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Description Thomas Alva Edison

THOMAS ALVA EDISON: Thomas Alva Edison was a famous American inventor and businessman, he was famous for making many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and a long-lasting, practical electric light bulb. He was a Leader because he inspired people to never give up and now we have lighting for our streets our houses and our countries. Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan and died on October 18, 1931, in West Orange. Thomas Edison grew up in Port Huron, he was the seventh child and the last. Thomas Edison's parents were Samuel Ogden Edison Jr, and Nancy Matthews Elliott. Thomas Edison went to school for three months, the teacher claimed that Edison was “addled” or simple-minded, This comment led Thomas' mother to remove him from school and from that point, he was home-schooled by his mother Thomas Edison had many challenges with making the light bulb, he tried thousands of times to perfect the light bulb and never gave up. Thomas Edison's inspirations were Henry Woodward. Thomas Edison fears were cats and he was also afraid of the dark. Thomas Edison had a large and talented staff, working full time at Menlo Park. Men like Nikola Tesla had worked for Edison, but left his employ when he felt that Edison neither appreciated or rewarded his innovations. Thomas Edison was issued 1,093 patents, some of Thomas Edison's biggest achievements were the electric light bulb, the storage battery the kinetoscope, the electric generators the sound microphone and many more. His biggest strengths were inventing and creating and thinking of things outside of the box. Some of Thomas Edisons influences were Matthew Evans, Moses G. Farmer, Joseph swan and one of his biggest influences was Thomas Edison mother Nancy Elliott . Thomas Alva Edison was inspirational, he was creative he was life changing, he was imaginative and wondering, he was open minded and selfless and he had perseverance. Thomas Alva Edison has changed life for everyone in the world today, he has inspired thousands of inverters to be ambitious and if it doesn't work the first time, to be determined and to keep trying. Without the inventions of Thomas Alva Edison, we wouldn't have the technology we have today.

Elliot's Leadershp Report


Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, all leaders in a way, but what’s inside them that makes them the leaders that they are. There’s only one thing, Leadership. But what is leadership?

Leadership is made up of alot of things, sportsmanship, dedication and the list goes on, therefore, why don’t we just focus on the main qualities which makes leadership. Firstly, dedication. As a leader you have to dedicate lots of things, an example of dedication is Bill Gates. Gates dedicated alot of his time to Microsoft and other companies that he either owned. Secondly, Sportsmanship, as a leader you will lose and win, therefore if you lose you should lead by example and be gracious in defeat. Lastly, they focus, a leader does not put too much on his plate, he focusses on one thing at a time and tries to fix that one thing that he is focusing on, for example Bill Gates focused only on Microsoft and not his opponents and what they were doing.

There are 7 billion people in the world, but only a handful can be a leader. If you wanted to become a leader, who would you idolize. But to idolize a leader you have to know how you can see a leader. Firstly, a leader outshines others, take a sports team captain, he/she would be chosen by the coach because he/she outshined the others, by showing leadership. Secondly, they can take anything bad and somehow turn it into a positive comment. Just say you are running for prime minister, as there are 2 parties running for prime minister, the opposition will criticize you, therefore you will have to take their criticism and turn it into a positive comment. Lastly, leaders power through any obstacle that is in their way. Take Martin Luther King for example. He had experience lots of obstacles in his life as he was a black, but he overcame all of those obstacles and gave a speech on civil rights.

Now that we know what qualities a leader has and how can we tell a leader, but we have one more question, what is a leader? If we put all the facts together, a leader is a person who is gracious in defeat and focusses.

Finally we know what a leader is and all the qualities of a leader and how they run through obstacles like a boss, but with all the leader talk, what would a world be without leaders, riots, broken cities and the list goes on. That shows that we are very lucky to have leaders.

By Elliot

Elliot's Apartheid Presentation

Hope's Apartheid leaders

Thomas Edison Description

This sensational man was a nice person and he did a lot of things that helped the world, it was him who changed the world and made life easier and better for everyone.

 He made the light bulb even better than it is..........HE IS A INVENTOR!!!! He invented quite a few things that helped the world to be like it is today. He owns 4 companies. He invented the electric generator video camera and lots of other useful things.

 His school days lasted no more than...3 months of school!!!! But his mother Nancy taught him everything he knows today. He was kicked out of school because the teachers thought he was too stupid.

 He lived in Kentucky and was born in Ohio 1847. He had Snow white hair and had great black eyebrows. He had normal skin

 His proudest achievement is making the light bulb better. Franklin polp helped him a lot. To prove that A/C is too powerful he filmed a execution on a 28 year old elephant and some other animals using a electric chair!!!

