Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Report Writing Leadership-Matthew

Leadership Report    

A leader is with all of us you can't lose it you can't gain it no matter how silly you are or how bad you are it is still there. You should never skip ahead always take one step at a time what I mean is you should never try to go where you can’t go slow and you will make it there no matter what. If you say to yourself you can't or you can you will usually be right. Doing something isn't easy only through hard work you will fulfill something in life. A leader is a person to follow he is a person thats stands up and does what others can't. Leaders are just great to be just try it.

Leaders are not scared to face their fears because fear is only in the mind they are not physical, you can't break the wall between can do and success and that is what a leader has to do almost everyday. If they don't face their fears they are not fit to move on and thats what leaders have to avoid everyday its hard but successful. Talent is only minor for a leader they may be really talented at something but without hard work and skill there talent will mean nothing period. You have to believing what you are doing and go and get it no matter what. Leaders are always trying to help someone else in there life because your life will become self centered and a bit arrogant. Leaders have to find courage to stand up and upon thousands of people or just a class or school and express himself and what they know and what is right. Leaders look for gaps to fill something wrong with their skills or others they just find a subject thats already being worked on they find little things not notice that affect the world but no one notices it.

We need leaders because they try not matter what to make anothers life better by choosing the right choices for himself and sometimes others without them we would be disorganized people. We need leaders because they fight for peoples rights just like Martin Luther king he fought for civil war rights and he didn't give up. Another reason we need leaders is because they are there when others are not. They can do what others are too scared to.They stand up and face people that others think are too strong and scary anyday leaders will stand up for what's right and what should be done. A team without a leader is like a ship without a navigator. A team need a leader with good leadership quality to understand the dynamics and mechanics of the team and direct them to achieve the desired objectives.
A leader is a person who leads, he is a person who helps others and does what he can to save his town, city, school:etc. They could be a any day leader helping little things.they dedicate himself to be a role model. A Leader finds the best ways to help people and are always caring to the young they try to stop all that is bad and unhealthy to the world.

All leaders are unique in their own way around the word there are great leaders are bad leaders there are weak leaders there are strong leaders:etc they all have something in common they all are responsible to what they are leading. Leaders can do what others are too scared to do they stand up for what they believe in.They lead people in their path,they find more and more ways to help the people and are always caring.they always have to face their fears even if you're a anyday leader. Being a leader is a great responsibility it's a great thing to be. Like Nelson Mandela he never gave up he stood up to what others can’t do and he had to face this fear of risking his life by doing this.


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