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Thomas Alva Edison
He was born in 1847 february 11 place Ohio his name was Thomas Alva Edison inventor  and the first person to modify a lightbulb and a business. Favorite things to do is to think and experiment.he made it so light bulbs can be used in houses.

When thomas edison turned twelve,he almost lost his hearing there are several theories to what caused his hearing loss. Some people said the  hearing loss was caused be the conductor boxing him in the ears others think that it was the after effects of the scarlet fever which he had as a child.This disability did not discourage him from his experiments but it actually helped him.But his deafness made him more solitary and shy. Thomas edison was not the grates student even the headmaster called him idled,so his angry mother took him out of school and home schooled him at the age of five and he only stayed at school for 3 months.

He was scared to fail because of the years at school and all the people that accused him.Thomas Edison invented the vote recorder and it was rejected from people. People wanted an invention that was useful.another challenge was Nikola Tesla Because of his way of advertising and length of how far their power could go.

Thomas made the light bulb so it was last longing and it lasted 225 hours, he did not make the lightbulb. He was the first inventor to have an invention laboratory. He invented the movie camera-which is the reason we are able to go to the movie theater today he also invented the fluoroscope. He also invented the rechargeable battery.

Thomas Edison's mother was one of his greatest influence when he was young and out of school.Thomas was heavily influenced by Thomas Paine's age of reasons. Thomas Edison qualities are courageous patient selfless he had perseverance and was open minded.

A great goal is the film camera without that we wouldn't have the movies the tv the digital stuff we have today. Another great goal was the way he was a  businessman as he did so many mistakes that would affect on others in the future but the things he achieved well affect them even more.

Thomas edison died in October 18, 1931, West Orange he enhanced the light bulb, he was an inventor one of the greatest in fact. He was a great businessman and a boss of a company. He made other great inventions like the film camera and the invention laboratory.

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