Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Samo's Report on Leadership!


Leaders can be anyone, a doctor, lawyer, dentist or a policeman, you could even be a sports star.  Can you be a leader? You can’t just say you're a leader you have to have a target and you have to reach that target to help other people and yourself. Leaders don’t give up either even if it takes them ages to do it they would not give up. A leader doesn't always have to be an adult it could be a 5 year old child!
Great leaders never give up until they reach success. Martin Luther King, he is famous for his bravery he wanted to make a difference by making black people have the same rights as white people. He has made a difference in millions of people’s lives. Look what he has done now everyone has the same rights now that shows amazing leadership  to  have achieved that. This definitely shows anyone can be a leader and step out of a crowd to make a difference.

Leadership takes responsibility and determination so don’t say you're going to do something and then stop doing it you've got to take charge and  really get engaged to reach success. There is no shortcut to success you have to fight your way to reach success. Leadership can also be small things if someone told you and friends to egg a house to be their friend would you? If you were a leader you would not, even if they were popular and you weren't. You would probably make your friends stop too. People look up to leaders and go “wow he/she is amazing I want to be like that person” I have done that before I bet you have done it to. Have you ever thought it would be impossible for you to be like that person, it’s not you have just got to show determination and not to let people criticize you for example “oh you're hopeless” or “you are never gonna make it give up!”. A leader would never give up they would not stop till they have made it.

There are also bad leaders like Adolf Hitler he was the leader of Germany in World War 2. He killed lots of people (especially jew’s) it was horrible and an nasty thing to do. But he was still a leader for his country and a big part of human history which has changed the world. His goal was to lead people to take over Britain and after that the world. He never did but if he did the world would not be the same as it is today there would be more  war and the world would be a dangerous place and none of these amazing inventions/discoveries would have been invented or found.

The world would be chaos without leaders there would be no one to look up to there would be no fantastic idea’s to invent anything decent , and to many people will try to lead and it would probably lead to conflict.

Anyone can be a leader. But a really good leader would think outside of the box a good example is the Wright brothers they said they could get something to fly around in the air and look what they did now where got something called a plane and now look that idea makes people fly around the world today.

Old leaders open gaps for new leaders to it carry on for example Martin Luther king inspired his son (Martin king jr) to finish slavery and to make people have the same rights. Leaders can also look up to other leaders and
if they fail the next leader can step in.

How would you become a leader, what have you done to make a difference?
why not try doing something to make  difference in someone’s life even if you think you have done enough why not try donating to a charity or help overseize. If you haven’t done anything to make a difference in someone’s life well in my opinion I would think of my life worthless and I would think of myself as arrogant to. How would you feel?

Samo Couch

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