So that is the inventor thomas edison

By Kush


Who is this person?  
He lead no soldiers into war But he is  in preve of inventions of more safe and easy to get lightbulb.   Thomas Edison the inventor of the greater light bulb. he Has is made it more accesible to get  and safer to use .  He help soldiers have light in their bunkers.

One of his many mer dropped out of school at 5 years old
His main inspiration was  his mother  she home schooled
he was born february the eleventh 1847
in michigan ohio.  He sadly  died in  October 18, 1931.
thomas.  He was last of  seven siblings in his family.                                       

His older life  was not all successful he tried selling fruit,that did not work, but when times bad he looked back on his mother and summed up the courage.   He was still afraid of failing but he just went on he just never stopped.
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
THe was very proud of himself make a safe light bulb and using safe electricity  so less people have  deadly conflict with high wave length of electricity. So he made a more safe electricity.

His mum was his whole world .
His mum home schooled him.
He was a last of seven children big families right.
It was not easy to be the youngest because he felt left out and not as many optunty in his early years.

His dream is to have safe easy to
get electricity and its a dream come true.

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Leadership Leo

A leader is a person that can be either an adult or a child but it’s not the age or appearance that matters it’s what they do

A leader can do many things from being the most notorious to the most helpful there are many leaders in history like in 1939 - 1945 WW2 the war was lead by Adolf Hitler and over 60 million people died in that war and many may say he was not a leader but a Cruel ruler but he changed history of the world so what we can learn from this is that to change history all it takes is a will of a single person there are million and even billions of leaders today from being the president to just helping someone at school and all that is called Leadership.
we need leaders because if we had no leader that means no government and no rules and if that happens then the world would be in chaos and there would be no punishment and also there would be no education system and no one would know what to do. Leader are how the world is made and how it’s changed.

To become a leader you don’t need to be a general of an army all you need is kindness, courage and bravery, there are many major leaders like Nelson Mandela that changed lot’s of peoples views on apartheid in south Africa and Adolf Hitler who started a world war he may have killed many innocent people but he was a leader in a way but you don’t need to be a heron enable to be a leader you can just help your mum with the dishes or helping some friends with their learning that can all be leadership.

The End Statement
The summary of this report is that you don’t need millions of people or be famous to become a leader all it takes is a little bravery or kindness to help someone out that makes you a leader and lot’s of leadership is fairly easy.


10 April 2013

by Jackson

Definition of leadership:
what piece of advice would you give the world if you had if you had the chance.
The action of leading a group of people.
Learners,world explorers, inventors, and teachers, enlightened people. They give hope to society by forging their own path and creating enlightenment
They inspire people to inspire others to lead on
The people we are talking about what do they have in common ?.A dream.  As thomas edison said
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

They work hard to get to where they are so the get with their dream.They forge their dream
add and add on more to make it big.Even the smallest thing are greater than anything big.
The are well known leaders as Abraham Lincoln who freed  the slaves of america , Sir edmund hillary how climbed a mountain that was unclimbable.
if you were a leader what would you do. What would be your venture
Thomas edison who made the more    accessible  light bulb.
They all had a dream and the ran with it.  
They just ran and ran and ran ,they tripped and fell over but never ever never gave up .They had men and they sacrificed himself for there leader.

In their death  they lived with their leader and cared on to the top of the mountain the king of the hill
How did so few people inspired so many
there was a chance they held on they were going so high the broke the clouds and into space and shed their light.
who knows?
you could bring light to those in the dark.
you could be next person in the stars of stardom.
leadership provides an inspirational figure to lead groups of people towards great accomplishments. To the world great your life is for living on the edge they can so can you get are life out there.There are thing to be found.

definition of leadership (google search, ninja word)
why is leaderhip important:


Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson used these qualities Wonder, Think, Brave, Unique, Diverse, Creative, Caring  

Jackson uses the qualities of thinking, Wondering and Creativity; when he choreographs his shows, movies and performances.
Also when he ‘writes’ (50/50 of his songs)and tests his songs.

He uses the qualities of Diverse and Caring; He cares a lot about what people think of him, his music and his style and because of that he keeps changing his music and his style and he also changes himself but slightly.

Michael Jackson was Unique in many ways, for example he dressed quite differently wearing an iconic crystal rhinestone studded glove and a big, gold-plated military style jacket that only a few rich bikers would wear, when he did a few performances. He incorporated his one glove into his dancing by using a single hand more often than both which made his dancing unique

Alexandra's Report


Alexandra J

We need leaders to help make change and and make things better in the world.  There have been many great leaders, all with different qualities. Below I talk about two great leaders and give an example of the qualities they have and.

