Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hossain's Descriptive Writing on Thomas Edison

Succes Criteria Introduction Appearance Early Life Career Succes Thomas Elva Edison Born on 11 February, 1847 in Ohio, Milan. He had made a lot of inventions, he made the phonograph,the transmitter of the phone speaker, the improved light bulb and key elements of motion picture apparatus. He has snow white hair and and midnight black eyebrows each one as big as a cockroach. His skin is pale and white like white sheep wool and his tuxedo looks as old as the statue of Liberty. Young life wasn’t too good for Thomas Edison because he had poor health and had been kicked out of school at 5 years because he had asked too many questions and the teachers called him dumb too many times and were getting sick of him. After that he had been homeschooled for the rest of his life and that is where he got most of his knowledge from his mum Nancy. Nancy had been disappointed when he got kicked out of school and his dad, Sam was really angry for getting kicked out. But Nancy kept encouraging Thomas to keep going and never stop chasing his dreams. As an American inventor and businessman Thomas had made many inventions and succeeded, one of them was the improved light bulb and people still use till now. Without going to school he made a lot of inventions like the transmitter of the phone speaker and the phonograph and he only had one person that teached him and that was Nancy. Thomas Edison had used his life wisely and he had a lot of successes with inventions and used the camera to film a lot and make movies. He made DC power and it stands for direct current because he said that the the other power like AC wastes too much power and has less electricity than DC. DC power uses less power and has more electricity. Thomas Edison died in 1931 and his inventions are still being used like the improved light bulb and the transmitter of the phone speaker and Thomas Edison is a leader because he didn’t care if he got kicked out of school he still chased his dream.

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