Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Leadership Leo

A leader is a person that can be either an adult or a child but it’s not the age or appearance that matters it’s what they do

A leader can do many things from being the most notorious to the most helpful there are many leaders in history like in 1939 - 1945 WW2 the war was lead by Adolf Hitler and over 60 million people died in that war and many may say he was not a leader but a Cruel ruler but he changed history of the world so what we can learn from this is that to change history all it takes is a will of a single person there are million and even billions of leaders today from being the president to just helping someone at school and all that is called Leadership.
we need leaders because if we had no leader that means no government and no rules and if that happens then the world would be in chaos and there would be no punishment and also there would be no education system and no one would know what to do. Leader are how the world is made and how it’s changed.

To become a leader you don’t need to be a general of an army all you need is kindness, courage and bravery, there are many major leaders like Nelson Mandela that changed lot’s of peoples views on apartheid in south Africa and Adolf Hitler who started a world war he may have killed many innocent people but he was a leader in a way but you don’t need to be a heron enable to be a leader you can just help your mum with the dishes or helping some friends with their learning that can all be leadership.

The End Statement
The summary of this report is that you don’t need millions of people or be famous to become a leader all it takes is a little bravery or kindness to help someone out that makes you a leader and lot’s of leadership is fairly easy.

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