Tuesday, 16 April 2013


There is greatness in all of us!  That's right there is greatness in ALL of us.  Of course being a leader is not natural for most people and most of the time you have work hard to get some respect as a Leader.  But what is a leader and why do we need leaders in countries and communities around us?
A Leader is not too different from from you or I, but they lead other people to achieve certain goals. Of course they are like every other person, not a slight bit difference, but when it comes to a challenge these people tend to stand up and lead.  “Leaders are made not born”.

Why do you think we would need leaders,  we need them to lead us to strive in everyday challenges and achieve their goals by using their and the groups skills.  We need leaders for their greatness in communication, and other qualities that they use to their advantage. Leaders a lot of the time are the organised people of the group, the people that organise other people to do things.  Leaders over many years have lead civilizations to victory and to glory. Leaders aren’t afraid to do something different, they are believing in their cause, not ready to give in or stop after a road block.

Dean Barker the skipper of Emirates Team New Zealand America’s Cup Boat he like all leaders has to be organised,  he can’t just go sailing around unsure of what he would do next, because that would lose him the race.  Dean Has to be persistent/determined because if he is going bad he can’t give up he has to (and does) continue and try himself and others to success.  He needs to stick to his goal and he would have probably completed it at the end.  Last of all he needs to be human and make mistakes!!  He has to make mistakes or else he won’t learn it and he’ll get stuck on it until he succeeds.  Just remember no one is ever perfect.

As mentioned previously a leader is a great person that is leading people to do great things, you don’t need many qualities you just need to know how to stick to a thought out plan and learn from your mistakes.Rallying and organising other people to do their jobs and by the end you will have reached your goal and life for you might have changed for the good of the world.  Being a leader is not easy, but it isn’t hard either you just need to work hard and work one brick at a time to succeed!

Craig Keenan

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