Leaders have many different qualities such as motivated, organised, inspiring and determined every leader has qualities.Every leader is different, they come in all shapes and sizes and have many different qualities.  They have different beliefs, different religions and different ways of doing things. Leading is using your own technique and ideas to help set direction and inspiring people to follow your direction.

Leaders need many different qualities to be effective.  They need to be inspiring, to inspire others to achieve their goals.  Leaders need to be determined, otherwise if they fail, they will give up.  They need to be organised.  Organisation is an important leadership quality because if they want to achieve their goals, they need to know what they are doing and when they need to achieve by - know their time limits.  Leaders need to be motivated, if they are not motivated they won’t get their work done.

Martin Luther King was a famous leader because, he used non violent demonstrations to change the law and get fair rights for all people.   He organised many marches and peaceful demonstrations.  His main achievement was stopping the segregation of people on buses in his home state in the United States, meaning that the African American people were not made to sit separately from the white American people.  He was determined to make a difference to the future He was an inspiring speaker because he influenced other people. He motivated others to make a difference to this world

We need leaders because they make life better by choosing the right choices for us without them we would be disorganized people.  We need leaders because they fight for peoples rights just like martin Luther King, he fought for civil war rights and he didn’t give up.

Great leaders protect their dreams and never let any anybody tell them they can not do something, you have got to protect you dreams and never let anybody come between you and what you believe in.  They need to be persistent If they have an idea they keep on trying to make it happen, even if it takes them years.  Even if people laugh at them and try and talk them out of it, they keep trying until it works. To be a great leader you need to understand that it takes time for change to happen, that means you shouldn’t rush into things and expect change to happen straight away. Just like Will Smith (the famous American actor) said “Lay one brick at a time”.  A leader must be determined, persevere and take one step at a time, sometimes you will have setbacks, but you need to keep trying until you achieve your goals. Great leaders protect their dreams and never let any anybody tell them they can not do something.

Leadership is about influencing people and gaining their support to accomplish tasks.  Leadership is about having the skills to organise people to achieve a common goal.  Leaders are not always given formal authority. Often it is just things like a leader’s personality, traits, intelligence and values that inspire people to follow or be guided by their direction.

To be a great leader you need to apply and build on the knowledge and skills you have, gain the trust of the people you are trying to lead and remember to take one step at a time. I believe anyone can become a great leader if they have dreams, determination and the desire to make things better.  


How would you act if you were told to act like a leader? Would you go away and help someone or would you show people what to do and where to go?  Qualities sentence  Defining leaders, sentence     infamous leaders, sentence  Potential in everyone to become a leader, sentence

A leader can be lots of things,  for example; a leader might go and stand up on stage and entertain the audience if they are waiting for an act to appear. Leaders might be first to dance so that other people can feel comfortable to join in. Leadership can also appear out of people in times of fear, sadness  and great disasters.    For example, when the Christchurch earthquake struck, the mayor was already the leader and he did an amazing job of taking charge.  However, other people just started helping where it was needed, and organising rescue of people.  So even though they weren’t a leader like the mayor, they became leaders anyway.
Most leaders are good (people follow/like them) and some can be bad (people don't like them but have to follow them).

How do infamous leaders lead? Infamous leaders  don't  necessarily lead because people have chosen them, instead they force people to follow them.  Leaders that “people don’t like” lead because they either have a foothold (someone who supports them) in a place of power to help them or they lead through fear (for example  a dictator). They would Get into power by using force from weapons and threats to the people currently in power making them forfeit position. They are still leaders because they lead people but that doesn't mean they lead them in the right direction
Anyone and everyone has the potential to become a leader in some way.  I would like to become a leader so that I can make other peoples lives better and make the area I live in a better place.  If you are a good leader, even when you are gone people will remember and follow in your footsteps. When people follow your path they are also a leader in a way, to the other people that notice the way they act or behave. You can be a leader by setting an example.

To be a good leader you need to have certain qualities.  Leaders have an  honorable character and are selfless to their followers.  Michael Jackson was a famous pop star and a leader, below is a description of his qualities.  Michael Jackson used these qualities Wonder, Think, Brave, Unique, Diverse, Creative, Caring.  Jackson uses the qualities of thinking, Wondering and Creativity; when he choreographs his shows, movies and performances.  He also when he ‘writes’ (50% of his songs he writes himself) and tests the songs.  He uses the qualities of Diverse and Caring; He cares a lot about what people think of him, his music and his style and because of that he keeps changing his music and his style, he also changes himself.

