Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Anthia's Descriptive writing


  • We separate our writing into paragraphs
  • Each paragraph includes a topic sentence
  • We use a past tense verb agreement (he had, he played)
  • We use a variety of sentence types (simple, compound We include an introduction and conclusion
  • We include basic punctuation, full stops, capital letters, commas

There is a beautiful young girl and she is going to become the future leader....... also she was born on 28th of september 2002 and grow up in  Auckland NZ also she was born in Auckland NZ. In her spare time she likes to do art, play with her brother and her sister and also playing with her friends. This remarkable girl can speak English and her culture is cook island.She looks up to her dad because her dad has teached her a lot about her maths and also for her to learn how to play different types of sports and what you would need for sports.

Thanks to her dad she is a great  sporting star she has played a lot of sports such as Netball, Touch, Tennis and swimming . She is an outside girl because she likes to go shopping, hang with her friends and also to play sports too.Her mum and dads name is Tuaine and Almein. This gorgeous girl would like to become an artist because she likes to draw and to draw different things so she is learning for her concept learning because she is learning how to draw from a different perspective so she can learn how to draw 3D and to learn how to sketch. She is also my best friend . So do you know who it is tell if you read more then you would find out who it is.

This girl has been determined in a lot of ways she has been determined in her maths because when she was doing maths she got a lot of hard questions so she was being determined and never gave up on anything also she was in the pit when she was trying her best to get it all done.The thing that she would like to do when she has finished school is that she would like to become an artist because she would like to find out a lot about art.

To help her with that she is in the art group so she is learning a lot from there she is building her knowledge because she was finding out different types of art. Then she is going to make her meaning so she is ordering her canvases and then she is going to compare and contrast because she was seeing whose art is better. Then she would apply her understanding to create and to design her art on here canvases.She is not a leader but she is learning about leadership in her concept learning.The Leaders that she knows is Barack Obama, Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth 1, Mohandas Gandhi, and Joan of arc.

Here are some clues for you: She has a brother and a sister 1 is in hub 4 and the other one is in hub 1. The first letter of her name is N.Did you guess who it is well the person that i have been talking about is Noeramiah Ellena Taringa.

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