Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Writing Report-Oliver Leadership

You don’t have to be a prime minster to be a leader.  You could be a normal person and some ask to spare some blood or donate a kidney. you also be a policeman and you would still be a leader so how could you be a leader? There are many different qualities that you need to have be a leader. There are many examples of great leaders in history. We need leaders because if we didn’t the world would be chaos. There have also been some leaders in history who haven’t helped the world.

A leader is a social influence.  There are many qualities leaders have to use to be an awesome leader. They have to show honesty, responsibly, confidence, enthusiasm, reliability, patience, determination, loyalty and courage.  Ghandi showed  courage, loyalty and determination when he saved India from the British when they were trying to take over it.  He went on a hunger strike to make his point.  He led protests over salt taxes. These are the qualities you need to have if you want to  be an awesome leader.

A great leader is someone who stands up for what's they think is right like Rosa Parks. She is a leader because the bus driver told her to give up her seat because the section where the white people sit was full.  She refused to give up her seat and she got arrested. After that she worked with the civil rights leaders to stop racial segregation.  So that’s why she was a leader because she stood up for what she believed in and that’s what good leader should do.

We need leaders because if we didn’t have leaders there  would be  no rules.  If there were no rule the world would be chaos and life would have no meaning. No-one would know what to do and everyone would just be bad. There would be no-one to guide us and set us goals. We would just stay home and watch tv and people would be allowed to rob you and they wouldn’t go to prison because there would be no-one to give them fines. There would be no job  and  the world would be at war. Racism will carry on there will be no consequences AND THAT'S WHY WE NEED LEADERS!!!!!!    

Some leaders aren’t very nice. I like to call these leaders infamous leaders for example Adolf
Hitler. He was an infamous leader.He hated Jews because when his Grandmother was in hospital and very sick the doctor was a Jew and he said he could not save her.  He became  determined to kill lots of Jewish people because of this so he put them in concentration camps.  So a lot of people don’t like him thats why he is infamous.

Leaders are people who are a social influence and teach others to be good people.  Rosa Parks is a great example of this because she stood up for herself because no one else would.  If we didn’t have leaders the world would be chaos.  No one would have any meaning but it is important to pick leaders who are are not racist and don’t want to kill other people and aren’t mean.


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