Michael Jackson was Unique in many ways, for example he dressed quite differently wearing an iconic crystal rhinestone studded glove and a big, gold-plated military style jacket that only a few rich bikers would wear, when he did a few performances. He incorporated his one glove into his dancing by using a single hand more often than both which made his dancing unique

Leadership report

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Introduction Topic:Leadership

What is a leader?, Why do we need leaders? What qualities do you leaders have? A leader is someone who has a vision and achieves that vision, they see a problem and they fight for it, they motivate and lead people.  We need leader because Leaders have been fighting for our civil rights for years, without them we will not have someone to lead us and inspire us. Leaders have lots of different qualities,  but not all of them came naturally, Leaders do not all have exactly the same qualities they have different ones that inspire people in different ways.

Leaders are made not born they have a desire to be a leader.  Will Smith is an actor and a leader because he inspires people, he believes in change, and he makes a difference in his community by helping people supporting people through hard time.  Will Smith has a lot of inspiring quotes but one of his famous ones were “Greatness exists in all of us and especially exists in you” because greatness exists in him.  Leaders do not walk out when times are tough they finish that goal and they do not give up.  Leaders take all their time making someone else's life better.  A true leader accomplishes something big they do not give up on their dream they protect and go for it.  Anyone can be a leader in school, community, work anywhere .

We will always need leaders now and in the future because leaders inspire us to think out of the box, fight for what we believe in and Dream. Leaders inspire us to challenge ourselves. Without them the world would be hard to live in because no one would challenge themselves, no one would inspire us too.  How we can prevent having no more leaders is to have people fighting for what they believe in and to have people taking a lot more risks.

There are many qualities leaders have.  Leaders need to be persuasive because they need to to try and persuade the people to do what they think.  Leaders also need to be very inspiring because inspiring people convinces them to do what you said and makes them think that you are right, And you want people to look up too you and think you were a amazing inspiring person.  Ambitious is a quality that leaders have how they show it is having that strong desire and they have strong aspirations to achieve high. Strategic is what leaders use they have overall aims and stick to them, they have a method or plan to achieve their goals.  Bravery is what leaders use because they need to be a brave to share their idea and to express how they feel about something.  Peter Jackson is a leader because  he believed that the military should be educated about it,  Peter Jackson fought for them to be educated and then he succeed he took risks he strategized and was very ambitious too.

Leaders are pretty amazing they fought for their beliefs and have never given up .  Leaders definitely need to have qualities like brave courageous and determined.   We need leaders for lots of different reasons but the most reason we need them is Making A Difference because if a leader makes a difference someone else will think thats pretty cool and then they will make a difference and then another person and another person will.  Anyone can be leader there are no rules how to be one all you need to remember is to never give up when it gets challenging.

By Ruby

8/4/2013 Why do we need leaders?What do leaders do, and can you be a leader? We need leaders because if we didn't have leaders, we wouldn't know right from wrong. People wouldn't know how to act normal because, there would be no role models to look up to, there would be more wars throughout the world and would not be a safe world to live in. I believe great leaders never take short cuts in their lives, they work at things to be successful and make an impact on others and the community. I think if you want something, go get it, and never let anyone say you can’t do it. Leaders stand up for what is right and what they truly believe in. Great leaders chase their dreams and are dedicated to reach them no matter what, leaders stand up for what is right and for what they believe in.Leaders motivate people and inspire them to believe in themselves and their dreams and to never give up. I believe that true leaders are courageous and lead from their hearts.For example Martin Luther King he fought for civil war rights and didn't give up,He helped get equal rights between white people and black people because that was his dream. If martin Luther king did not fight for civil rights there would be racism everywhere. I think that we need leaders in the world because if we didn't have leaders we wouldn't have good examples and we wouldn't have reliable people to run our country and to make big decision . We need leaders because they fight for peoples rights, for example in 1955 Rosa Parks was on a bus when the bus driver told her to give up her seat because the section where the white people sit was full, she refused to give up her seat and she got arrested that is a great example of a great leader Rosa Parks was the first person to refuse from moving from her seat for a white person shes a great example of a leader following what she believed in. Lots of people try to be leaders but fail, because they don't have he qualities of a leader for example leaders have to be honest and kind to other people, they have to have Confidence in what they do they also have to be positive and inspiring to others .If you want to be a leader you have to be persistent in what you are doing , you have to have the qualities of a leader, you have to hold on to your dreams and never let anyone take them away from you. You have to be brave and courageous to stand up for what is right and what you believe in no matter what other people think. Leaders have to be confident in what they are doing for example if you are leading a group or building something, and leaders have to be a good example for others to follow. You now know how to be a leader, and what great leaders do and you now know why we need leaders so don't wait, go and show people how you can make a difference and how you can inspire others to make a difference in the world. Leaders are so important in this world, without them we would be living in a world with violence and people would be making wrong choices. We need leaders in this world so we can stay humane, so everyone has role models to look up to. By Alex.

