Thursday, 18 April 2013

Elliot's Leadershp Report


Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, all leaders in a way, but what’s inside them that makes them the leaders that they are. There’s only one thing, Leadership. But what is leadership?

Leadership is made up of alot of things, sportsmanship, dedication and the list goes on, therefore, why don’t we just focus on the main qualities which makes leadership. Firstly, dedication. As a leader you have to dedicate lots of things, an example of dedication is Bill Gates. Gates dedicated alot of his time to Microsoft and other companies that he either owned. Secondly, Sportsmanship, as a leader you will lose and win, therefore if you lose you should lead by example and be gracious in defeat. Lastly, they focus, a leader does not put too much on his plate, he focusses on one thing at a time and tries to fix that one thing that he is focusing on, for example Bill Gates focused only on Microsoft and not his opponents and what they were doing.

There are 7 billion people in the world, but only a handful can be a leader. If you wanted to become a leader, who would you idolize. But to idolize a leader you have to know how you can see a leader. Firstly, a leader outshines others, take a sports team captain, he/she would be chosen by the coach because he/she outshined the others, by showing leadership. Secondly, they can take anything bad and somehow turn it into a positive comment. Just say you are running for prime minister, as there are 2 parties running for prime minister, the opposition will criticize you, therefore you will have to take their criticism and turn it into a positive comment. Lastly, leaders power through any obstacle that is in their way. Take Martin Luther King for example. He had experience lots of obstacles in his life as he was a black, but he overcame all of those obstacles and gave a speech on civil rights.

Now that we know what qualities a leader has and how can we tell a leader, but we have one more question, what is a leader? If we put all the facts together, a leader is a person who is gracious in defeat and focusses.

Finally we know what a leader is and all the qualities of a leader and how they run through obstacles like a boss, but with all the leader talk, what would a world be without leaders, riots, broken cities and the list goes on. That shows that we are very lucky to have leaders.

By Elliot

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