Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Georgia's descriptive writing

  • We separate our writing into paragraphs
  • Each paragraph includes a topic sentence
  • We use a past tense verb agreement (he had, he played)
  • We use a variety of sentence types (simple, compound We include an introduction and conclusion
  • We include basic punctuation, full stops, capital letters, commas

Early Life
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  • , complex)
thomas Edison
was a great inventor. born 11 february 1847 in milan ohio
Died 18 october 1931. he invented electric chair and many other things.

thomas edison had white ,grey hair a pointy face his eyes as green as the plants and big bushy eyebrows as brown as mud as tall as a camel on its hind legs but he was 83  years old when he died he invented marketing energy  and  modifying the light bulb , the video camera and music player.
thomas edison's early life was rough, he only got 3 months of schooling then got kicked out ,so his mum nancy taught him . Thomas was the youngest of 7 kids . thomas was a dyslexic child  and had trouble hearing  too because of poor health in younger age , saldy 3 of his siblings died before adulthood 4 survived thomas was lucky to survive to ride . thomas edison may be old by he was amazing
thomas edison was a great inventor he invented the music player  modified the lightbulb  made the music player and the video camera. thomas edison was a very famos inventor .

inventors have a lot of success like the light bulb the video recorder ,the music player .thomas edison had  a lot of inventions to make so

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