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What Is Power ?

What Is  Power ?

Introduction - Identifying Statement
Explanation sequence -3 paragraphs, 5-7 sentences
Summary (conclusion)
Recrafting - punctuation/ grammar- spelling - vocabulary/ make sense?
Individual goal ( Vocabulary and Sentence Structure.)

Do you know what power is?  Power can be demonstrated by lots of different things.

Power is a sort of ability  that we use to generate energy. There are many types power.  Power is used to charge electric motors or make things work.  The energy created is usually called electricity.  This energy comes from the movement of electrons.  The electrons are small particles that orbit, the nucleus of an atom. When electrons work together to flow along a circuit - that's electricity!  A flow of electric charge complements an electric current.  When enough electrical energy is added to the electrons- after flipping on a switch or plugging in a cord, they can escape from their natural orbit.

One of the most common types of power is Motion Power which can be generated by man or by animals.  The aim of motion power is to generate electricity from static condition.  Static electricity is a stationary electric charge that is typically produced by friction.  Friction can be produced by rubbing two pieces of matter.
Wind Power is another type of power that is produced by gigantic windmills.  The motion of the windmills turns the generator that produces electricity. Hydro power is the source of energy from water.  The heat energy from beneath the earth can also be source of power which is called geothermal energy.  Geothermal Energy is using the heat under the ground and is used to heat up the water and make steam to turn the generator turbines and make electricity or power.

The other sources of power are from coal and or oil. Solar is also another source of power that comes from the sun. The energy from the sun is converted to electricity using a solar panel. Solar Power together with Wind power, Hydro power, and Geothermal are friendly to environment because it does not cause pollution. Unlike the power coming from coal and oil and gas.  Coal Power is not enviro friendly because they gather it, and it  requires mining  with machinery and burning coal causes many pollution. Eventually coal will run out and it is not going to be  sustainable. It is the same with Oil power.  

Power is Important because you use energy to live and to power your homes. Without power we will have no light and no power for us to generate our electronics and it will be difficult a comfortable life.       

Friday, 28 June 2013

Animal Sustainability

  • Introduction - Identifying Statement
  • Explanation Sequence
  • Conclusion - Summary Statement
  • Punctuation/Sentences
  • Individual Goal : understand why I am writing and can use an appropriate format.

  • Intro
  • Being sustainable with rubbish - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Being sustainable with fishing - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Being sustainable with shipping - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Conclusion

                                                      Animal sustainability
In the ocean are lots and lots of animals that are dying, because the people through pollution in the ocean. We need to protect the animals and the ocean so that they are still existing in the future.

One problem is that people are still throwing rubbish in the sea, so when it goes under the water the animals are thinking that the pollution is food and they eat it. They get sick from eating the rubbish and die. We can prevent this by stopping throwing rubbish in the sea or on the beach, If we don’t, one day our beach is going to be really dirty and all the animals will be gone.

beach      ocean
animals are dying ):

When a ship runs aground in the ocean the oil spills on the penguins, the birds and the fish. All the animals nearby will be covered in oil.  If a penguin gets oil on itself, it can’t swim and it can’t lay eggs. It makes it hard for their skin to breathe and they cannot clean themselves. Also, they can die from eating even small amounts of oil.

Lots of us likes to have fish for dinner and we know is delicious but we forget about how many tons the people are fishing.There were many dolphins but now there are not a lot of them,because the people are fishing on them.The people can stop fishing tones of fishes,because the people can eat lots of things but there are not so many fishes that the people can eat.
The people are shipping and shipping and they forget that the oil is going into the water. The oil is really bad for the animals  and when they eat it they can’t brief and they die.We can stop shipping.The people can just fly with an airplane if they want to go somewhere far.
I hope one day we the people are going to have something like “ Cleaning the beach day “ and all of us are going to help.           
introduction/identifying statement
explanation sequence
conclusion/summerising statement
personal goal

What is Matariki?

Matariki is a celebration for Maori people as it is maori new year.Matariki is also a constallation of stars that are visible to the human eye(but only 7).

Matariki is the Maori name for the small cluster of stars also known as the Seven Sisters, in the Taurus constellation. In New Zealand it comes into view low on the north-eastern horizon, appearing in the tail of the Milky Way in the last days of May or in early June, just before dawn.

Matariki was formed when papatuanuku and ranginui were getting pushed apart by their children,Tumatauenga,Tawhirimatea,Tane-mahuta,Tanga-oa,Rongomatane,Haumietiketike ,but Tane mahuta managed to push apart his parents.Tawhiri matea(god of the winds) was sad for his parents being separated,so sad he started to cry.The next thing Tawhiri did was throw his tears up into the sky and they became stars that we now know as Matariki.

