Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson used these qualities Wonder, Think, Brave, Unique, Diverse, Creative, Caring  

Jackson uses the qualities of thinking, Wondering and Creativity; when he choreographs his shows, movies and performances.
Also when he ‘writes’ (50/50 of his songs)and tests his songs.

He uses the qualities of Diverse and Caring; He cares a lot about what people think of him, his music and his style and because of that he keeps changing his music and his style and he also changes himself but slightly.

Michael Jackson was Unique in many ways, for example he dressed quite differently wearing an iconic crystal rhinestone studded glove and a big, gold-plated military style jacket that only a few rich bikers would wear, when he did a few performances. He incorporated his one glove into his dancing by using a single hand more often than both which made his dancing unique

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