Thursday, 18 April 2013


Who is this person?  
He lead no soldiers into war But he is  in preve of inventions of more safe and easy to get lightbulb.   Thomas Edison the inventor of the greater light bulb. he Has is made it more accesible to get  and safer to use .  He help soldiers have light in their bunkers.

One of his many mer dropped out of school at 5 years old
His main inspiration was  his mother  she home schooled
he was born february the eleventh 1847
in michigan ohio.  He sadly  died in  October 18, 1931.
thomas.  He was last of  seven siblings in his family.                                       

His older life  was not all successful he tried selling fruit,that did not work, but when times bad he looked back on his mother and summed up the courage.   He was still afraid of failing but he just went on he just never stopped.
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
THe was very proud of himself make a safe light bulb and using safe electricity  so less people have  deadly conflict with high wave length of electricity. So he made a more safe electricity.

His mum was his whole world .
His mum home schooled him.
He was a last of seven children big families right.
It was not easy to be the youngest because he felt left out and not as many optunty in his early years.

His dream is to have safe easy to
get electricity and its a dream come true.

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