Different Maori tribes celebrated Matariki at different times. Some held festivities when Matariki was first seen in the dawn sky others celebrated after the full moon rose or at the beginning of the next new moon.Normally it is a full moon for the period of Matariki.

Traditionally, Maori were keen observers of the night sky, concluding from the stars the time and seasons, and using them to navigate the oceans. Lookouts would watch for the rise of Matariki just before dawn. For Maori, this time signified remembrance, produce and celebration.
My personal goal:I use visual features to engage the audience convey meaning

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  • Introduction-identifying
  • Explanation-sequence 3 paragraphs 5
  • Summary (conclusion)
  • Re crafting-punctuation/grammar spelling, vocabulary/make sense
  • Individual goal     

  • Intro - what causes pollution
  • Being sustainable with rubbish - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Being sustainable with fishing - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Being sustainable with shipping - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Conclusion
How can we be sustainable around the ocean?

Animal Sustainability

What Causes Pollution
people pallute  by driving cars because of the gas. So people should drive less cars and mostly bike or walk.Also by washing their cars near drains will affect the animals because all of the soap and other chemicals that goes into the drains and then flows to the sea.

You also mustn't litter
don’t litter because all of the rubbish go’s to the sea and the animals eat it. Then they die. If we keep on littering more and more of the animals are going to die because all of the rubbish flows to the sea and the animals eat it.  Then lot’s of marine animals will be extinct!
That is terrible.

How Can We Be Sustainable Around The Ocean

It’s very important that we don’t  litter so Animals do not die.
You must never throw anything down the drain on purpose.You must throw all your rubbish in the bin.Litter can kill animals and it’s also bad for the environment.Then we will have a terrible environment too.    

Use less Plastic Products
Plastics that end up as ocean debris contribute to habitat destruction and entangle and kill tens of thousands of marine animals each year. To limit your impact, carry a reusable water bottle, put food in  containers that are usable more than once.Try to also bring reusable shopping bags when you go shopping.If we try to keep our beaches clean they could look something like this. but if we pollute and don’t care about them they’ll look something like this.That is also terrible for the marine animals because the rubbish can flow into the sea.
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  • Introduction - Identifying Statement
  • Explanation Sequence
  • Conclusion - Summary Statement
  • Punctuation/Sentences
  • Individual Goal
           Intro Being sustainable with fishing - what is wrong? What can we do?Being sustainable with rubbish - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Being sustainable with shipping - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Conclusion
Animal Sustainability
What Is Pollution?

Pollution is Rubbish that people throw into the ocean.Animals think its food so the fish will have a taste and they choke and die. Animals get sick and they become Extinct.
There are heaps and different animals that can get Extinct.

What  causes Pollution?
Rubbish,Plastic,Oil,Drinks and other stuff that is not from ocean causes Pollution because if people litter into the water it will cause the animals to eat it. That is not a good thing. Sometimes when people wash their car the soap will follow into the drain and it will cause into the water,and the fish will accidentally choke on it.   

Why can we be Sustainable around the ocean?
We can be sustainable to the animals,the marine life,and anything
but we can be sustainable because we care for our sea creatures, we can be loved by our marine life and you can pick up rubbish that's getting close to the sea  so there’s different many ways that you can be sustainable to the ocean.

What can be Sustainable to our ocean?
Fish can be sustainable to our ocean because it lives in our ocean and we care for it,and  other marine animals can be sustainable.

Our concept group is about the pollution and the Marine Life, we care for our animals and we make sure there are safe.This is a good thing to do.


  • Introduction
  • Explanation Sequence
  • Summary (conclusion)
  • Recrafting
  • Individual goal -   

  • What is power/electricity?
Where does power come from?
  • Who generated electricity first ?
Why does electricity important to us?
  • Conclusion


The concept of "energy" is defined as a measure of the different forms of motion and transition as a measure of the movement of matter from one form to another. We are using different kinds of power every day and hour.

 Our ancestors used power every day too. When they cooked food on the fire they used chemical energy. Also when they launched arrow from the bow they used mechanical energy.   The nuclear and electric power people started to use it at 19-20 centuries.

All people started use the electricity just 1800. Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta was first man who involved electricity battery in world. Alessandro Volta placed a plate of copper and zinc in acid and to get electric current which work continuously.

Without electricity  life will stop. Our life in much things depends on electricity. Without it we will can’t use computers, fridges, oven,light, much of factories and different things. So we have to be economic.       