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Hope's & Brianna's New Zealand Leaders

Oliver-Description Thomas Edison

He recreated the light bulb and made the phonograph and a motion picture camera He was a leader because he lead the evolution of the light bulbs. Thomas Edison was born in Port Huron Michigan Ohio. Thomas edison faced a lot of challenges. One of Thomas Edison achievements was make the storage battery. His mother was one of the people who influenced him.He had a dream that there will be lamps that run on electricity.

Thomas Edison was born in Port Huron Michigan Ohio in 1847.
He went to a public school for three months he left because when the teacher was talking he mind just wander off like he already knew what he was going to to do with his life and then he was homeschooled by his mum. One person who influenced him was his mum as a kid he sold candy and newspaper and then when he was 16 he became a telegraph operator and he did this for five years.

Thomas Edison had to face a lot of Challenges he faced during his time one of them was trying to make the more better. Also he had to overcome his learning disability and have a hearing problem.

He made the light bulb more safe on of his strengths is science and he achieved making the storage battery and originated the concept of electric power generation and made the sound microphone.

one person who influenced him was his mother named nancy because she tutored him when he drop out of school and man Henry woodward and another guy called Moses .G. Farmer also influence by a book called Age of reason.  

where to make a lamp that would run with electricity and the the world would run electricity.

If Thomas Edison had not made the light bulb more safe now peoples houses would be burning down and the would be no such thing as the movies and telephone or music players. So what Thomas Edison has done changed the world evaluation. So next time you think of tv or the movies just remember the one that started it off was Thomas Edison.

Samo's Report on Leadership!


Leaders can be anyone, a doctor, lawyer, dentist or a policeman, you could even be a sports star.  Can you be a leader? You can’t just say you're a leader you have to have a target and you have to reach that target to help other people and yourself. Leaders don’t give up either even if it takes them ages to do it they would not give up. A leader doesn't always have to be an adult it could be a 5 year old child!
Great leaders never give up until they reach success. Martin Luther King, he is famous for his bravery he wanted to make a difference by making black people have the same rights as white people. He has made a difference in millions of people’s lives. Look what he has done now everyone has the same rights now that shows amazing leadership  to  have achieved that. This definitely shows anyone can be a leader and step out of a crowd to make a difference.

Leadership takes responsibility and determination so don’t say you're going to do something and then stop doing it you've got to take charge and  really get engaged to reach success. There is no shortcut to success you have to fight your way to reach success. Leadership can also be small things if someone told you and friends to egg a house to be their friend would you? If you were a leader you would not, even if they were popular and you weren't. You would probably make your friends stop too. People look up to leaders and go “wow he/she is amazing I want to be like that person” I have done that before I bet you have done it to. Have you ever thought it would be impossible for you to be like that person, it’s not you have just got to show determination and not to let people criticize you for example “oh you're hopeless” or “you are never gonna make it give up!”. A leader would never give up they would not stop till they have made it.

There are also bad leaders like Adolf Hitler he was the leader of Germany in World War 2. He killed lots of people (especially jew’s) it was horrible and an nasty thing to do. But he was still a leader for his country and a big part of human history which has changed the world. His goal was to lead people to take over Britain and after that the world. He never did but if he did the world would not be the same as it is today there would be more  war and the world would be a dangerous place and none of these amazing inventions/discoveries would have been invented or found.

The world would be chaos without leaders there would be no one to look up to there would be no fantastic idea’s to invent anything decent , and to many people will try to lead and it would probably lead to conflict.

Anyone can be a leader. But a really good leader would think outside of the box a good example is the Wright brothers they said they could get something to fly around in the air and look what they did now where got something called a plane and now look that idea makes people fly around the world today.

Old leaders open gaps for new leaders to it carry on for example Martin Luther king inspired his son (Martin king jr) to finish slavery and to make people have the same rights. Leaders can also look up to other leaders and
if they fail the next leader can step in.

How would you become a leader, what have you done to make a difference?
why not try doing something to make  difference in someone’s life even if you think you have done enough why not try donating to a charity or help overseize. If you haven’t done anything to make a difference in someone’s life well in my opinion I would think of my life worthless and I would think of myself as arrogant to. How would you feel?

Samo Couch