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How would you act if you were told to act like a leader? Would you go away and help someone or would you show people what to do and where to go?  Qualities sentence  Defining leaders, sentence     infamous leaders, sentence  Potential in everyone to become a leader, sentence

A leader can be lots of things,  for example; a leader might go and stand up on stage and entertain the audience if they are waiting for an act to appear. Leaders might be first to dance so that other people can feel comfortable to join in. Leadership can also appear out of people in times of fear, sadness  and great disasters.    For example, when the Christchurch earthquake struck, the mayor was already the leader and he did an amazing job of taking charge.  However, other people just started helping where it was needed, and organising rescue of people.  So even though they weren’t a leader like the mayor, they became leaders anyway.
Most leaders are good (people follow/like them) and some can be bad (people don't like them but have to follow them).

How do infamous leaders lead? Infamous leaders  don't  necessarily lead because people have chosen them, instead they force people to follow them.  Leaders that “people don’t like” lead because they either have a foothold (someone who supports them) in a place of power to help them or they lead through fear (for example  a dictator). They would Get into power by using force from weapons and threats to the people currently in power making them forfeit position. They are still leaders because they lead people but that doesn't mean they lead them in the right direction
Anyone and everyone has the potential to become a leader in some way.  I would like to become a leader so that I can make other peoples lives better and make the area I live in a better place.  If you are a good leader, even when you are gone people will remember and follow in your footsteps. When people follow your path they are also a leader in a way, to the other people that notice the way they act or behave. You can be a leader by setting an example.

To be a good leader you need to have certain qualities.  Leaders have an  honorable character and are selfless to their followers.  Michael Jackson was a famous pop star and a leader, below is a description of his qualities.  Michael Jackson used these qualities Wonder, Think, Brave, Unique, Diverse, Creative, Caring.  Jackson uses the qualities of thinking, Wondering and Creativity; when he choreographs his shows, movies and performances.  He also when he ‘writes’ (50% of his songs he writes himself) and tests the songs.  He uses the qualities of Diverse and Caring; He cares a lot about what people think of him, his music and his style and because of that he keeps changing his music and his style, he also changes himself.

Michael Jackson was Unique in many ways, for example he dressed quite differently wearing an iconic crystal rhinestone studded glove and a big, gold-plated military style jacket that only a few rich bikers would wear, when he did a few performances. He incorporated his one glove into his dancing by using a single hand more often than both which made his dancing unique

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