Animal Sustainability

Introduction Do you know how many marine animals die a year? Well, about a million seabirds die a year and about 300,000 sea mammals die each year. There is a lot of ways they die. One of the most common cause of their death is pollution. There are a lot of types of pollution. About Pollution The most common type of pollution is rubbish. Every year people throw away a lot of rubbish and other people have to pick it up. One day, a bunch of students had to pick all their rubbish. The second most common pollution is oil. Oil is very poisonous to marine life, like dolphin because oil can block their blowholes and they breathe from their blowholes. Fishing Fishing is something people do as a hobby, but sometimes people can overdo it. When you overdo it then there won’t be a lot of fish left. In 2012 fishers over did it to about 1100 more fish than normal. If we overfish, then people who love fish won’t be able to have any fish. Also, fishing can make your back hurt and it is very tiring. Ships and boats around Marine life What if the ships contains oil and the oil can spill out. After the oil spills out, the sea animals get poisoned and get sick. Then after they get sick they die. Also, some sea animals can get crazy/metal around ships and boats. Many ships/boats make fish uneasy because they might think that they're going to fish. Conclusion As you can see, their are not a lot of fish left because of a lot of reasons. We should stop killing marine animals. We might even lose a lot of food and a lot of people like fish. Also, fish is very good for health and it turns your brains on. I don’t think anyone would want shark fin perfume or shark fin soup!! Well, if you don’t want it, then stop killing fish!!!!!! Thanks for reading!!!

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Michaela's Explanation Writing: Why do we need power/electricity? Where do we get electricity from?

Introduction- Identifying
Explanation Sequence
-3 paragraphs (5-7 sentences)
Summary (Conclusion)
Recrafting -punctuation/ grammar
-vocabulary/ make sense?
Individual Goal (write using detail and information that supports my main ideas)

1st paragraph: Introduction (What is Power?)
2nd-4th paragraph: Explanation Sequence (Why do we need power/electricity?)
5th paragraph: Explanation Sequence (Where do we get electricity from?)
6th paragraph: Conclusion

Why do we need power?

What is power? Power is the ability to do work. You use power when you move, you pull or you push things. There are many different kinds of power.

In our everyday lives, we use power. We need electricity to run everything in our daily lives. We can’t live without power(electricity). We can’t imagine what life is without electricity. Every night time, we consume a lot of electricity, because we need light so that we can see. Without proper lighting, traveling would be risky. Whether its during the day or night, electricity keeps our lives in order. It affects our business, schedule and entertainment.

Electricity is very important in our lives because almost everything we use is operated by electricity. Electricity enables us to use machines like televisions, computers, phone, air condition, microwave, fridge, and fans which makes our life much easier. As long as the electricity is still available, we don't really think how important it is. The importance is only realized when it runs out.

Electricity runs everything in our everyday life. Gas stations can’t pump gas without electricity. Business have to close because their cash registers won’t work. Restaurants can’t also cook food without it. In our houses, everything we need and enjoy are plugged in a wall socket and requires electricity.

Electricity comes from many sources. Some of them are renewable and some of them are non-renewable. Renewable energy is an energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat.

People nowadays don’t really realize how important electricity is. Most of the energy sources we depend on, like coal and natural gas can’t be replaced. Saving electricity doesn’t just save money, it also saves the environment.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Rosie's Writing about Matariki

  • Intro
  • What is Matariki - legend
  • How do they celebrate it?
  • Who celebrates it? When? Why?
  • Conclusion - summary


What is Matariki?

Matariki is the Maori New Year. It is also the name of seven stars in the sky. There is a Maori legend about how the earth was created that explains Matariki.

According to the legend, Papatuanuku (the land) and Ranginui (the sky) were separated by one of their children because the children wanted space. Tane Mahuta (the forest) pushed the sky with his hands and split up the earth and sky. Another child, Tawhirimatea (the wind), was very sad for his parents. He cried tears of lightning and threw them up into the sky. They became the stars of Matariki.

Matariki is on in the late may and early july. They celebrate it by singing there waiata and having parties.

Maori celebrate matariki so that they can remember their culture . pakeha  also celebrate matariki as an important part of New Zealand history.

Matariki has always been an important part of the year. its on in late may and early july. also people celebrate it  by singing waiata and having parties.pakias celebrate it to remind them of the New zealand history. Matariki was once a rear and has always been an important time in the maori calendar and the story how the tree pushed the mother and father apart. is the Legend of Matariki real.