're playing. Trust me with this one it helps you a lot.

Do you think your creative? Did you know kids who play fantasy or adventure games are 2x more creative than than an average adult who does not play video games, this is scientifically proven by scientist and it can improve imagination. If you don’t believe me here is some EVIDENCE

Have I persuaded you yet parents? Overall I think video games are good for you. Video games have been a big part in human history and have advanced to a whole new generation and are still progressing. I still think you should go outside and play sport and physical activities, but I reckon you could play video games 30mins a day. PS: if you think video games are still bad for you need to go to a therapist im serious 
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