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Leadership report

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Include topic sentence to begin

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Introduction Topic:Leadership

What is a leader?, Why do we need leaders? What qualities do you leaders have? A leader is someone who has a vision and achieves that vision, they see a problem and they fight for it, they motivate and lead people.  We need leader because Leaders have been fighting for our civil rights for years, without them we will not have someone to lead us and inspire us. Leaders have lots of different qualities,  but not all of them came naturally, Leaders do not all have exactly the same qualities they have different ones that inspire people in different ways.

Leaders are made not born they have a desire to be a leader.  Will Smith is an actor and a leader because he inspires people, he believes in change, and he makes a difference in his community by helping people supporting people through hard time.  Will Smith has a lot of inspiring quotes but one of his famous ones were “Greatness exists in all of us and especially exists in you” because greatness exists in him.  Leaders do not walk out when times are tough they finish that goal and they do not give up.  Leaders take all their time making someone else's life better.  A true leader accomplishes something big they do not give up on their dream they protect and go for it.  Anyone can be a leader in school, community, work anywhere .

We will always need leaders now and in the future because leaders inspire us to think out of the box, fight for what we believe in and Dream. Leaders inspire us to challenge ourselves. Without them the world would be hard to live in because no one would challenge themselves, no one would inspire us too.  How we can prevent having no more leaders is to have people fighting for what they believe in and to have people taking a lot more risks.

There are many qualities leaders have.  Leaders need to be persuasive because they need to to try and persuade the people to do what they think.  Leaders also need to be very inspiring because inspiring people convinces them to do what you said and makes them think that you are right, And you want people to look up too you and think you were a amazing inspiring person.  Ambitious is a quality that leaders have how they show it is having that strong desire and they have strong aspirations to achieve high. Strategic is what leaders use they have overall aims and stick to them, they have a method or plan to achieve their goals.  Bravery is what leaders use because they need to be a brave to share their idea and to express how they feel about something.  Peter Jackson is a leader because  he believed that the military should be educated about it,  Peter Jackson fought for them to be educated and then he succeed he took risks he strategized and was very ambitious too.

Leaders are pretty amazing they fought for their beliefs and have never given up .  Leaders definitely need to have qualities like brave courageous and determined.   We need leaders for lots of different reasons but the most reason we need them is Making A Difference because if a leader makes a difference someone else will think thats pretty cool and then they will make a difference and then another person and another person will.  Anyone can be leader there are no rules how to be one all you need to remember is to never give up when it gets challenging.

By Ruby

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