Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Leadership report

Alexandra J

We need leaders to help make change and and make things better in the world.  There have been many great leaders, all with different qualities. Below I talk about two great leaders and give an example of the qualities they have and.

Leaders have many different qualities such as motivated, organised, inspiring and determined every leader has qualities.Every leader is different, they come in all shapes and sizes and have many different qualities.  They have different beliefs, different religions and different ways of doing things. Leading is using your own technique and ideas to help set direction and inspiring people to follow your direction.

Leaders need many different qualities to be effective.  They need to be inspiring, to inspire others to achieve their goals.  Leaders need to be determined, otherwise if they fail, they will give up.  They need to be organised.  Organisation is an important leadership quality because if they want to achieve their goals, they need to know what they are doing and when they need to achieve by - know their time limits.  Leaders need to be motivated, if they are not motivated they won’t get their work done.

Martin Luther King was a famous leader because, he used non violent demonstrations to change the law and get fair rights for all people.   He organised many marches and peaceful demonstrations.  His main achievement was stopping the segregation of people on buses in his home state in the United States, meaning that the African American people were not made to sit separately from the white American people.  He was determined to make a difference to the future He was an inspiring speaker because he influenced other people. He motivated others to make a difference to this world

We need leaders because they make life better by choosing the right choices for us without them we would be disorganized people.  We need leaders because they fight for peoples rights just like martin Luther King, he fought for civil war rights and he didn't give up.

Great leaders protect their dreams and never let any anybody tell them they can not do something, you have got to protect you dreams and never let anybody come between you and what you believe in.  They need to be persistent If they have an idea they keep on trying to make it happen, even if it takes them years. Even if people laugh at them and try and talk them out of it, they keep trying until it works. To be a great leader you need to understand that it takes time for change to happen, that means you shouldn’t rush into things and expect change to happen straight away. Just like Will Smith (the famous American actor) said “Lay one brick at a time”.  A leader must be determined, persevere and take one step at a time, sometimes you will have setbacks, but you need to keep trying until you achieve your goals. Great leaders protect their dreams and never let any anybody tell them they can not do something.

Leadership is about influencing people and gaining their support to accomplish tasks.  Leadership is about having the skills to organise people to achieve a common goal.  Leaders are not always given formal authority. Often it is just things like a leader’s personality, traits, intelligence and values that inspire people to follow or be guided by their direction.

To be a great leader you need to apply and build on the knowledge and skills you have, gain the trust of the people you are trying to lead and remember to take one step at a time. I believe anyone can become a great leader if they have dreams, determination and the desire to make things better.  

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