Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Oliver-Description Thomas Edison

He recreated the light bulb and made the phonograph and a motion picture camera He was a leader because he lead the evolution of the light bulbs. Thomas Edison was born in Port Huron Michigan Ohio. Thomas edison faced a lot of challenges. One of Thomas Edison achievements was make the storage battery. His mother was one of the people who influenced him.He had a dream that there will be lamps that run on electricity.

Thomas Edison was born in Port Huron Michigan Ohio in 1847.
He went to a public school for three months he left because when the teacher was talking he mind just wander off like he already knew what he was going to to do with his life and then he was homeschooled by his mum. One person who influenced him was his mum as a kid he sold candy and newspaper and then when he was 16 he became a telegraph operator and he did this for five years.

Thomas Edison had to face a lot of Challenges he faced during his time one of them was trying to make the more better. Also he had to overcome his learning disability and have a hearing problem.

He made the light bulb more safe on of his strengths is science and he achieved making the storage battery and originated the concept of electric power generation and made the sound microphone.

one person who influenced him was his mother named nancy because she tutored him when he drop out of school and man Henry woodward and another guy called Moses .G. Farmer also influence by a book called Age of reason.  

where to make a lamp that would run with electricity and the the world would run electricity.

If Thomas Edison had not made the light bulb more safe now peoples houses would be burning down and the would be no such thing as the movies and telephone or music players. So what Thomas Edison has done changed the world evaluation. So next time you think of tv or the movies just remember the one that started it off was Thomas Edison.

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