Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Albert's Recount

  • Appearance
  • Early Life
  • Career
  • Success
Conclusion - personal statement.


WALHT: do the introduction.

Thomas Edison
Born in 1847 in Milan Ohio and died in 1931, he was 84 when he died. He helped    .....many people in the world and ways determined in many ways. He was very educated because his mum told him that he would never fail and his mum taught him since he was 5 years old.

Thomas had grey straight shiny hair like a rain cloud. He was a white American person. He wore silky black and white suit’s, he walked with a brown crinkled walking stick. He talked in a strange squeaky voice.

Thomas Edison’s early life was hard but then his mum stepped in and helped him since he was five years old Thomas that he was going to be a failure but his mum changed that around.

He had a career that was inventing awesome things. Owner of 14 businesses and the lightbulb (he made it better with a better bulb). He even owned the General Electric company. Just because of his smartness now the whole world has about 15 - 50 light bulbs in their house or business and the whole world has one.

His successes were winning the DC power instead of AC he proved that AC was way too dangerous. He did a experiment on a person and the force of the chair killed him so that is how he won he used AC on the chair but actually DC was better at that time.

I think he is a great leader and inspired people to work for what they wanted like dreaming big because Thomas wanted to be an inventor and then he was so I think he had real determination.

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